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"There are too many great books to waste your time on good books."   - College Resident Director, 1999

Ever since my old R.D. told me that years ago, I have wondered if the resources I am sifting through are good, great, or worthless. As a leader looking for answers for your organization and yourself, it can be tough to even know where to start.

The goal of this monthly email is to distill everything our team is taking in and then provide you with the bullet points. If something strikes you, we'll provide a link to the resource to dive deeper. 

This month's focus is on PEOPLE, GROWTH, & FINANCES.

Our promise to you is this: 

  • We won't try to sell you anything in this email. No bait & switch.
  • The emails will be monthly. No Spam. No Mass Marketing
  • The resources will be beneficial. No Fluff. No Filler.



Are you wasting your employees time?

This short article from the Wall Street Journal is excellent. See if you identify with common time-wasters leaders are prone to do.
  • Fad-surfing. Hitting the conferences, reading books, etc. and changing the culture at the drop of a hat. 
  • Executive Magnification. The employees will tell you only what you want to hear. 
  • Cookie Licking. Effectively, marking your territory. Touching something only to deter others from doing what is in their lane to do.
Here are some ways to be productive in the long term:
  • Mow the lawn. Pick strategies and stick to them. Do it consistently and methodically. Just like mowing the lawn.
  • Thinking out loud. If you do this, clarify that you are merely processing out loud and not proclaiming a new initiative.
  • Listen to criticism. Invite it, then do not take it personal.
Read the WSJ Article Here

Navigating Your Employees and Team Through Organizational Change
Some helpful tips on pre-empting the disaster that can be organizational change. Here are some Four Points and a few highlights from this gem from the Harvard Business Review:
  1. Inspire - inspire people by presenting a compelling vision for the future.
  2. Inform - Keep employees informed by providing regular communications. (note: be clear and consistent, even if you don't have all the answer).
  3. Empower - Empower leaders & managers to leader through the change. (note: when senior leaders model the behavior changes, transformations are 5x more likely to happen).
  4. Involve - Find creative ways to involve employees in the change.
Read Full HBR Article Here


Scaling Up by Verne Harnish
Four Key Barriers to Growth
  • People
  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Cash 
Excellent resource if you feel stuck and aren't quite sure how to pinpoint. I checked this book out from the library. Read it in 90 minutes, then ordered it on Amazon. It is THAT good. Plus, there are a ton of editable resources for your organization at to download. Below is a link to the 30 minute audio summary that I suggest listening to before you jump in full bore. 
Listen to the 30 Min Audio Summary


Health Insurance is now at $20k/year per family
The big take away here is that health insurance premiums are going up, up, up. This is not a huge surprise, but often can affect budgets, bottom lines, and employee satisfaction. The CNN article notes that some employers are passing on the premium increase to the employees themselves. If you are running a non-profit, church, or small business that offers family insurance. It is good to have this nugget of information in mind come the next budget cycle. It might also be worth it to shop around for different insurance options starting now.
Read the CNN Article
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Crazy Title, Really Good Formula

This book is very practical if you do not understand or care about P&L or balance sheets, but want to know how to structure your non-profit, business, or even personal finances (Hint: it's all about percentages which are scaleable UP and down). Michalowicz explains the need for separate bank accounts, buckets, and how to work with your kids regarding finances. He gives a great overview in his talk with Donald Miller on the Storybrand podcast. Of course if you want to check out the book hit up Amazon or your local library. We snagged the audiobook via Hoopla and our local library.

Listen to the Podcast Here

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