Dear <<First Name>>,

Oh my goodness, I'm really excited. 

Today is the launch day for the Sisters! book! 

I feel a little bit like a kid waiting for their birthday party guests to arrive with presents, but instead it's me peeking out the window to see if my box of books with MY WRITING has arrived yet. I've seen other authors do unboxing videos and always thought that their enthusiasm was catchy (in a good way, not a germaphobe kind of way). I will not physically be able to wait to make a video of me opening the box, as I will be using up all my patience waiting for the delivery person to walk up to my front door. I've heard tackling people is only acceptable in sports ball games, not the book world. And I'm good with that, because getting tackled isn't something I'd like in my career. 

I so appreciate all of you being part of my tribe and journey as I do this writing thing. And I especially appreciate those of you who've asked how you can help support me! Here are things you can do that would be awesome:

1. Buy the book. (Proceeds fund the endowment for the Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop - you're investing in humor for generations to come).
2. Read the book (see #1 for important first step).
3. Review the book online on Amazon or Goodreads or your other favorite reading site (but only if you like it, otherwise you can just keep that to yourself, thanks).
4. Buy the book for your sister, sister friend, or other human that could use a laugh. 
5. Attend the virtual book launch party. (Yes! I'll be there!) 
6. Check out my updated website, follow me on your favorite social site (fancy buttons with lots of options are linked below), and share your good wishes and praise in the internet realm (but try not to get hung up on the other stuff online - there's some weird stuff out there. I prefer to curate a world full of love, books, and puppy videos).
7. Tell a friend (or seven) to do these things too! Maybe even invite them to sign up for my newsletter so they can be in the inner circle - it's a fabulous place to be with all of you!

Keep reading to see what others are saying about Sisters! Bonded by Love and Laughter!

And thank you for your kindness, support and shared laughs! 



The Definitive, Humorous Guide on Sisterhood 

Featuring Nickie's Prize winners, New York Times bestselling authors, Saturday Night Livelegends — and more!

Published by the University of Dayton’s Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop, Sisters! Bonded by Love and Laughter explores the humorous, nobody-else-could-ever-understand, special world of sister relationships — and friends in your life who are just like sisters.


“With Alan Zweibel, Adriana Trigiani, Laraine Newman, and Stella Parton (to name a few), this is…a tribute to the love, laughter, and closeness of family that Erma Bombeck so brilliantly inhabited.” — Amy Ephron, bestselling author


“This smart and funny collection captures the essence of sisterhood perfectly—that your sister can be your best friend and your worst enemy on the same day, maybe even in the same hour.” — Lian Dolan, author, The Sweeney Sisters and creator of Satellite Sisters podcast


“If you have a sister or know a sister, you will love this very funny, totally charming, and deeply heartwarming book.” — Julie Klam, New York Times bestselling author of The Almost Legendary Morris Sisters


“I love this book. There’s nothing funnier or more powerful than sisterhood, and this nails it all!” — Amy Solomon, editor, Notes from the Bathroom Line: Humor, Art, and Low-Grade Panic from 150 of the Funniest Women in Comedy


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