SURPRISE! We Made a Game Called ChefSquad!
A free co-operative Twitch game where streamers and their communities work together to run a restaurant
ChefSquad Trailer!
Hey Chefs—or should I call you Squad now? Either way, it’s me, Ryan, again.

I’ve spent all year writing newsletters that look back at our previous game, but our team has been hard at work on several new projects, one of which is available now! We’re excited to announce ChefSquad — a totally free restaurant game designed specifically for Twitch!

What Is ChefSquad?

Imagine you’re watching your favorite Twitch streamer play Cook, Serve, Delicious! except you can jump in the game to give them a hand via Twitch chat—that’s ChefSquad! The streamer plays as the Head Chef in a kitchen while up to 25 people in their chat can volunteer to be Cooks and help them achieve a perfect day. Viewers can also vote on menu items and unlockables, making the whole game a truly collaborative community experience.

How Does It Work?

The Head Chef manages their Cooks by clicking and dragging them to different areas of the kitchen and asking them to complete a task (such as preparing food, doing chores, and serving completed dishes). Cooks then carry out those instructions by typing commands indicated on the screen into the Twitch chat—for example, if the Head Chef drags a Cook to the burger station and asks the Cook to prepare a burger patty, the Cook would type “!pat” to select the patty, and then the game will give two or three other commands to type such as “!sizzlepatty” and “!flippatty” to finish preparing it. All of this must be done at a rapid-fire pace to achieve a perfect day, not unlike Cook, Serve, Delicious! Check out our 'How to Play' video on YouTube to learn more.
So hey, if you’re a Twitch streamer, give ChefSquad a download—available now on Steam and—and try it out with your community! If you’re not a Twitch streamer, you can still play by simply joining a game with anyone playing on Twitch—and be sure to let your favorite Twitch streamer know about ChefSquad so everyone can get in on the fun!

Can there be too many cooks in the kitchen? Find out with ChefSquad!
Ryan Matejka
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