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Your Monthly Marketing Motivation 

May 2022 | Issue 30

Hello gentle readers (imagine that in a Lady Whistledown voice)! As always, this monthly newsletter is a curated (and quick) roundup of the why, what, when, who, and how of the past month for marketers who want to accelerate their personal and professional growth. Is that you? I hope so! Yours truly, Lady J.

I learned pretty early on in my life that I was not perfect. Cue the gong! And also that I should never, ever, admit that to myself or anyone else. Of course, this race for perfection is sometimes advantageous (I was an overachiever in my younger days) but also a hindrance. All that hiding is exhausting.

When I stepped into the working world, I had to learn that my perfectionism wasn’t going to be so easy to hold up. I realized there is power in being wrong, admitting I don’t know all the answers, making mistakes, and moving past them (as quickly as possible).

In fact, I remember the time when I was forced to pivot my thinking permanently.

I had worked for a few good weeks compiling a report with analytics my client had never seen, designing beautiful graphs, ensuring the narrative was just right, and printing and binding the final booklet. Then, during my presentation, my client pointed out an error. It was tiny, meaning that it was one number and the fact that it was incorrect had no bearing on the report's accuracy. But, all I could see was my presentation disintegrating into a dust cloud and landing in the trash can. No, I’m not overly dramatic! I just couldn’t get past that it wasn’t perfect.

My boss could see that I was also about to personally spiral into a dust cloud, and so we talked it through after the meeting concluded, of course. But I just couldn’t let it go. And a few weeks later, there I was, still wanting to talk through my mistake. She reassured me that everyone makes mistakes (as if Sesame Street hadn’t pounded that into my head) and that I needed to move on. Some things were big and deserved time and attention. Some things were small. But they all belong in the past.

And thus began my journey to become flawsome: someone who acknowledges their imperfections but knows I’m awesome regardless. And in admitting my faults, in being vulnerable, others around me don’t get tripped up either. Instead, they see me deal with it and move on.

Don’t let the goal of perfection keep you from getting all the excellent marketing ideas growing inside your head onto paper, or into a plan, or even a slack message. Now that’s some #marketing #motivation.

What I've been reading
  • In business, should you chase your passion or purpose? The Harvard Business Review is arguing purpose first here. But my journey started with passion. Could this be a chicken or the egg argument?
  • As a new subscriber to More To That newsletter, they shared this resource, "How to Discover Great Ideas." I'm always trying to find the best way to source ideas. Here's a great conversation about just that from The Two Marketing Moms podcast.
  • There's a lot of science in marketing, believe it or not. (I'm talking to myself here!) 
  • We all love to ask why, especially my four-year-old. But perhaps we should rethink this in our research practices.
  • Do you miss the sound of dial-up Internet? Check out the museum of endangered sounds!
When I've felt inspired
  • I've been writing and designing more email communication in the past six months than in my whole career! And with email creation comes the need for subject lines that ensure they get opened. This resource was something I created for myself (that's how they all start), but I am more than happy to share it. These are subject line starters for all sorts of nonprofit and association purposes.
  • I now have 33 High-Five videos on my YouTube channel, and I release two new videos every month. The High-Five is my video series where I break down complex nonprofit and association marketing topics into just FIVE things you need to know, all in five-ish minutes. There may be some hidden gems that are just the boost you were looking for. Check them out and peruse all of the accompanying video graphics. (I draw them myself on a whiteboard. OK, "draw" may be a bit of a stretch. Let's say sketch instead.)
Who I'm following
How I'm staying sharp
  • Graduate from cloud storage to creative ops with Air
  • Augment your video meetings with Prezi video
  • Try the 750 word project to start writing every day
  • Curate and organize your favorite website content with Feedly
  • Check out the Twitter trends for 2022 (pre-Elon shakeup)
Written by Julia McDowell of Five Ones

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