Dear Sister,

Many said we couldn’t do it. Some laughed in our faces and talked smack behind our backs. A reporter flat out said our goal was impossible and nearly refused to print that GirlTrek would reach 1 million Black women by 2020. 

Too often, when Black women speak, we are hushed and made to feel like our words are inferior, like our dreams are intangible, like our lives are unworthy. Far too often, we go unseen, overlooked, unappreciated and unsupported -- our lives at risk. 

They didn’t see us coming, and never believed it could happen. GirlTrek has always been grassroots. Pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps and relying on one another. Reaching back to grab our sisters. Recognizing we have the solution. 

But, it happened. We made history. 

Together, we reached a milestone that is worthy of pause. Reflection. Gratitude. 

Earlier today, the 1 millionth Black woman took the GirlTrek pledge and helped turn a dream into a revolution!

On behalf of the entire GirlTrek staff, tens of thousands of dedicated, die-hard volunteers from around the country, and benevolent funders, we thank you. We did it! 

A special thank you goes out to the OGs -- to the women who rocked with GirlTrek from the very beginning -- when the shirts were teal instead of Superhero Blue. They showed up completely invested and selfless. They showed up with their clipboards, buttons and homemade posters to spread the word. They showed up outside of grocery stores, after Sunday services and set up tables at events from Seattle, Washington to Jackson, Mississippi, and from Oakland, California to Memphis, Tennessee. 

The OGs that never missed a Superhero Saturday come rain, snow, sleet, or shine. The true organizers, the very first brand ambassadors that we ever had in this movement. We thank you. We salute you. We love you, and we couldn’t have done it without you. 

Check for an email soon to learn how we’ll be rejoicing together! No way in the world we’d let this monumental moment pass us by without a celebration!

As I sign off, I want to leave you with Sonia Sanchez’s “Catch a Fire”  -- a mantra of GirlTrek, our call to action, a humming that fills our bones and spirits every day with every step, and every walk we take. 

Here’s to the untamed fire of 1 million Black women, 

Jaida Vaught
Chief of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships 
Memphis Trekker 

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