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Let’s all just say in unison, "2020 sucks!"

Don’t worry, I do try to focus on the silver lining every day to get through, but sometimes just saying it makes me feel a little better. And then I read about progress anxiety and felt an instant diagnosis for my 2020 doldrums. I like to feel forward motion all the time. (OK, maybe obsessively*). I want to be getting better, finding new causes to support, improving marketing programs, and bringing smarter, more impactful ideas to the table all.the.time. And unfortunately, not all of that is possible in this time of instability. 2020 has become the year when we feel progress is on hold. (I hear the collective sigh.) And this goes against everything in my being.

There is a way to reframe progress anxiety to squelch the anxiety part. Besides us figuring out how to safely re-emerge into a social world, if we, as individuals or businesses, can help others solve their progress anxiety (personally or professionally), that will open the door to opportunity... and help us all make progress! When I started to look at my roadblocks to progress in this way, I started to think differently and unlocked a cavern of ideas that felt forward-moving. And that, my friends, is where you find #marketing #motivation; the pep in your step to keep driving towards 2021 and a new, more comfortable normal.

*Note: I’ve also heard of business “decay” as the opposite of progress, and how growth is the only antidote to decay. Maybe that’s why I’m so obsessed. Who wants to decay?!
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ICYMI I launched a vlog series this summer, called the High-Five: Nonprofit Marketing Ideas. In about 5-minutes, I try to share some of the things I've learned or tried and true knowledge that has served my clients well. Check it out on my YouTube page and subscribe. My latest video is on 5 email automation series you need. If you have ideas for topics, I'm all ears!
My husband is working on getting his master's degree in Human Factors Engineering (you know, the psychology behind design). It makes for more interesting discussions about client challenges. He recommended this article from the Harvard Business Journal about marketing myopia. It gets to the heart of why we need to take a step back and be strategic.
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