Thursday 9 April 2020

WAFIC CEO Easter message to members

Well, Easter is finally upon us and for many it will be unlike any Easter past.  If you’re feeling like me you’ll be looking forward to the chance of a well-earned break and a few days to relax, switch off the news and refresh with family or housemates.

It’s been a tough start to the year but we are seeing some positive momentum in recent days with the WA Government confirming its stimulus package for the seafood industry that will help to free up valuable cashflows and lay firmer foundations for stability.

As an industry we have also seen some early support for air freight services and the Department of Transport has chipped in by providing fee relief for commercial vessel pens. It’s not the panacea to our problems, but these are all good steps in the right direction.

During these challenging times, it’s also important that we continue to support our industry colleagues by buying local seafood for Easter. No one has a greater connection to the links between local product sales, local jobs and putting fuel in the boat each morning, so let’s all do our bit.

So as we take a break at home for Easter – and some of us for the school holidays – I wish you all a safe and happy time to relax, refresh and enjoy some quality time with our families and friends – knowing that there will be a bright spot around the corner.

You'll find regular news updates as well as a dedicated link to COVID-19 developments on the WAFIC website, so keep checking in.

Enjoy your break and look after those around you this Eastertime.

Warm regards
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