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We all know what we “need” to do to be successful in our work, but instead, we sometimes go for the short sprints...

rather than the ones where the finish line seems really far off.
We sell ourselves on the concept of “someday” rather than today, which really means we’re throwing up hurdles to our own success. (Call it a roadblock, an excuse, or procrastination, whatever fits you best.)
The sprint helps us feel accomplished, but we still haven’t reached that ultimate finish line. Does this feel familiar? It hits the nail on the head for me.

We start the week off strong, with a list of things we need to accomplish and we start with the things that don’t require as heavy of a lift to complete. Check, done. But, those more involved tasks are the ones that are going to help us get to the next milestone, or at least feel really good or both. Are you throwing up roadblocks, like, “but I don’t have ALL the data I need” or “I’ll have to collect information from a lot of different sources and who knows how long that will take?!” or “I really just want to have a video for this (when you have no video to begin with)!”

I read recently: “Stop hiding behind fancy cognitive contraptions.” So, I’m here to tell you, stop convincing yourself that the reason you haven’t tackled that big thing is because you don’t have [fill in the blank].” Let’s roll that boulder up the hill, together, starting today. Now that’s some #marketing #motivation.
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"Feeling rushed is counter-productive." I needed to hear that this past month as a reminder to slllllllow down! Does this mean trying to beat the yellow lights on my way to a meeting (when I used to drive places!) won't get me there any faster? But seriously, between my Shine app, my watch reminding me to breathe, and this experiment, it turns out "we can relax for the same result."
Do you know the math behind reaching an audience on social media? If you post 10 social media posts your audience may see just one post. The average reach in 2020 for an organic Facebook post was 5.2%. Is just one post enough to move them to action? To be successful with social promotion, either your content needs to be more actionable or you need to get creative in your repeat promotion!
Need a digital connection? Are we connected on LinkedIn yet? I've been taking my LinkedIn networking to the next level (or maybe +10 levels), so be sure to link up with me. And then let's meet up for a Zoom coffee!

Need some daily inspiration a.k.a eye candy? I am a regular user of Unsplash images + you know I love a DC Mural. I put these two things together and created my own desktop and iPhone wallpaper using the iconic LOVE mural from photographer Sarah Cottle.

Need some data to back up your public awareness campaign? I've been doing research in the PSA space for 10 years, yes, 10 years! In this latest edition, I use the data to help you be more strategic about utilizing in-kind media (PSAs) for your nonprofit.

Need to feel "heard"? This advice-packed podcast features only BAD advice. No, really. It focuses on the worst business advice we've ever received. I also drop a bomb on a super-top-secret (not anymore) project I'm working on.
"What are your priorities in the first 30, 60, and 90 days of a new job?"
This is such a great question because I often see people come into a job full of vim and vigor, and immediately get lost in the smallest minutiae and lose steam. This applies to people in the CEO position all the way down to a greenhorn. But, let me focus on someone in the CMO or VP/Manager of Marketing position. A 30-60-90 day plan will help you head in the right direction as everyone will want your ear! I break it down into three phases: learning, understanding, and action. Here are some things you may tackle in each:

Learning (30 days)
  • Get to know your team - their roles, their POV, their pain points, and their vision
  • Get to know your management and board - their priorities and expectations
  • Get to know the culture
  • Dive into the budget and learn the tools and resources available to you
  • Observe current projects underway (don't get involved yet!)
Understanding (60 days)
  • "Audit" the status of all things marketing - what has been done and what has worked/not worked
  • Create alignment between you and your team, you and management by documenting your learnings and meeting with individuals
  • Diagnose process issues
  • Create space for the "new"
Action (90 days)
  • Continue to meet to evaluate, brainstorm, and get buy-in
  • Make the necessary changes in operations - smooth out the kinks
  • Create goals by getting them on paper and share
  • Make a plan for affecting change (have the hard conversations) and start small
  • Identify a way of measuring success, even if it's mini-milestones

Thanks, as always, to the Facebook group Nonprofit Communications Professionals for this question.
Carry on, friends!
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