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You can't predict the exact moment someone is ready to buy (or donate), so you must always be marketing!

LinkedIn study says that 95% of B2B buyers aren't ready to buy right now. It sounds about right, which means only 1 in 20 buyers is ready. Those are some small odds at any given moment. (The stats may be different for B2C and donors, but I'm pretty sure they aren't far off.) Then they shared this great advice, "To grow a brand, you need to advertise to people who aren't in the market now so that when they do enter the market, your brand is one they are familiar with." Can I get an...
I recently recorded a High-Five video where I talk about the balance of asking and giving throughout the different stages of brand familiarity. One of the points I made is that you don’t want to be the friend that only calls when you need something. Or frankly, be the friend on the other end. The same goes for marketing. You can’t turn to marketing just when you need it to convert!

So, in some way, shape, or form, always be marketing. That way, you'll be top of mind when someone needs you/your product/service/cause.

Now that’s some #marketing #motivation.
I posted an interesting article about "bursting or plodding" on LinkedIn and got some good reactions. In fact, I replied to my sister that I like to burst especially when I have a deadline. So as a followup, I give you "akrasia." Huh, you say? I had never heard of it before, but it is the state of acting against your better judgment. Hello, procrastination. James Clear offers 3 strategies to beat it.
I love a good one-page checklist. Here is one I had never thought I needed until now: a pre-flight checklist for email campaigns. I proof this newsletter about 10 times before I send it and I still fear a hidden mistake. It always is a great reminder to send yourself a test and pretend you're the receipient. And here's my added tip: put a reminder in your calendar 72 hours later to look at the results.
I have created a lot of content lately, all with the intention of being able to help YOU. I think of them as quick, fast tips to help grease the wheels towards progress. But as I find myself repeating often, great content is only that unless people see it. So this month, I'm going to share with you my five most popular High-Five Nonprofit Marketing Ideas videos. (Sidenote - when I started creating these videos a year ago, I was skeptical about whether they would take off, but I'm up to almost 700 views! Just pointing out because you gotta start somewhere.) Enjoy!
Forward Forward
Everyone's marketing analytics will be changed by iOS 15 so I highly recommend you get up to speed on this. I've included the high-level view below from my friends at BrickFactory, but if you want a succinct and helpful deep dive go here.

Here's a summary of the situation:
  • Mail Privacy Protection will offer iOS 15 email users the option to load email content privately and not disclose their IP addresses. This will block your ability to track opens, track forwards, and will hide the contact's physical location.
  • As far as I can tell, this only applies to your subscribers who are opening mail within the Apple Mail app on Apple phones or on an Apple computer. (Although this could be a large part of your audience!)
  • This is something people have to opt into. But, allegedly, Apple will prompt people to opt in right after they update their operating system and open the Mail app. So there is a good chance a lot of people will say yes right away.
Here's how it could effect you:
  • Your benchmarks for email performance will change. Specifically, open rates.
  • If you do any segmenting of your email list by who has opened an email recently, you'll be missing some people in the future.
  • If you do any automated email series that rely on open rates, those won't be as reliable.
  • If you do any A/B testing that is dependent on open rates, they won't be as reliable anymore.
Here is what we are recommending our clients do about it:
  • First, assess how big a problem this is. Talk to your email marketing platform to see how you can find out what percentage of your list will be effected.
  • If you want to optimize / improve your open rates, do it now. For example, if you want to figure out what subject lines, pre-headers, day of week, or time of day is best for sending, run some tests in the next month or two.
  • Plan to determine new benchmarks for open rates once the new iOS comes out. I'd recommend using click and conversion rates as your key performance indicators for email success going forward instead of open rates.
  • Do a list clean up of unengaged users while we can. (i.e. remove anyone who hasn't opened any email in X amount of time)
You CAN do this,
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