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Do you feel like you've started the year with business goals, a clear purpose, and then somehow lost sight of the end game? It's easy to get thrown off (sometimes daily) when real life happens. Instead, try this—

Last month I talked about setting the tone for 2020 by not creating a laundry list of new year's resolutions but picking a theme instead. Mine was "always be learning." Building on that, now's the time to set your milestones and your monuments for this year's journey. What the heck does that mean, you ask?!

Milestones=significant event. Monuments=enduring evidence of something/someone significant. Another one of my favorite newsletters introduced me to the concept of milestones and monuments. I was intrigued as to what other people were thinking about this, and I stumbled upon this take: we anchor our progress, victories, and wins through milestones and monuments.

At the beginning of the year, we can plan out our milestones. They give us a direction of where to go and a glimpse of the finish line. Then, when we get there, we can decide if they are a monument by signifying a major moment in time – an accomplishment, the finality of a project, getting over a major hurdle, etc. Whether they are a milestone or monument, they let us see where we've come and help us get clear on the future.

Before I started Five Ones, I resisted planning milestones in advance for myself. I told myself, "I'll know when I've hit that milestone when I've finished that project" or "I can do a recap at the end of the quarter and review." But, as an entrepreneur, I knew I needed a new way. For the past two years, it's been fulfilling to plan and then check boxes.

So, instead of sharing five things to check out like I usually do, let's do this now. Take out a piece of paper and make a few boxes. Label each box with the primary functions of your job. Mine include leadership/management, staffing, internal systems, financial, new business, and marketing. Yours might consist of other categories such as projects, education, and relationships. Now, in each box, put two action items (or milestones) that you'd like to accomplish this year.

DONE! See how easy that was?

By getting it on paper, you now have a way to celebrate progress because, by the end of the year, you'll have a documented picture of how far you've come. #motivationmonday #marketing

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