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As I was finishing a book with my kids this week, it closed out with this beautiful thought (above, from the Magic Tree House series). It provided me such validation for all the writing I've been doing in 2020 and the new projects I've launched this year, melding my "old stories" with my new ones.

Over the summer, I started to percolate an idea for my very first book. While my Marketing Plan workbook is technically my first "book," it's more of a how-to, and this is going to be a narrative. I started outlining and have written one chapter so far. It's a big undertaking, but this year has challenged me to push myself out of my comfort zones. And certainly, the topic will link hands with people and experiences in my past to offer guidance to the next generation of marketing and advertising stars. (I promise to reveal more in the future.) This gets me to the podcast I started this year, along with Kelly, a seasoned and fellow marketing expert. The idea of talking about the highs and lows and things I learned while navigating my career to help those just starting is in perfect alignment with my book idea.

But ideas are only good if you execute them. That's where today's #marketing #motivation is rooted. If you find an "old story," whether it's from your personal past or someone else's, and channel it (knowing that it could be in many shapes and sizes) through to your deliverable, it is sure to be inspired and come across as such. Cheers to 2021!
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I created this digital care package to offer smiles to everyone, including you, as we close out this year. Of course, I would've loved to deliver some of this in-person, but I think this was my perfect 2020 pivot. I hope you enjoy the newest High-Five video that I filmed with my kids (in which they call me old) and all of the other Five Ones goodies!
I hate to admit it, but I am constantly working against my urge to address what I feel is "urgent" and end most days with panic-induced list-writing. The Eisenhower Matrix puts it all into perspective. I printed it out and have it right next to my desk to remind myself I must prioritize to be effective and efficient. If you don't believe me, head on over to Five Ones Instagram to see and give us a follow!
Usually, around this time of year, I'd be reading articles like "12 must-read predictions for 2021." Not this year. 2020 has been so different, and so much has changed about what we think, what we are doing, how we feel, what we see. Nothing illustrates this better than 2020 chocolate sales. So, instead, take this time to work on your empathy map. I believe that will lead you to greater marketing insights for next year.
"I have a great human interest story that would work during the holidays. What are your best tips for starting out a pitch?" (Thanks to the Facebook group Nonprofit Communications Professionals for this question.)

My take: Cut to the chase and make it easy for a journalist/news desk to "get it" in less than 15 seconds. Think of your pitch as a billboard. Don't start with small talk; cut right to the chase, and connect the dots. Start with a 3-4 sentence paragraph that introduces your main "character," the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Include bullets of the key facts. Make sure to include links to photos, social profiles, or anything else that makes your story richer. I don't think you need to work that hard to pitch your nonprofit message if your story is great, but include a section that offers up your mission, who you serve, and your accomplishments.
Keep it up!
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