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Your Monthly Marketing Motivation 

April 2022 | Issue 29

Spring is on our doorstep and so issue 29 of the #marketing #motivation newsletter from Five Ones is packed with ideas that are blossoming like fresh, fragrant flowers. This monthly newsletter is a curated (and quick) roundup of the why, what, when, who, and how of the past month for marketers who want to accelerate their personal and professional growth. Let's dive in.

It all starts with just one step, then another, and by the time you realize it, you feel accomplished.

Every day I add things to my to-do list that I know, without a doubt, I will not have time to do. Why do I do this, I ask myself at the end of every day when I prepare the next day's list? It's like being on a torturous hamster wheel because I never feel done. I'm setting myself up for failure every day!

If I'm being honest with myself, the answer is that it's a bad habit. Plain and simple.

Seeing every task checked off is quite the feeling and doesn't happen often. Gosh, if I could feel that way more than just every couple of weeks.

And now I know you're wondering, if I know it's a bad habit, why do I think a lot about changing it but do not change it?

It's not because I don't want to make the change. My will to change is paralyzed in a tornado of things, information, advice, and responsibilities. I don't create a different to-do list because I don't know what to do with those tasks that will never get done. Or I'm afraid I'll forget them.

I'll cut to the chase. I don't know where to start.

Here are some things I've tried, with some success.

  1. Calendar block - I overcommit my day because I want to complete a set number of tasks, but I overestimate what I'm able to accomplish. When I visually see what is doable and not doable by blocking out my day with specific times in specific timeframes, then I kick some of my to-dos to the next day.
  2. Week blocking - I look at my week based on my commitments (meetings and other appointments) and schedule the gnarliest projects during my open stretches of time. I've also become hyper-aware that my mind is fresh, attentive, and most creative in the morning, so I need to tackle "big" things during that time, too.
  3. Kanban board - In December, I committed to Trello. I can dump things and move them back and forth from today to next week or to a parking lot. I even put random thoughts there. It helps me feel like everything is captured and yet pliable.
PHEW. Come to think of it, I have quite the plan. Now that I see all of the things I am doing here, the formula for change is becoming more evident. Seems like I'm halfway and just need to keep going.

Now that's some #marketing #motivation.

What I've been reading
  • Do you feel hesitant to self-promote? Trust me, it may feel odd, but the more you do it, the more natural it becomes. Here are five self-promotion archetypes that may help you take that first step. Pick one and GO!
  • Below, I share a tool for identifying accessible color palettes in my 5 finds. Also, check out this comprehensive guide to making your social media accessible.
  • Are you struggling with your "about" section on your LinkedIn page (or About on your website)? Here are some great, quick tips.
  • This starter kit for social media success is 💯 the BEST resource for getting the self-promotion of yourself (or your business/nonprofit/product) into high gear. I know because I bought the starter kit. It is packed with ideas, videos, and templates, and there is no way this won't be useful to you.
  • Khe Hy literally crawled inside my brain, witnessed a regular occurrence after my workday, and wrote about it. Repeat after me: I AM ENOUGH.
When I've felt inspired
  • Last spring, I visited Greenfield Village in Michigan. (If you've never been, you have to go!) One of my favorite houses was the Heinz house. It was a treasure trove of advertising memorabilia. While we've come so far, it's always good to get back to the simple things. Check out this photo I took.
  • Putting together a marketing plan can be complex, but I bundled all of my marketing planning resources in one place. With one click, unlock my brand new marketing content playlist. And if you're not into reading and would rather see it (ME!) in video, here's the YouTube playlist with some additional resources. 
Who I'm following
How I'm staying sharp
  • 10 Minute Mail: Free, temporary emails. Saves you time and potential spam hitting your inbox.
  • Accessible Color Palette Builder: Need colors for an upcoming project? Look no further!
  • Pomofocus: Pomodoro method by way of online timer. Brilliant!
  • Answer the Public: Find out what others are saying and asking about any given topic.
  • Userway: No one has time to refactor their site code in order to ensure ADA compliance. Use Userway!
Written by Julia McDowell of Five Ones

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