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How are you going to reframe your next “I can’t” statement?

One afternoon during a virtual learning lunch break, I was sitting around the table with my kids. My son was talking about one of his assignments and said, “I can’t fix...” My response was, “Nothing is never fixable. There is always a way. When you don’t know, be creative and try your best to find a solution.”

It reminded me that I also thought that way when I was young. And as I grew older, I saw things as less "I can't" and more of "I can." When that happened, a whole world of possibilities opened up. Of course, the right combo of experience and attitude allowed this to happen.

As an adult, especially in business, “I can’t” has a new meaning. There are always solutions, but are they within my reach? Or phrased another way, sometimes it may mean that my current capabilities limit the realm of my possible solutions. (*cough* I’m not at an expert level in everything! *cough*) Before I accept the solution to my challenge, I should re-evaluate if there are skills, data, or knowledge that I could acquire to make my solution better. This evaluation (and acceptance as someone who doesn’t know it all) is what can lead to #marketing #motivation and serious personal and professional growth.

Let me give you an example. I was recently creating a dashboard in Google Ads and frustrated that I felt my build looked pedestrian. Well, it’s because I don’t work on the platform every day, as I do in Google Analytics! So did I do my best and call it a day? Yes to the former and no to the latter. I started doing searches for tools and training that would help me sharpen my skills. I signed up for an email newsletter that offers expert workshops on designing killer dashboards. (And shares sources for pretty ready-made templates, too!)

I didn't sell myself short when I found a workaround for my challenge which was to slow down and spend more time on the dashboard until I felt good about it. I accepted that I have plenty of room to grow in Google Ads and identified additional solutions outside of my reach. 

Can you think of a time when you found solutions but didn't explore beyond your current know-how? If you had reached further, how would it have changed your outcome?
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