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Sometimes the best way to really learn something is to be a critic and challenge the philosophy in question.

Marketing is all about creating messages and images to appeal to the audience to get them to act - remember outside-in marketing from last month? But, is outside-in really the best way? Let's understand inside-out marketing first.

The inside-out approach assumes that you know your inner strengths and capabilities, and they alone will lead the way for your brand to become known and trusted. But, knowing your WHY is essential to making this happen. Why do you exist? Why do you do what you do? Why do your members, donors, or customers need you? I've found that a lot of organizations know their WHY, but can't articulate it. If the why gets muddled and they are using the inside-out philosophy, they are probably not connecting with their audience in an effective way.

The key insight here is that both inside-out and outside-in marketing success come back to having a deep understanding of your audience. If you know that, you can be successful with your efforts. 

So, do you know your "why"? Do you know your audience? Do you practice inside-out or outside-in marketing? Hopefully, your answers will give you some #marketingmotivation.

Before I close out, I want my growing Five Ones community to know that I believe #BlackLivesMatter. I've always had a close, diverse friend group. I teach my kids through my words and my actions that it's the differences in others that we need to appreciate. But, I know I can do more and do better and help lead the way for justice. And that starts with outwardly promoting diversity and inclusion in everything I do. You will see me giving these messages more prominence in my monthly notes to you because they deserve it. For starters, here are five awesome people/places/things that highlight #diversity in #advertising that have given me inspiration, hope, and joy. 

  • I had the pleasure of meeting Walter Geer of TBWA last month. He's truly a leader in the ad world, especially in health. Check him out on IG or just Google him.
  • I've been working on a project that brought me back to brand archetypes. Wondering where your brand falls? Take this quiz by n-Vision Designs.
  • Join me in The 3% Movement. They even have a virtual conference next month that is only $99! I'm in.
  • Last month I worked with the Catalogue of Philanthropy to promote #GivingTuesdayNow. Here's one of my favorite nonprofits - promoting unheard literary voices in the DC area. I'm donating in honor of my birthday - you should, too.
  • I appreciated this advice from Twitter on allyship.
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I recently presented a session on storytelling to a group at the Nonprofit Learning Lab. The session was borne out of a series of client workshops I led to help them dissect their current content and get it to the next level. During that process, I became a believer (and now evangelist) of the inverted pyramid. You should be too! Download my free storytelling roadmap here.
Perhaps this blog seems a little slow out of the gate, but I wanted to take my time and collect the best in COVID-19 PSAs. I literally watched hundreds of ads and pulled out the best, IMHO. And I really enjoyed seeing the responsibility and creativity in communicating such important messaging this spring. It was good for our industry during a really trying time. What was your favorite spot?
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