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Your Monthly Marketing Motivation 

March 2022 | Issue 28

Here's to another month, mighty marketers! This is issue #28 of the Marketing Motivation newsletter from Five Ones. Your #marketing #motivation is a curated (and quick) roundup of the why, what, when, who, and how of the past month for marketers who want to accelerate their personal and professional growth. Delivered to your inbox every second Monday of the month.

You hold the keys to your future

As always, I think a lot about motivation. (Hopefully, that's why you subscribe here!) How do I keep myself motivated, even when I'm in the middle of a jumble of things? I'm a working mom. Need I say more? I believe it starts with being in-tune with how my feelings and thoughts are connected and harnessing my power over them. But I can always go deeper.

I just happened upon the concept of locus of control. Is it new to you, too?

Your locus of control refers to the extent to which you feel you have control over the events that influence your life. It affects how you respond to events and in turn, determines your level of motivation. "Having a primarily external locus of control will prevent you from acting because you won't think that you can make a difference. Oppositely, being a person with an internal locus of control will give you the strength and motivation to change your situation when needed."

Do you know if you have a high internal locus of control? Or a high external locus of control? It's worth examining because when your perspective on control creeps to the external, you may be handing over the driver's keys. Don't do it!

Now that's some #marketing #motivation.

What I've been reading
  • As their website says, "retouch images in seconds with incredible quality." And it's true - you can easily remove objects, text, or backgrounds with ease. Perfect for the non-designer.
  • I never thought I would agree, but this short essay raises some good points against positioning a brand based on purpose. I think this brings practical perspective when working on your next marketing strategy.
  • Give me all the happy moments I can get. Pick one of these, and you're sure to have created more for yourself.
  • When motivation is low (or non-existent), you can feel like throwing in the towel. Here are five valuable reminders when you feel like this.
  • Explore excellence vs. perfectionism. You might just have the same breakthrough I did. And to be candid, I've always clung to excellence while trying to ignore my perfectionistic tendencies, so this was such a good reminder. 
When I've felt inspired
  • I literally pulled this track off a cassette tape that my fourth-grade teacher gave me. It's still the absolute best meditation I've ever taken. You will be taken through a body scan and learn to relax each muscle. After, I guarantee you will feel lighter! 
  • You get a compliment, and you get a compliment. We all deserve a compliment! So I created these advertising/marketing-specific compliment cards to print and share. Or you can supply me with a little bit of information, and I will send you a compliment via snail mail. Compliments not only make the recipient feel good, but I bet you will feel good, too.
Who I'm following
  • makerstations - It's like HGTV for WFH offices. Eye candy, for sure.
  • marketing_humor - This agency-side sarcasm always makes me LOL.
  • agencyprobs - Adding to the above. I just couldn't help myself. Some days I need all the laughs I can get.
How I'm staying sharp
  • AppSumo email badges. Think pretty email signatures.
  • Milkshake websites for when you say “link in bio.”
  • Scrivener for all the writers out there who want to stay (more) organized.
  • AngryTools provides free online web development tools (like an image cropper and color scheme generator, to name just two).
  • Yokshi to help manage and distribute your official logo to partners, members, or affiliates. I've just started to implement this for a client and it's easy peasy all while protecting your brand.
Written by Julia McDowell of Five Ones

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