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Enjoy this year-end time to do nothing. Or something different. Or focus on just one thing.

I always feel better when I'm in motion. I like checking things off my list of daily tasks. In the evening, I cook or clean, or fold laundry. On the weekends, I create a checklist of things to accomplish by Sunday night. Sounds exhausting right? (I'm exhausted just typing this!)

The last two weeks of the year are the perfect time to stop the motion and actually enjoy being stopped. But, even when the anxiety of the things left undone or the things to come creeps in, just remember whether or not you stop or keep going, those things will still exist.

So, take this time for yourself, for the people or experiences important to you. Relax. Clear your mind. And here comes the pep talk for you AND me: push the anxiety aside. Live in the joy of the stoppage.

So when January comes around, you can hit the starting line ready for the marathon.

Now that's some #marketing #motivation.

Also, a heads up to you all who faithfully read this newsletter every month--it's getting a makeover in 2022! Still the same content, but more and a faster read. Be on the lookout every second Tuesday of the month for its release.
We had Katherine Wintsch on the podcast when her book "Slay Like a Mother" came out. She dropped so many relatable truths like this one, "Perhaps, like me, you’ve felt the effects of self-esteem whiplash when the way you see yourself goes from queen diva to dumpster fire in minutes based on the people and situations in your immediate surroundings." Keep reading.
I love when someone can take a concept and illustrate it visually. This comic depicts the journey of an email from after you press send to the time it gets to the inbox. Click on each chapter and go even deeper. The whole point was to show that it's a much more complicated process than you would think, and if you're a business sending email to a list, you need a trusted email partner.
For those needing some year-end inspiration...At almost one year into the pandemic, I made this digital care package last year to share with some business friends and it's still good today. Go on, grab the goodies

For everyone who remembers me talking about writing a book...Yup, I've been stalled. But I have been talking about it nonstop, starting with this podcast episode and the closing keynote I gave to the AMA Nonprofit Conference called "The Worst Nonprofit Marketing Advice I've Ever Received." So, here I'm giving you a sneak peek at the first few pages of the book. (So far.) But first, you have to promise me to read it, then hit reply, and offer some feedback.

For road warriors...When I'm craving a good run (thank you, runner's high), I need just the right music. I only included my very favorites in this Spotify playlist. So many of these will help you stay motivated and keep your pace consistent.

For last-minute gift seekers...I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that one of the best gifts you can give someone is a helpful tool to get their marketing plan out of their head and onto paper. 
Forward Forward
One of the most important things I can do for all of my clients in 2022 is to plan how to recycle/reuse/refresh their content. Why spend time creating new things when they already have good stuff to (re)share? So, I'm dropping this here (also as a reminder to myself). Behold! Content math. Surely there are plenty of idea starters here...
To rest & relaxation,
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