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update to the sector - video available

Last week CMHL staff provided an update on our current work, new projects & positions, training calendars, and leadership networks. If you were not able to attend, the information is duplicated below or you can watch the video recording.
Recording of the CMHL update to the sector held Thursday 16th July 2020.

Overview of update session

Our people
Above is the current CMHL team. The Victorian Mental Health Interprofessional Leadership Network (VMHILN) became part of CMHL with the clusters transition in April. More from the VMHILN later.
The CMHL is growing. We are very pleased to announce that on 10 August Jeffrey Weistzel (currently with Southern Dual Diagnosis Service and previously acting LAMPS cluster manager) and Jo Stubbs (currently VMHILN Manager and previously Western Cluster manager) will begin work with CMHL as Learning & Practice Development Coordinators. On 27 July our new Events Officer will start. With Jeff and Jo they will plan and implement the CMHL free training calendar for the rest of 2020. This will, of course, include online training.
We also have three new Lived Experience contact positions starting with us soon. More about these in the Lived Experience Workforce update.
Our purpose
Check out the "Our purpose" page. The CMHL describes its functions under these for areas:
- engagement & communication
- alignment & coordination
- evidence & quality
- innovation & systems change
Some of these areas were a higher priority during our establishment phase. As the CMHL grows, our work will increase across all four areas. Some examples of the work that we do within each area can be found in this document.

Last year we completed a scoping project with the statewide training providers (SWTPs), to create a foundation for strategic planning and collaboration. We have consolidated findings, analysed the training records and information collected from consultations and are finalising the report.​
The learning from this will help plan our collective next steps, for example:​
  1. Training Needs Analysis ​(TNA) - lit review started
  2. Training evaluation tool kit development​
  3. Improving LE/LEW input​ into SWTP work
  4. Online learning design/hosting​ - CMHL building an LMS for hosting e-learning
  5. Victorian MH workforce development planning​
(You can find all of the Victorian MH statewide training providers listed at the end of our Our purpose page). 

The CMHL is setting up its ongoing governance and committee structures. We will finalise our governance structure diagram soon. For now you can see a draft of it in the update video at 23:15.
Our website
We have some new pages on our website. These include: Please also continue to check our Learning Hub. Many of our statewide training providers are converting their usual face-to-face training to online. These are being regularly updated in our events listings.

Peer Inside (Lived Experience Workforce) update

The LEW/Peer Inside update starts at 35:00 in our recorded update. It begins with a farewell message from Craig who will finish at CMHL on 24 July to start as Senior Adviser, Lived Experience (Consumer) at Mental Health Reform Victoria
Recruitment for new Consumer Workforce Development Coordinator will commence soon
-  We are currently recruiting three new LEW positions:
  • Lived Experience Supervision Project Lead  
  • Consumer Workforce Project Lead Organisational Readiness/Student placement support
  • Family/Carer Workforce Project Lead Organisational Readiness/Student placement support
Other Peer Inside highlights include:
  • LE engagement and collaboration processes and structures - conducted two of three codesign workshops
  • Guidance/leadership to MHRV, Royal Commission into Mental Health, organisations and individuals
  • Workforce support and connection on Zoom including sessions on the following topics:
    - Consumer Leadership (with Henrique Van Dunem)
    - Lived experience work in regional and remote areas (with Rick Corney and Sharon Lavery)
    - Working in the consumer space (with Deb Carlon, Henrique Van Dunem, Rick Corney, Viktoria Rother)
  • Secretariat support to CLEW (Carer Lived Experience Workforce Network)
  • Co-establishment, cofacilitation and secretariat support for the Family/Carer Workforce Research Network
  • Support for face to face and online communities of practice, including Lived Experience Managers and Coordinators COP

VMHILN update

The VMHILN update starts at 45:20 in our recorded update. And covers:
  • Sexual safety project update (details also below) - Sharon Williams
  • MHRV Leadership Scoping Project (details also below) - Jo Stubbs
  • VMHILN – Meetings, COVID-19 videos, Emotional Intelligence workshop - Henrique Van-Dunem
  • Expansion of Project Manager and Consumer Project Officer Roles - Jo Stubbs
  • LEW leadership scoping - Jo Stubbs

Sexual Safety Project Update - Sharon Williams
Draft of the NEW Chief Psychiatrist’s Guideline on Sexual Safety in Mental Health Inpatient Units

The draft is the culmination of:

  • Scoping of the literature – academic articles and grey literature, including guidelines from other states and current Victorian Area Mental Health policies
  • Consideration of the MHCC ‘The Right to be Safe’ Report recommendations (2018)
  • Consultation workshops with inpatient staff, consumers, carers, LEW workers
  • Consultations with CASA, Vic Pol, VEOHRC, MHCC

The draft has also gone through a process of detailed feedback and review by DHHS (including OCP and OCMHN)

The feedback survey questions cover:

• Your views on the language and definitions used
• Feedback on the content of the guideline
• Whether there are any topics or issues still to be addressed
• Where more clarity may be needed
• Whether issues for particular groups are addressed – e.g. LGBTIQA+, CALD

We encourage your feedback! Please click below.

Take the survey (Includes a link to the draft)
Collaborative Leadership Network - Mental Health Reform Victoria
The Centre for Mental Health Learning has partnered with Mental Health Reform Victoria to develop a Model Options Paper for the development of a broad, collaborative leadership network. We are currently running consultations to scope this and we have developed a survey to allow for broad consultation. This survey is for anyone working in the mental health sector in Victoria. Your contribution is greatly appreciated, the survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. If you have any questions you can contact
Take the leadership network survey
Thanks for reading. We look forward to connecting with you again soon. Take care.
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