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When you're stuck being reactive instead of proactive, stop everything and start planning how you'll spend your time and energy—one day at a time—with an intentional mindset.

Meal prepping, summer night weed walks around your yard, weekly housecleaning checklist (you know, clean the duvet). These things are things you do in advance or regularly to stay ahead of needs that arise.

But as we know in marketing, especially nonprofit marketing where resources are often scarce, that is not always possible. It often happens that we are racing every day just to stay ahead of today’s needs. It can be exhausting. I’m sure you've thought about how to get ahead of this continuous spin cycle—perhaps on your commute home or nowadays, the steps from your computer to your stove.

I'm here to say: 1) you're not alone, 2) there is a way to switch from some/all reaction and lean into proactivity, and 3) it's all in the little things! Here's how I start. I like to create my must-do list for the next week as I wrap up my Friday. I block time for each task, which gives me a pretty good idea where pockets of time exist for new things. Then, on Sunday night, I brain dump everything that I'd like to do (mostly my proactive items) and find time for those. This allows me to be realistic about what I can accomplish and make plans for what may not fit (hello delegating).

I won't include a long list of tools that might help you get into a proactive mindset because I'm pretty sure you know what will work for you. At a bare minimum, pull out a piece of paper and start writing. Once you have a "plan," you'll feel empowered to make it happen. Now, that's some #marketing #motivation.
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If you're not working on becoming an email master, look no further than this blog and free course. Email is here to stay, and especially in a contact-less year, we all need to learn how to grow our lists, write better subject lines, and master skills like segmentation or journey mapping. Every time I read something new, I feel like a beginner, which means I'm learning!
We're getting into that end-of-year giving season. Don't forget that after Cyber Monday is Giving Tuesday. Many nonprofits have donor match programs where every dollar you give will be matched by a specified donor (corporate or individual). Even if you give $25, it all adds up! I have four charities on my list for 12/1. What's on your list? Or find a local DMV charity here.
"How many social media posts are you doing for Giving Tuesday in the next few weeks, including the actual day?" I recommend one or two teasers beforehand unless you're planning something besides an appeal (like an IG Live) that you want to create momentum for. On the actual day, I recommend a minimum of two posts—one before 10 am and one around 7 pmcatching people before and after the workday. If you have a promo plan for the day, I have seen some nonprofits post at most every hour during the workday but make sure it has a value-add other than asking for donations. More advice here.
Keep it up!
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