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As the sun sets on the Covid 19 Pandemic (oh we are so optimistic!) here is a wee update of things we've been meaning to tell you about or updates to our current schedules that might affect you. A few seemingly random items as well but it all fits into the theme of building community, supporting local small business and staying active however we best can. 
(photo credit R. Thompson)
Try Rowing! (Seriously!)

Rowing Canada Aviron is offering a FREE Try Rowing event THIS WEEKEND, Saturday June 26th and Sunday June 27th between 9am-3pm at the Gorge Narrows Rowing Club (GNRC), 2940 Jutland Road. This is the same location that we host our In-Person Classes! 

To participate please register with Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA).  At this link you will enter your information and sign a waiver. This will cover you with the RCA insurance for the day that you choose to Try Rowing! Did I mention the price? FREE!

This is an awesome opportunity for anyone who has been at all interested in getting into a boat and seeing what it's all about on the water! You will get a chance to learn the stroke basics, boat basics, safety in and around the water (well, hopefully ON the water, not IN it...semantics), how to handle boats and blades and a chance to ROW with experienced rowers! 

There are a few of options for you and yours:

1. Afraid of commitment?  Just drop by the club anytime between 9am and 3pm this Saturday or Sunday,  sign up and fill in the waiver on site to Try Rowing. Grab friends on your way there to enjoy the experience together! Come last minute! Plan ahead!  Whatever it takes, just take this opportunity!  

2. Like to plan ahead?  REGISTER ahead of time with RCA for your chosen day, and show up at a time that works best for you between 9am and 3pm on Saturday or Sunday. The coaches at GNRC are planning on sessions that start every half hour (on the half hour) and last about 30-40 minutes. 

3. Have you missed your Team Amaze Mates these last 15 months? Plan ahead with them, each of you can REGISTER online (I've given you 3 opportunities/links already!) and show up on the half hour that works best for you on either day this weekend (for example 11:30am Saturday, 1pm Sunday,  2:30pm Sunday or whenever) and you will be taken through the experience together. 

Had my ear to the pavement this morning and the word on the street is that 9am may be a BUSY time because people might think this is an all day event and they will be entertained all day.  This thing is happening continuously ALL WEEKEND, people! Plan to be there for about 40 minutes, but likely you'll want to stick around and watch others flailing about too! Besides there is a patio right next door... so you could enjoy a snack or drinkie-poo while you discuss your new found rowing skills (or lack there of). 

Expect to be taught the basic technique and sequencing on the erg (review for some of you, but a requirement for this event), introduction to the boats & boathouse, rowing language, safety information and an opportunity to row with experienced rowers in a quad (four people, two oars each/sculling - see above picture) or a double (two people, two oars each) for those with a bit more experience or background. 

For those social media nuts out there or those who don't want to leave the dock and row, but want to LOOK like you can row, there will be an opportunity to have your photo taken (with your own phone) in a single racing scull, safely stabilized but floating on the water, so you can post online or brag to your friends (kinda the same thing right?) about how awesome and brave you are. 

No time like the present, right?  Get out there and stretch your legs!

The other bonus of this incredible FREE event will be to provide you with some insights to the reality of the sport as you are arm chair coaching the Olympians this summer... if the rowers could just push a little harder and go a little faster for goodness sake - how hard could it be, right?

Did I mention FREE? Did I mention REGISTER?  Why are you still reading?

Update on In-Person Classes

In addition to what we started in June, we will be opening up our Monday In-Person Indoor Rowing and Stretch Mobility Classes at Gorge Narrows Rowing Club starting July 5th. 

Here's what you need to do:
1. Log in to Wellness Living or if you haven't yet, Sign Up now at our Wellness Living Partners,
2. Purchase a 1x/wk, 2x/wk or (heck) 3x/wk pass for these classes (60 min classes for Rowing, 30 min classes for Stretch)
3. Book into the class you wish to attend. If you still want to attend from home, the online option is definitely still available to you as well!

Amaze Class Schedule as of July 5th
All classes are available In Person AND Online unless indicated

Monday 8:45-9:45am Indoor Rowing
Monday 10-10:30am Stretch & Mobility 
Monday 3:30-4:30pm Gentle Strength *ONLINE only

Tuesday 6:15-7:15am Cardio Strength *ONLINE only
Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm Indoor Rowing

Wednesday 8:45-9:45am Indoor Rowing
Wednesday 10-10:30am Stretch & Mobility

Thursday 5:30-6:30pm Indoor Rowing

Friday 6:15-7:15am Cardio Strength *ONLINE only
Friday 9-10am Stretch & Mobility *ONLINE only

*All in person indoor rowing classes are at an outdoor location

Coming Soon!
Aquatherapy Small Groups at the Victoria Athletic Club!

YESSS!!! We are almost able to get our Small Group Aquatherapy Classes going again!  The Vic Athletic Club is opening up In-Person classes on July 5th. We'll just wait a week or two before starting ours (let them iron out the kinks shall we?), but we are super keen to get you back into the water.  

Please help us get these classes started again by completing this Aquatherapy Survey.  

It is five questions and will help us figure out when and how to get those groups started again.  This survey is primarily for those people who have attended aquatherapy either privately or in the small group in the past, who are currently attending or have attended the Gentle Strength Online class this past year and for anyone who is interested or curious about our aquatherapy offerings. Click here for information about what aquatherapy is, how it can benefit you in your active recovery and how it can help reduce inflammation and pain and help you return to normal movement.   

You could even go to the survey and fill it out best as you can just to get to the joke. That would be ok too.  

On Demand Updates

A few items to keep our loyal On Demand customers in the loop. 

1. Firstly, we MISS seeing you around in our classes but are SO happy to see you still here and doing the workouts on your own time.  We will be aiming to reach out every month or two to see how things are going for you. 

2.  We will be aiming to upload 2 videos per week to each library (Indoor Rowing, Stretch/Mobility, Cardio Strength). The Gentle Strength will only be uploaded once per week and the Indoor Rowing, due to challenges with recording high quality videos at our live location will be reduced from 4x/wk to 2x/wk.  If we do get decent recordings of our in person classes, we will share them with you in the libraries. 

3. There will be times when we will not be able to upload new classes for the following reasons:
a. the recordings don't work due to technical difficulties
b. the class/recording day lands on a Stat Holiday 
c. we have to cancel class for any reason

Amaze Policies - updated (soooo exciting)
As many business owners do (don't they?), we come up with a plan and put something together and then some sort of issues arise and we have to create policies to deal with the ramifications of our ideas and actions.  Reality and time seems to make the edges of the idea get fuzzy and we have to work backwards to solidify the idea and boundaries in the first place. 

As such, we have created a page on our website with policies around our group classes, both in-person and online, statutory holidays, payment schedules and make up opportunities. 

Click here to check out our policies about these things and other random items of ... interest (?). We will continue to add to this fascinating page. 

Knife Sharpening

Time to promote our favourite young entrepreneur! Introducing Isaac who has taken it upon himself to start a knife sharpening business out of his family home.  I've recently had my favourite kitchen knives sharpened and am very pleased with the results.   In fact, they Cut Like a Knife. (C'mon, you know I had to...) Here is a copy of his most recent flyer - you may have even seen it posted around the Oak Bay area. 
Knife Sharpening & Tool Repairs

If you have dull knives and rusty tools I will take them off your hands and make them brand new again for a fraction of the price of any store in town.  I will take any amount of tools and knives and will always make them as perfect as humanly possible. 

Kitchen chef knives -  $7
Small knives (pairing/pocket knives) - $5
Hunting knives - $9
Chisels - $5
Hatchet/Axe cleaning and sharpen - $7
All other hand tool repairs and cleanings - $4-9
Wood handle sanding and coating - $6
1 day repairs offered for 1-3 items - $5

Call or text Isaac
Thank you for your support of our business, especially during these unprecedented times.  Stay well.  
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