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There's something about the light, airiness, and renewal of springtime that ignites my appetite for a good challenge.

Have you ever tried to untangle a ball of yarn? As you know, you have to start by finding one end and then patiently and methodically unravel.

The process is similar to solving a marketing challenge IMO. When one is dropped in my lap I can usually identify the end (goal)something like getting people to register for an event, signing up to be a member or subscriber, or joining a petition. That’s usually the clearest piece of the jumble. Then, untangling (think of the "over, under, arounds, and throughs" as marketing messages and channels) is an exercise in working backward. Many of the ideas are already there. Some are good and some aren’t, but you can’t focus on them yet. Unravel and organize first. Get down to one piece of straight yarn. Then you can start creating something new, a.k.a. your marketing plan!

If you're like me and think patience is NOT a "virtue," let me suggest from experience, it's worth digging deep and harnessing some endurance. Proceeding in chaos and haste will only get that ball of yarn messier. Now that's #marketing #motivation.

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If you're looking for email copy inspiration, this is a great resource. Oftentimes, I just need a word or two to get the gears in my head going and then I can go write. I recently visited the home of Webster, you know, the guy who wrote the first American dictionary. It got me thinking about how much I do use words to get my creativity flowing. Go punch a word into here, and ignite a spark!
I happen to be writing this on Mother's Day, so talk about good timing! I'm a huge fan of Liz and Mollie on Instagram, which also inspired this graphic. Success can only be defined by YOU. That definition will morph as you navigate your career, but it will certainly be disrupted when becoming a parent. Just know the balance of these success elements may look different on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis.
For anyone looking to polish their skills...Join me at AFP Icon for my presentation "10 Ways Your Fundraising Data Can Help Your Fundraising Communications". Scroll to the bottom for my session description here

For those with content creation on the brain...Last year, I had so many conversations about divisible content, I developed "content strategy math" and created this infographic. I think it will help you create a game plan whenever you're knee-deep in content.

For my comrades in need of some marketing momentum...Let me give you a helping hand with my Marketing Plan Workbook50 pages of planning help and productivity to get to your marketing goals.

For all with an opinion...As much as I need a break, I can't stop the wheels of creation. I need your input, so click to vote. Should I work on another workbook? Or put together a group workshop for marketing planning (my workbook, but an in-person experience)?
"I am doing sooo many things jobs along with my nonprofit. Can you recommend any productivity apps/websites that help you stay on task?"
Khe Hy gives the best advice about productivity. Start here because I couldn't have said it any better. Here are the things I use on a regular basis, so they come with a high recommendation:
  • An amazing notebook and pen. I get the best from Scribe Stationary Delivery.
  • A kanban board. I've tried so many on many different platforms and I just like Trello the best.
  • A dry-erase whiteboard for your wall. You don't have to commit to the long-term with this sticker version. I use it to write out my daily schedule and big weekly deliverables right next to my desk.
  • My Timeular time tracker. It helps me work in 30-minute or 1-hour blocks.
  • The creation of SOPs for projects and practices. I like the no-frills look of Notion.
  • This is the only one I haven't used yet, but I'm on the cusp. Shift may solve my multiple email address overload. (If you've tried it, let me know!)
Thanks, as always, to the Facebook group Nonprofit Communications Professionals for this question.
Stay determined!
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