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Your Monthly Marketing Motivation 

January 2022 | Issue 26

Welcome my favorite reader! This is issue #26 of the Marketing Motivation newsletter from Five Ones. It got a facelift for 2022, but still has the same good stuff as before. Your monthly #marketing #motivation is a roundup of the why, what, when, who, and how (that's FIVE things, of course) of the past month for marketers who want to accelerate their personal and professional growth. Delivered to your inbox every second Monday of the month.

Strategy arms you with the power of choice

The analogies and illustrations for strategies versus tactics are endless. This is one of my favorites. A new one is above. 

Ever feel like you're dodging bullets (no...maybe soft dodgeballs, yes, that feels much better), or put in work terms—projects, needs, ideas, last-minute necessities?

It's hard to feel prepared (ouch! dodgeball to the face), organized (not enough time to practice your moves), or effective (that sinking feeling when the odds are against you) living in this constant state of defensiveness!

How can you turn the tables and be on the offensive? Drumroll, please. Strategy!

Having a rock-solid marketing (or insert your expertise here) strategy will arm you with the tools to catch, dodge, or deflect as needed. 

Creating a strategy arms you with the power of choice.

Let me give you a real-life example. Last month I sat down with my client and a team of MarCom professionals. We decided on a marketing strategy for 2022: we would only entertain activities and initiatives that helped us achieve our goal of member growth. If it didn't provide value and attract new members, we might pass. Then over the next two weeks, a plan came together that plotted out campaigns and strung together our narrative over twelve months (instead of the one-offs we did in 2021), creating a solid platform for member growth. It felt great as we left for winter break with a solid plan.

More than a few dodgeballs will come our way this year, but our strategy will allow us to choose what to do: catch, dodge, or deflect. And then get back to our plan.

Now that's some #marketing #motivation.

This is a special interruption in your monthly marketing motivation newsletter. My daughter Anna is a Junior Girl Scout this year and I'm cookie mom (again) for her troop. She wants you to know that if you have a sweet tooth, you can place an order and get them delivered here. Thank you!
What I've been reading
  • Many of us (I mean ME) start off the year thinking about productivity. Here are Seth Godin's top 5 tips. All I can say is #5, #5, #5!
  • Get creative! If I had a dime for every time I said that. Here is some serious inspiration for creating your own "special days" for promotion. Think Prime Day, but for your own business/cause/organization.
  • I got a daily affirmation calendar from a neighbor for 2022. She gifted it because "we often aren't very nice to ourselves." I felt exposed (in a good way). So was Khe Hy when he came clean about his negative self-talk. Let's do better!
  • I love opening a beautiful package (or present). The experience on the outside is where it starts. Think about that and how you could duplicate that for your customers/donors/members. 
  • Storytelling may be an overused word but let's move past it. Getting deep into a story is like taking drugs. If you're a copywriter, and especially for a nonprofit organization, take this on for 2022!
When I've felt inspired
  • My latest installment of the High-Five Nonprofit Marketing Ideas Video Series got lost in the holiday shuffle. It deserves its moment. I lay out the five things you need to fit into a ONE-PAGE PLAN. Don't have the time or energy to write a marketing plan for 2022? Yes, you can get it onto one page. Check it out.
  • "Remember, you build momentum through action, seldom through thinking. Therefore, it's time for you to act and start building that momentum." That is what this newsletter is all about; providing kinetic energy to get you going. So, I’d love to gift you with a Kindle version of “Master Your Motivation: A Practical Guide to Unstick Yourself, Build Momentum and Sustain Long-Term Motivation”. Fill your name and Kindle email in this form and the magical elves of the Internet (ME) will deliver the e-book within 48 hours for your reading pleasure. Seriously, I got really inspired just by the first five pages which led to the redesign of this very newsletter!
Who I'm following
How I'm staying sharp
  • Moat allows you to search for digital ads connected to just about any brand. Go on, search for your competitor, no one will know.
  • UsePunchList helps you get feedback on any creative deliverable all in one place. Currently in beta, but my clients are loving this so far!
  • Pretty Funnels helps you visualize, plan, and optimize your digital marketing funnels in a web builder. Screenshare and work it out together.
Written by Julia McDowell of Five Ones

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