So you might have noticed a couple things.
One, my blog has been quiet lately without a new post. 
Two, the blog, this email, and the whole appearance of is completely different and totally updated, and if I do say so myself, not too shabby looking. 
You can now follow my blog and writing updates in a bunch of ways. Apparently someone else in the world thought YesItReallyHappened was also a cool thing to use in social media, so it wasn’t readily available.  This got me thinking, it’s not just that it really happened, but really that I Wrote It Down.  So, I added in a new tag to find some things – SoIWroteItDown.  Here’s some ways to keep in the loop:
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  2. Twitter – new posts from the blog will be posted here – tweeted here?
  3. Facebook – There’s a page to “like” and “follow” – Please do!
  4. Instagram – I am actually still trying to figure out how to use this one effectively without creating a huge time suck in my life.  It’s not intuitive to link a web page to an insta post, because it’s not a photo or video, which is apparently the thing insta likes best.  But I’ll get it together soon. 
As for the updated blog website itself…
Five years ago, my hubby hired a web developer as a Mother’s Day gift. He sweetly said to me, “You’re an amazing writer, and I love your blog, but the website you created by yourself is total crap. I hired someone whose job it is to make websites to make you a proper blog site”. And I thought that was the sweetest thing ever, him telling me I sucked at one thing and not another. And for years my blog moved right along. 
Then, I started realizing that five years on the internet is the equivalent of like 35 years in real life, and that the dog years thing applies to websites, and my blog. We needed updating. 
So I hired a new web developer (happy birthday to me!) and for the last couple of months we have been going back and forth with conversations like “Do you have the login for the tagdiv?” and me going “WTF is a tagdiv?” and things like that. I love to write. I don’t love things with plugs. Or in this case, imaginary wireless plugs that power the whole freaking world. 
So here we are. New website for the blog. I think it looks fancy. A little bit snazzy, and it’s pretty much still just the same posts that were there before, only now there’s a lot more emphasis on pictures and I made some categories, and I’m still working out how to sort them and organize them better. I sort of like the category names too. That conversation with the developer went like this: “Do you want the categories to read things like ‘health, family, lifestyle’”? And me going “Oh this is fun – finally. Let’s call this one “Stuff the Husband has Done” and that one “Dogs and Poop” and that one “If you don’t have your health”…..
And now I proudly have a new category to share with you. Parts of Book Two
Book One is done, and I patiently await an agent, a publisher, and my billions of dollars and interview with Oprah. 
Book Two is in the works. It’s exciting. It’s taking up a lot of space in my brain. It’s a wee bit different than what I’ve written before. It’s actually a dystopian fiction novel, with a dose of science fiction (actually in my brain all the science is real, but that’s why I majored in Screenwriting instead of Physics), and I’ve written myself in as a character. Huh? You say… Well, when you write a book you can write yourself in as a character. That’s the beauty of being the author, the architect. You get to be in charge.  It’s fun that way. 
The actual writing process is interesting.  It’s quick in some places and slow in others. There’s a lot of research that slows down the pace of writing right now but I’m hoping as I go it will pick up the pace. Books are typically at least 90,000 words. I’m about 10% of the way in word count, but the entire structure for this one is plotted out, along with the launch for the sequel, which is so fun.  
There are components of the book that take place in 2018-2020, with a cataclysmic world event in 2020. Then the book flashes forward to 2040 and what the world looks like a generation later. The fun part is that I made my blog (in the book) a semi-famous blog with lots of followers (I do love to dream) and am using it as a tool and strategy to illuminate present day. It’s a fun writing vehicle within a writing piece. In reality, I have no idea if any future editor would like these blog parts in the book, but I think it’s a nice balance for a lot of serious stuff and you know, that whole end of the world part. 
So, that’s a really long-winded way of me saying that I’m blogging, but this is a special blog that is part of Book Two.  You’re the first to read it!
Enjoy! And thanks for being part of the journey!

Part of Book Two

Back To School - Time to Panic

So last night I had the strangest dream. It was a combination of all my anxieties and stress about the end of summer and impending beginning of the new school year rolled up into one big mind mess. And it was kind of fun.  I am a vivid dreamer, and my dreams are usually just chock full of stuff for armchair analysts to dissect and explore. This one may have you busy for a while.

First, the dream started off with me still in college, which is hilarious because that was so twenty years ago. I mean, truly, two decades. Sheesh.  Usually my stress dreams involving school are of me in high school, trying to read a schedule and not being able to find my way through the hallways to find my class. Sometimes I don’t have a schedule and I’m trying to remember where I’m supposed to go next – always in between classes in long hallways – and I’m lost and confused. Sometimes I am trying to open my locker and can’t remember the combination and I’m wondering “why didn’t I write this down? Why can’t I find what I need? Where am I supposed to be now?” Typical dream stuff. Pretty easy to analyze. I’m generally a Type A personality and nightmares about being lost and not knowing where to go make a lot of sense. Lack of control, anxiety, check.  The hubby has dreams where he goes to class and it’s the last day of the semester and he realizes he forgot to go to class all year and now he has to take the final exam and has no idea what the content of the class is. I never have that dream. I always went to class (unless it was cold/raining/really early in the morning) and I always studied and I always did well on my tests. The hubby, however, actually did have a class in college (I think it was called “Math for Liberal Arts Majors”) that he did not attend, and then needed to pass the final in order to graduate, and begged his roommate to teach him everything he needed to know about math the day before the exam. That was an actual event that occurred in his life, so no wonder he has recurring nightmares about that two decades later. But the high school / lost dream wasn’t this dream. That was all the other dreams.

This dream was different. This dream I was in college, which made me think it wasn’t going to be an anxiety dream. I loved college. I loved the people I went to school with, I loved my dozen different part-time jobs, my internships, my friends, I loved my classes - required, elective, everything.  High school hallways and feelings of being lost? Anxiety dream. Makes sense. College? Should be a good dream. Maybe I’ll dream of Ashley, my best friend who died a few years back from brain cancer. She appears in my dreams every now and then. Usually she’s giving me a lecture, telling me to stop messing around and get back to writing. She was always one of my biggest fans. She used to ask me over and over again when she could read something I was working on for class. Then when she was done reading it she would walk around and read out loud parts that she really loved and enjoyed to anyone she could find. My biggest cheerleader in life often comes to me in dreams to give me a swift kick in the butt. It’s nice that way.

But nope. Not this dream. This dream was different.

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