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Welcome Buffy to Amaze Active Health!
We are thrilled to announce that Buffy Williams is joining us a regular instructor at Amaze! Although she has long been in our sights as a potential member of our Dream Team, we are only now able to offer her a spot on a regular basis!  Many of you know her as a substitute for our rowing and stretch classes. Some will remember her epic rowing career at UVic and on the National and Olympic Teams through no less than THREE Olympic Cycles. She likely won't be the one to tell you this, but she racked up a Bronze medal as the stroke of the Women's 8+ (not even out of University yet) in Sydney 2000, a fourth place finish in Athens 2004 in the Women's Pair and again a fourth place finish in Beijing 2008 in the Women's Eight.  Some of you lucky members have even seen her recently through the On Demand Library as she has been a guest teacher for some of our pre-recorded Cardio Strength classes. 
Watch Buffy's 2-minute intro video by clicking on the image above. 
She introduces herself and describes the role she will be taking with Amaze. 
Join Buffy for her FIRST ONLINE classes tomorrow, Thursday February 18th.  Indoor Rowing starts at 9:30am and then Stretch & Mobility Class at 10:45am

We are looking to offer a make up class each month that has a Stat Holiday falling on a Monday.  It's meant to give those Monday morning Rowers & Stretchers a chance to keep themselves limber and active with their second (or third?) class of the week. But it's not just for them... everyone is welcome! 
(See our survey at the bottom of this email to put in your two-bits about timing of these make up classes)

Scroll down to the WellnessLiving section below to find out how to sign up and attend our Online classes.
Our Updated Amaze Website

All this ado... and here it is. 
The new and improved
(yet probably not perfect quite yet, because that would be dull)
Amaze Active Health Website.  

We've split up the business into two basic sections:
Classes & Kinesiology


Currently the Classes have been the focus with this Wellnessliving software (see below) addition, but we are still accepting clients for the Kinesiology sessions. Kinesiology Home Visits, are available on Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri for those who are unable to or feel unsafe leaving their homes for treatment. 

We are also available for In-Person or ONLINE Kinesiology sessions
We offer the In-Person sessions at Soma Active Health in Fernwood on Wednesdays and ONLINE sessions as available other days of the week. 

Please contact us (not Soma) by email or phone (250-686-0899) to book or for more information. 

Fitness Classes

Just a quick spin around the website as it relates to our fitness classes:
We have general descriptions of all our offerings on our Home Page.

The Classes page has again the descriptions of classes, plus the monthly class schedule, pricing and links for you to start shopping... you know you want to. 

Each class (Indoor Rowing, Stretch & Mobility, Gentle Strength and Cardio Strength) has it's own page now as well. This will show you more in-depth information about class intensity, times, equipment & even a link for the rowing tracking sheet.

The Pricing page relates to our Classes and our partnership with Wellnessliving.  You can see at a glance all the purchase options and prices, see links to either SIGN UP (if you don't have an account) or SIGN IN (if you do) and purchase options through the store.  

We also have a Covid page which summarizes current policies related to the Pandemic and has links to our own protocols for in-person visits, sessions or classes (not currently available) as required by Provincial Health Orders. 

Our About page... (whoops... needs to be added to with our latest team member, Buffy. Thanks for that reminder.  "Somebody" will get on that.   A photo update would be in order too, while you're at it, Tech Department. That one is epically ancient. The testimonials there could also do with some refreshing.  Ok, see... not perfect.  But getting better.)
Six weeks down and there is some evidence we are getting better at this.  Thank you to all who have weathered the tech storm as we went live with Wellnessliving. If you were waiting for the storm to pass before starting our classes, now is the time and here is how you can do it.

1. Sign Up/Register for a Wellness Living Account by clicking here and following the subsequent emailed instructions. 

2. Purchase an option from our Store that suits your goals and schedule. Go through your Wellnessliving Account or click here to shop!

3. Book into the classes you wish to attend. (*note, you have to purchase something AND book into either one, several or recurring classes in your Wellnessliving Account)

4. Sign into your Wellnessliving Account or follow the links in the reminder emails (emails should come into your inbox about 60 min and 15 min prior to the class you have booked).  The most reliable way to join a class is to go through your Wellnessliving Account, but the emails can be a good second choice to get into the classroom. 

5. Reach out to us if you are having difficulty with any of these steps. We got 'yer back!
Everyone Loves a Good Survey, Don't They?!
Well, thanks in advance for filling out this quick one (5 questions!) about our classes.  You'll have an opportunity to request/suggest new or different length classes, request On Demand or Live Online classes and offer your two cents about make ups for classes that do not run on Stat Holidays. 
Thanks for taking the time. 

(if you are not attending and/or not interested in joining any of our classes, you can give this link a miss)
Fill in the Amaze Classes Survey

And now... for something a little different.
The Paris Opera Ballet in your Home.

Here's something we thought you may enjoy that could add something different, beautiful and expansive into your home and world.  Crystal Pite is a world renowned Choreographer who lives in Vancouver.  She's kind of a big deal. Even more important is that she comes from some of the best stock around. The online Canadian Premiere of her incredible work, Body and Soul, is available for streaming this week only - from February 17th to 23rd.  For only $16-26 you could experience her work from the comfort of your home. 

Click the link below for information, to purchase tickets and to watch a 2-minute teaser of what to expect. I am not in anyway benefiting from this little advertisement, but thought it could bring you joy. Most of us these days could use a bit of that. 

Body & Soul by Crystal Pite
Keep Moving... Keep Moving... 

Thank you for your support of our business.  
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