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I have some Sisters! updates and some exciting new announcements to share with you!
As you know, Sisters! Bonded by Love and Laughter was published by the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop on October 19th. I’ve been having so much fun promoting it and sharing photos of the book “in the wild”. If you have photos you’d like to share please send them to me – or feel free to post yourself and tag me! Be sure to find me on social wherever you like to hang out – you’ll find those handy little buttons all linked below. Sisters! originally launched on Amazon and it's now available on Barnes and Noble as well, but for those of you who prefer the independent bookstore thing, the book is also available at The University of Dayton bookstore (which also has these adorable gift sets – Before 5 and After 5!) 


Sales benefit the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop Foundation, which provides scholarships to writers who are in financial need. Erma got her start at the University of Dayton when her professor told her, “You can write!” The support the Writers’ Workshop gives emerging writers is phenomenal - I can tell you that firsthand! 
One of the fun (and potentially scatterbrain-inducing) parts about being a writer is that while you’re promoting one book, you’re already working on other new stuff. One of my new projects launching in 2022 is especially exciting and I’m delighted to invite you to be part of it! I was asked (and excited to say yes!) to be a monthly contributor to a new e-pub called The Dharma Direction. I met Debbie Abbott, the Editor-in-Chief of this online mini magazine, during a writer’s conference awhile back and she and I have kept in touch and continued to share our writing. I was so excited that she apparently likes what I do, as she asked that I write a monthly humor piece about astrology. At first I thought, well, I like when other people tell me about horoscopes, and today is indeed favorable for haircuts, but I know that because my app told me - I actually don’t know the first thing about interpreting the stars. Thankfully we have experts to do the star interpreting, and all The Dharma Direction needs me to do is riff on things. This. Feels. Perfect. Riffing is one of my superpowers. 
So, if you’re up for some fun with astrology (and want to read stories about some of my favorite people and their astrological sun signs), then The Dharma Direction is for you! January is perfect for me to start, because my hubby is a Capricorn, and Brian is always some of my very best writing material. He especially loves when I tell people that. You’ll see my new humor writing each month, as well as innovative content from other creators and their passion projects. Writers. Artists. Poets. Musicians. Filmmakers. Experts in wellness, business, and all the life things. We'll be sharing stories and essays and videos and art – all tying into this theme of the Zodiac, and the direction we find ourselves going in life. Writing about how we manage the chaos of life and journey along the way is one of my favorite things to lean into, and The Dharma Direction is going to do just that.
We’re all gonna hang out together for the next 12 months and see what we can learn from the stars and each other. And really, isn’t that what life is all about? The Dharma Direction will be sent out via email each month for subscribers only, and the only way to get this free magazine is for you to click here to sign up. I’ve shared a preview below of the January editor’s letter and a tease of what’s in store from me. No ads. Free content. Life, laughs, maybe a little lift.
As always, thank you for being part of the journey!




Editor's Letter 
By Debbie Abbott 

The passion projects found within our publication have been curated by a talented staff of writers, artists, poets, musicians, wellness advocates, life coaches, and business advisors. 

Our goals are to inspire readers to work with the flow of life rather than against it. Swimming upstream will thrash the inspiration right out of anything and everything you do. Let's all stop doing that. ~ Debbie 

* Every month we'll present a variety of topics —through articles, essays, poems, videos, and artwork— connected by the current astrological sign. 
* A YouTube playlist, crafted by our contributors, peels back meaningful layers of their messages through the healing power of music. 
* Color your way to reflection and relaxation with FREE downloadable/printable Zodiac coloring pages. 
* FREE bookmark giveaways each month featuring the original cover artwork from the current issue. 

Share Uplifting, Humorous, Visually and Mentally Stimulating Content 
using the 12 Zodiac signs and their individual attributes of
Strength, Weakness, Quirkiness, Desire, and Attitude 
toward life and the people in it
so we can all remember that 
Going With The Flow 
will lead you to a
Life of Purpose.



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