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EURITO project aims at developing new indicators for R&I policy, using new types of data, novel analytical methods and interactive visualizations. In this line, EURITO has been working on different streams of analysis to determine the potential of different data sources for addressing burning R&I policy questions, in order to generate a set of high quality and automatically updatable Relevant, Inclusive, Timely, Trusted and Open indicators.

In this regard, here we bring relevant documents where the results achieved to date are explained
, that we think might be of your interest:

  • “Pilots Specification Note”. In this report, we aimed to present the EURITO data pilots selected in the project to address the R&I policy needs, explaining their requirements, opportunities and specifications.
  • “Pilots Research Results”. A more detailed report was developed explaining the selected data pilots, including a detailed explanation of the research results, code, data and methods per pilot.
  • Design of data collection phase”. Here we share a validated design for the EURITO data-collection strategy.
  • “Quantitative methods”. Set of quantitative methods embedded in open software tools for data collection and integration. 
  •  The EURITO Scale up validation workshop about big data indicators for innovation policy, which took place on June the 20th in Madrid (Spain), joined a rich mix of policy actors that covered and discussed the advances and results achieved within EURITO on the following topics:
    • Emerging and high impact technologies,
    • Research funding evaluation,
    • Inclusive innovation and mission-oriented innovation policies
    • Predictive analyses of innovation indicators.
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                              Pilots Specification Note

EURITO took eight policy-relevant questions identified during the scoping phase of the project and carried out a systematic exploration of available data sources and methods that could be used to develop indicators addressing them.

In this report, we aimed to present the requirements, opportunities and the specifications of the selected data pilots to address the R&I policy needs. These were:
• Pilot 1: Mapping Emerging tech ecosystems (AI),
• Pilot 2: Nowcasting business R&D,
• Pilot 3: Monitoring Technological change indicators,
• Pilot 4: Standards as innovation diffusion indicators,
• Pilot 5: Evidence base for mission-oriented R&I policies,
• Pilot 6: Advanced R&I funding analytics,
• Pilot 7: Inclusive innovation, measuring gender and ethnic diversity in the R&I workforce,
• Pilot 8: Linkages and knowledge exchange indicators

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                         “Pilots Research Results"

This report compiles a more detailed description of the findings of each of the data pilots, including brief notes on methodologies, application domains, an assessment of the strengths, weaknesses and peculiarities of the used datasets, as well as an analysis of the fulfilment of RITO criteria, to maximise users´ usefulness and understanding of the pilot structure and operation.

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                     Design of data collection phase"

This report describes the validated design for the data-collection strategy, which comprises three main stages:
      ● data extraction
      ● data ingestion
      ● data enrichment
It shows the requirements and tools for the whole data collection phase and for each of the stages of the data collection phase.

Link to deliverable

                        Quantitative Methods"

The following report summarizes the findings of the work performed for the development of quantitative methods to be used in the scaling up phase. The aim of this document is to outline the quantitative methods used in the project, mapping them to the indicators that will result.

Link to deliverable

      EURITO Pilot Scale-Up Validation Workshop (20th June 2019, Madrid, Spain)

Having concluded the exploratory phase and drawing on the lessons achieved, EURITO is now moving into the next phase to develop ‘scale-ups’ from the most promising pilots, where additional data collection, processing, analysis, validation and visualization tasks are being developed. The selected topics are:
  •  Theme 1: Emerging Technology Mapping, where we aimed to generate indicators about levels of research and innovation activity in emerging technologies in the EU, and about structural changes in those technologies.
  • Theme 2: New Research Funding Analytics: This scale-up would develop novel indicators which will help us to measure the research diversity, novelty and impactfulness, capturing the way in which innovative research transforms the structure of knowledge networks.
  • Theme 3: Inclusion in inputs and outputs: This scale up would build on the inclusive innovation pilot and consider socio-demographic diversity in innovation activities.
  • Theme 4: Predictive analysis: This scale-up would use all the data produced in the project to perform predictive analyses of relevant innovation variables.
In this line, on the 20th June 2019, the ‘EURITO Pilot Scale-Up Validation Workshop’ took place in Madrid (Spain), inviting key Research and Innovation (R&I) policy actors and data experts. The objective was to share ideas and experiences which could help us in validating, informing and improving the design of our pilots to develop Relevant, Inclusive, Timely, Trusted and Open (RITO) indicators.

Experts provided guidance and peer-review to map the scale-ups against the stages of the policy cycle (Agenda setting, Choice evaluation, Monitoring, and Evaluation) defining the most functional use of indicators (Descriptive, Predictive, Analytic or Decision Support).  

Information about the working material can be found here.
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Feedback, Comments and general reaching out, are always welcome. Please contact us at
Feedback, Comments and general reaching out, are always welcome. Please contact us at


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