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September Sunshine!

Well, as I write this it is.... perhaps as you read this it's changed. 
Lucky us - we get it all!

A long awaited update and summary of our upcoming
Fall Season at Amaze Active Health.

We’ve got some introductions, reminders as well as some pretty big changes to our class offerings this season so please read carefully so you know what’s available from September 20th onward.

Introducing…. Roz Beddall!  You can call her Roz, Rozzie, Rozzie B, Rozzie-Rozzie-Bo-Bozzie-Banana-Nana-Bo-Bodie-Me-My-Mo-Modie-Rozzie! 

Roz, AM and Buffy all attended the UVic Kinesiology program... oh that was only a few years ago now, wasn't it? Well, after some attractive distractions (hubby, home, kiddos, various other jobs and excitement), Roz is now looking to get back into the Kinesiology world. She is going to start with some shadowing and assisting with some classes (some of you have met her at Aquatherapy already), building up her Continuing Education and eventually will start teaching her own classes online, building on our On Demand and Online class offerings. When she is again registered as Kinesiologist, she will start taking on clients! So terribly exciting.

Like Buffy, we've had our eyes on Roz for quite a while, hoping to tempt her into the fold as part of the Dream Team at Team Amaze.  (Shhh... but I think we've got her people!)  Meanwhile, Roz is keen to learn the ropes from the sidelines and behind the scenes, putting her admin skills to work and helping Anna-Marie with the background work to keep our systems running (and keeping AM sane... although maybe it's too late for that). 

Go ahead, send her a little email to welcome her to the team! She'd love to hear from you.  

Welcome Roz!

Class Cancellations

Despite optimistic survey results (Thank you so much for taking the time everyone!) we still don’t have the consistent numbers we need to keep some of our regular classes running.  The following classes are cancelled for at least the next month - we will reconsider (likely re-survey you all!) after Thanksgiving to see if there is interest to get them going again.  Check out the list of pending or cancelled classes for the fall.

Monday IN-PERSON Indoor Rowing at 8:45am PENDING*

Monday IN-PERSON Stretch Mobility at 10am PENDING*

*will be cancelled if not enough interest by Sunday evening at 8pm.
The Online classes will continue to be offered


Wednesday IN PERSON Indoor Rowing Class 8:45am CANCELLED

Wednesday IN PERSON  Stretch Mobility Class 10am CANCELLED

Wednesday ONLINE Stretch Mobility Class 10am CANCELLED


Thursday IN PERSON Indoor Rowing Class 5:30pm CANCELLED

Thursday ONLINE Indoor Rowing Class 5:30pm CANCELLED


We have also stopped offering the following, but are proud to still have active On Demand Libraries (more info if you scroll down!) for the two classes listed below:


Tuesday & Friday ONLINE Cardio Strength 6:15am CANCELLED

Friday ONLINE Gentle Strength 10am CANCELLED


Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns about these classes or if you have an active membership but cannot make any of the current class offerings. 

For these inquiries, since Anna-Marie is away for a couple weeks on a much needed vacation, please contact Roz (again!) and she will help you sort out the best option to ensure you can use your pass or be credited for it.

If you are interested in attending any of the currently cancelled classes, please also email Roz and she will keep a running list of interest so we can open up as many of these classes again when we have the interest to do so. 


Check out our website for information on accessing our On Demand Video Libraries (kinda of like ‘Netflix’ for your muscles) for any of the above classes.
You pay per month for access to full recordings of any type of class that we currently offer or have offered in the last 18 months.
Each library has 20 videos and the libraries are updated weekly with new and/or archived recordings.  So you can do the workouts YOU want to do WHEN you want to do them!
Great variety and value!

To take us up on this, go to the link above, and head to the 'Store', then select the On Demand Library you wish to purchase. Combination Libraries or Full Access to all libraries is also available, so you're not limited to just one class!

Indoor Rowing, Stretch/Mobility, Cardio Strength (body weight moderate to high intensity workouts), Gentle Strength (seated/standing/lying gentle workout) are all offered in our On Demand Library.

The below section has the links to each of the classes for more information. 



See our schedule for all our current classes that you can still attend either In-Person or Online for the coming months.  Go to our store to purchase a membership (1 or 2x/wk) to attend regularly or Punch Cards (1x, 5x or 10x) to attend as you see fit. Remember to BOOK the classes you wish to attend! 

Oh and you have to Sign Up or Log In to your Wellness Living Account to do this!

Memberships auto-renew (or expire) every 4 weeks and Punch Cards last one year.


Here are the links to each individual class or small group we offer

Indoor Rowing


Cardio Strength (On Demand only)

Gentle Strength (On Demand only)

Aquatherapy (see below for more)

*Note: we are currently hosting our In-Person Indoor Rowing & Stretch Classes at the Gorge Narrows Rowing Club and are waiting to hear if the SMUS Derby facility may be available for us as the weather turns and the light disappears.  Hold tight! We hope to have news in the next week or two!


We are thrilled that our Small Group Aquatherapy has really taken off again. If you would like to get in on this popular group, email us now! Both of our offerings are full, but we will open a THIRD weekly class if demand keeps up!).

A Private Kinesiology assessment plus 1-3 private sessions is required prior to starting in our Aquatherapy Groups. (See below section for the link).  This is an investment in your health and will improve your ability to move your body, reduce pain, improve balance and overall function.  This is a great option for those nursing injuries, preparing for or recovering from surgeries and those looking for a low-weight bearing environment to start or resume a movement routine.  It’s a surprisingly great workout using the resistance and buoyancy of the water to add challenges to every direction you move!  The individualized focus and attention require a different sort of membership for this offering.  It’s a rehab-based, directed & client focussed routine directly focusing on your own goals, limitations and function.

Proof of Vaccination (Vaccination Passport) is required to attend the pool at the Victoria Athletic Club, where we host our Aquatherapy Classes.  Masks are worn by instructors (this is a pre-Covid picture!) and by all people in the club itself, but you are not required to wear a mask when exercising in the pool or the gym. 

Private Kinesiology


As always, we are still offering Kinesiology assessments and individualized programs in the Soma Active Health studio in Fernwood or out of the comfort of your own home if you have mobility limitations. Email us to book an appointment for an assessment or to follow up with your program that we got you started on weeks (or months?!) ago! While Anna-Marie is off till mid October, Roz can get you booked in to see her when she returns. 

We look forward to helping you return to your preferred activities or return to movement so you can enjoy all your favourite activities this fall!  Individualized pool programs are also available with a Kinesiology assessment - just tell us what you want and we will help you get there!

Thank you for your support of our business during these strange and challenge times. Your loyalty and support is SO appreciated!  Stay well and stay in touch!

Anna-Marie, Buffy, Roz. 
The Dream Team
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