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Your Monthly Marketing Motivation 

Febuary 2022 | Issue 27

Welcome friend! This is issue #27 of the Marketing Motivation newsletter from Five Ones. It got a much-needed facelift for 2022, but you'll still get the same 'ol #marketing #motivation delivered to your inbox every second Monday of the month.

Look for ways to overcome fear

While in the car with my son a few days ago, he asked what a sign that says "do one thing a day that scares you" meant. I started by saying it didn't mean to visit a haunted house. Although if you need to conquer that fear, by all means! Instead, think of one thing that you don't believe you can do or intimidates you…and do it. He immediately got the concept, and we talked through a few examples. It sparked a good conversation between a mom and son!

It got me thinking about one (or two or three) things that I could put on my scary list. While I'm not sure I have time for something like this every day, I had some ideas. First, I had to refrain from calling these new year's resolutions. Instead, let's call it thinking forward. Thinking forward is "having an attitude of curiosity, and a desire to learn about things you have a hunch will be important in the future." Let's turn those into your goals for 2022!

Here's my list of thinking forward:

  1. Figure out how to incorporate TikTok into marketing for at least one client. Now that I've mentally committed to it, I already have an idea - amazing how that happens! 
  2. Amp up my use of video in all aspects of my job – for Five Ones and my clients. Get more comfortable brainstorming video ideas and storyboarding. Explore all options of production to open the door to the most inexpensive of ideas, along with the big ones.
  3. Have a podcast guest strategy – learn how to prospect and pitch myself to deepen my experience and profile. I have things to say!
  4. Learn about NFTs. And understand blockchain! What are the possibilities?

So, what are the things you are curious about? What things are mind-bending for you? Write them down and think forward this year. 

Now that's some #marketing #motivation.

What I've been reading
  • Track your experiences every day by color, and by year-end, you'll have a work of art. Choose a color palette that works for you. For example, yellow was a day full of happy experiences, while red could be a day that was frustrating.
  • Want to identify an anti-resolution for 2022? This fun, short quiz will help you prioritize your communications tasks. Thanks to the group that I'm a part of for sharing this.
  • You know I love a good swipe file. So here's a brand new, comprehensive library of great copywriting examples.
  • Did your 2022 already go off the rails? Then, use the "chain analysis" technique to get back on track.
  • Make your calendar your ally, not your master. Such a good concept in theory, right? I read this in December and since then the website has been taken down, so forgive the PDF, but this perspective is too good not to share.
When I've felt inspired
  • I got hooked on The Every Girl tech backgrounds last year, so for 2022, I decided to create my own! These are no ordinary computer backgrounds. I created monthly desktop backgrounds that feature pictures taken by my Uncle on his many hiking trips in upstate New York. He's been taking pictures of birds for as long as I can remember, and every time a birthday rolls around, he sends a homemade card with a print of a bird. So, I asked him to send me his best 20 to make my own. Download them here.
  • Are you working on marketing plans for 2022? Need some inspiration and a helping hand? I created a comprehensive marketing plan workbook that takes you step-by-step through the creation process. This month, I'm happy to send a FREE copy of the workbook to the first five lucky subscribers who send me an email. It's a mid-winter pick-me-up from me to you.
Who I'm following
  • newhappyco: I'm literally obsessed. (minus the "valley girl" voice) I love the emotion that these simple graphics create.
  • waitbutwhy: Another great account with relatable illustrations from time to time.
  • quickdirtytips: Something for everyone.
How I'm staying sharp
  • Make a visual sitemap easily with Gloomaps
  • Create infographics with Infogram. And check out one I made here.
  • Give feedback on PDFs, websites, and more with
  • Transcribe, caption, or subtitle videos quicker with Rev. I burn-in captions to all my videos.
  • Add a countdown to your newsletters with Easytimer. (Should we countdown to spring together?)
Written by Julia McDowell of Five Ones

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