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In 2020 the functions of the previous three clusters, NEVIL, LAMPS and Western Cluster, were transferred to the Centre for Mental Health Learning. Whilst we managed to offer some events, we all know that 2020 was not a year where training delivery and attendance could occur as usual.
We are very pleased to announce the launch of the beginning of our 2021 free statewide training calendar designed for Area Mental Health Service staff. This calendar will be added to throughout the year and only online events have been scheduled so far. You can find the calendar here: or via the Learning & Resources menu on our website. See right. We will also be publishing a printable calendar.
Below you will find messages from our two Learning & Practice Development Coordinators, Jo Stubbs and Jeffrey Weitzel, including an introduction to their work which includes calendar planning and more.

Eligibility criteria

These are free events designed for members of the public clinical mental health workforce in Victoria, (staff employed at Area Mental Health Services, Forensicare or mental health staff from RCH). For example, a social worker working in mental health at Austin Health. Staff from MHCSSs, ACCHOs, AOD or other partner organisations may also attend.  Please note, if you do register for an event and it is not clear you are part of the intended audience, your registration will be confirmed two weeks prior to the event start date, or earlier. 

Calendar planning

Oversight of calendar planning at CMHL is done by our Learning and Practice Development team which includes our two new Learning and Practice Development Coordinators, Jo Stubbs and Jeff Weitzel (see more from Jo and Jeff below), and our new Events and Administration Officer, Jas Routley. Other CMHL team members also contribute, including our discipline specific educators, the consumer workforce development coordinator and carer workforce development coordinator, the director, and the senior lead.
Calendar planning also is informed by the CMHL's AMHS consultations (see the our initial establishment consultations findings here), calendar planning days held with ex-cluster committee members, surveys of AMHS staff and contributions from current CMHL committees

Hello from the CMHL Learning & Practice Development Coordinators

Jo Stubbs - Learning & Practice Development Coordinator

It has been a busy and very unusual start to my new role as Learning and Practice Development Coordinator for CMHL. We were very pleased to be able to get some training up for the end of 2020.
We were fortunate to have Helen Mentha deliver Motivational Interviewing, Matt Ball deliver the Power Meaning Threat Framework and the CMHL team and Orygen present Successful Online Training. Cath Roper and Wanda Bennetts are leading the development of training specifically for Consumer Consultants and we held the first consultation for this package of work in December. The training will be rolled out throughout 2021. 

Jeff and I have been working with the team at CMHL to develop a training calendar for the first half of 2021. We continue to use the information gathered from the sector during consultations in 2019 and 2020. The identified priority training areas include:
  • Trauma informed care
  • Lived experience workforce learning & development opportunities
  • Recovery-oriented practice
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander mental health
  • Supervision training
  • Family inclusive practice
  • Alcohol and other drugs / Dual diagnosis
  • Working with diversity
  • Therapeutic theory & practice 
  • Family Violence
  • Younger persons mental health
  • Physical health
  • Discipline specific training & forums
  • Aged persons mental health
  • Leadership development
  • Coproduction & codesign training
  • Care coordination
  • Workforce wellbeing
We are working with the statewide training providers, Area Mental Health Services (AMHS) and content experts to deliver a free calendar of training based on these areas. We aim to have a table of events for the first half of the year advertised by mid-January. We will send out communication via our CMHL committees. The calendar will be a rolling calendar, meaning that we will continue to add events throughout the year. At this stage all training for the first half of the year will be delivered online. We hope to be able to return to face to face training by July but will be prepared if we need to remain online. Feedback from the sector has been very positive about online training. The workforce has adjusted to this format and our regional workforce have noted how much more accessible training has become. It looks like a mixture of online and face to face training will be the way of the future. 

Jeff and I are very eager to meet with representatives from our allocated AMHS. We are currently working on the AMHS training and development scoping project. Once we have finalised the questions Jeff and I will make contact with our allocated areas and start arranging meetings with the education staff/teams for early 2021. I am really looking forward to connecting with services and gaining a better understanding of what the workforce development needs are for each service.

I am also leading a project in partnership with the Centre for Mental Health Learning Queensland to develop an e-learning module that is an introduction to clinical supervision. This package will be cross discipline. We have a working group with representatives from AMHS, the Office of the Chief Mental Health Nurse, the Australian Clinical Supervision Association and Bouverie.

2021 is shaping up to be a very busy year in this newly created position. There is a lot of expectation and hope for 2021 and I look forward to working with the sector.
Jeffrey Weitzel - Learning & Practice Development Coordinator

I’m Jeff the other Learning and Practice Development Coordinator here at the CMHL. Thanks for taking the time to read a bit more about who we are and what we do.

I’m really excited about all the programming we have been able to facilitate in what Jo has accurately described as an unusual start to the role. I’m even more excited about what is coming your way in 2021 and beyond. The projects that Jo has mentioned are the beginning of a new way of working that we feel gets to harness the smarts, skills, and experience of the workforce and sector in order to drive innovation and practice change. Our roles as liaisons between knowledge, programming, administration and yourselves as the wider workforce means we’ll be working hard to understand the greater Mental Health workforce in Victoria - in particular one that looks to grow and adapt. There are momentous strengths and expertise across our state, and being at the nexus of it all is very exciting.  

The big projects, as Jo has mentioned, are developing our state-wide no-cost training calendar to replace the programming previously done by the three regional training clusters and our scoping project designed to better understand the individual training and development teams and services of each of the Area Mental Health Services. In addition, I’ll be working on projects such as an Allied Health Development Program, designed to support allied health workers new to clinical mental health, coordinating what older person’s mental health training might look like, and working to support the roll-out of a suicide prevention training program across several AMHS among others.

2020 has pushed us to work in ways which were new, uncomfortable, and at times a bit unchartered. It plunged us in the deep end in terms of using and understanding technology and how it can help (or at times hinder) learning. We’ve got a lot coming out in 2021. We see this coming year as a starting point to better understand and develop knowledge translation and practice development across the state in work that will only grow in breadth and depth. We look forward to working with you all, whether directly or indirectly, in the weeks, months and years to come. We thank you for all of your support, input and understanding across the bumps that were 2020. We hope you enjoyed or will enjoy some time off this summer with friends and family. See you all sometime this year!

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Our vision is to be the centrepiece for mental health learning in Victoria; leading and driving innovation that strengthens and sustains a flexible, curious, knowledgeable and recovery-focused workforce.

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