"You gave me support from the start. When I first came to you, you told me regardless of my decision you would support me. Thank you because you did just that. You continue to support me after the decision was made."
One of our Diamond Women
Over the past month, we had the joy of supporting three of our clients welcome their little bundles of joy into the world. One of which was a set of twins! We couldn't be happier and will continue to support them as they journey into motherhood through mentoring, counseling, material assistance, and practical support. We have another client due tomorrow! EEK! We are so filled with joy. That brings us up to nearly 20 babies this year alone we have welcomed and supported. 

Mum 2 Mum is back!

WOO HOO!! We did it. We celebrated our first Mum 2 Mum since COVID lockdown on the Central Coast the other week. It was such a great morning as we explored what it looks like to build a financially stable future for ourselves and our kids. Thanks to Barefoot Investor, we were donated a box of his latest book for families.


To say we have been busy during COVID is a huge understatement! We thought it might lead to a little more downtime but instead, we have been busier than ever with our clients and also internally as a organisation. Excitedly, we have used this time to sit down and assess the past 15 years and work on our vision to reach more clients and supporters over the coming years across Australia.  As part of our vision, we have been working hard on refining our brand, messaging, and website to ensure we are growing in the right direction and being leaders in the field. Finally, we can announce that from next week we will be introducing our new website and show you all we have been working on. Keep an eye on your emails for updates and information as we roll it all out over the coming weeks. 
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