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Following the summer holidays, we are kicking off September with recharged batteries and many new ideas, projects and events! 

We are pleased to launch the second EURITO newsletter, where you can keep up to date on the progress of the project, new events and interesting opinion pieces on new mapping methods (data, software and knowledge) in the Research and Innovation (R&I) ecosystem.

In this issue, we are delighted to share:
  • “The EURITO Data Audit Framework (EDAF)” Our novel approach to the data auditing process creating a robust foundation for the use of data and indicators along the policy life cycle.
  • “The 8 exploratory EURITO pilots” Arising from the burning R&I policy questions identified in the Policy Maker Workshop and data audit, we have identified 8 pilots. Explore them here.
  • Upcoming activities and events in the next months.
    • Coming soon “EURITO New Data for Research and Innovation (R&I) Policy Workshop”. Tuesday 25 September at the Research Executive Agency (REA), Brussels, Tuesday 25 september 
    • ‘Big Data Meetup: When Data Scientists and the Public Meet’ (ICT 2018, Vienna, 6 December 2018)
The EURITO Data Audit Framework (EDAF)

To guide the search for new data, while also allowing for adequate flexibility to explore emergent concepts and ideas, EURITO has developed a data auditing framework, referred to as the EURITO Data Audit Framework (EDAF).  This auditing approach serves as the basis for the development of the EURITO project, underpinning both the conceptual and analytical progression toward the development of indicators that are relevant, inclusive, trusted, timely and open (RITO). 

EDAF is presented in the figure below, and consists of four interrelated components:
1.    Conceptual anchoring phase;
2.    Basic audit of data sources allowing for an assessment of minimum viability to explore the concept of interest;
3.    Identification of pilot ideas, and
4.    Advanced audit framework to be carried out following the selection of pilots.

For more information about the EDAF:
●    D1.2 Audit of new R&I data 
●    Blog "A (structured) quest for research and innovation policy questions and data"
The 8 exploratory EURITO pilots

EURITO has identified 8 exploratory pilots arising from data audit and burning questions of R&I policymakers.
Using the “New data for R&I Policy Workshop” as a key milestone, we have adopted a two-wave approach in the pilot development phase. This approach allows first to dedicate efforts efficiently, and second to have the opportunity for detailed discussions at the workshop:
  • Wave 1 (Open discussion with participants for validation and feedback, with emerging thinking, preliminary outputs and analyses with provisional visualizations)  Pilots 1- 4
  • Wave 2 (High level pilot specifications, less developed than Wave 1, opportunity for open brainstorming with participants at the workshop) Pilots 5- 8
You can find a high-level matrix mapping the pilots and detailed pilot specification notes here.


The EURITO New Data for R&I Policy Workshop 
25 september, Brussels

The EURITO Workshop is a rare occasion for data developers, researchers and owners to share experiences and lessons learned from data pipeline and infrastructure projects for decision-making. 

EURITO will present its 8 exploratory pilots in order to identify success factors, barriers and lessons learnt to validate and review the pilots being developed by the project.  For more information, here.   
ICT 2018 Networking session
6 December, Vienna 

The EURITO Project will host a networking session at the ICT 2018 event, “Big Data Meetup: when data scientists found the public meet", scheduled for 6 December (11:15 am, M1).
ICT 2018 is a research and innovation event focused on the European Union’s priorities in the digital transformation of society and industry. For further information, here. 

Feedback, comments and general reaching out on any other issues regarding this newsletter are always welcome. 
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation framework programme under Grant Agreement n° 770420.

The contents of this newsletter are the sole responsibility of the authors and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union. 

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