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Good Grief Charlie Brown!
Who turned the calendar to December 22nd already?

Somebody knows something! Speak up already!

Alas, while we are waiting for the answers, here we are.
And in true seasonal fashion we come bearing many updates mostly for those involved with the group classes/Wellness Living/ On-Demand Libraries.


But first, a Kinesiology update for those who only want just that information and then to get back to their Holiday To-Do lists!

No major changes to Kinesiology sessions. 
Prices will stay the same with GST always coming into play:

$150 for assessment,
$105 for follow up sessions,
$95 for those seeing me weekly or buying 10 sessions at a time.

The locations remain:
At your home (in person or online)
Soma Active Health in Fernwood 
Victoria Athletic Club in James Bay 

Although as you now likely know, seems provincial health restrictions are going to limit us for a bit.


NO APPOINTMENTS AT VICTORIA ATHLETIC CLUB UNTIL AT LEAST JANUARY 18th, 2022 when new provincial health orders come out. Dr. Henry is in charge of that one!

NO POOL APPOINTMENTS until at least January 18th unless you have a private pool we could use.

We will continue with Tuesday and Thursday 9:30am Aquatherapy Small Groups as soon as we are allowed back into the pool at the Athletic Club.
Ask us about Kinesiology Services

Group Classes

There is good news and there is... other news, as you likely all know by now.

The GOOD NEWS is that we DO have a location AND a plan to resume our in-person Indoor Rowing & Stretch Mobility classes! Thank you so much to those who responded to my quick, directed survey about these.  We will be using the Shelbourne/ Derby SMUS location as we have for previous years. The location is confirmed. Now we just wait.

The BAD NEWS is that as per the very recent provincial health orders, all gyms and fitness centres are ordered closed until January 18th.  This includes the SMUS Derby location. This directly affects our plan to resume our in-person Indoor Rowing & Stretch Mobility classes as of January 10th…and some of you didn’t even know that was our plan! So now I am telling you!
(you’re welcome, she says sheepishly).

We have decided at Amaze, to give ourselves a little bit of a pause in our weekly teaching of new classes. We taking Dec 24 - Jan 9th off AND we are also going to pause for the whole month of January and will not be offering any new online or in-person classes until at least February 2022.  You will, however continue to have an opportunity to use our On Demand Library by signing up for our monthly membership to the libraries.
Hang on, there's more good news coming about this momentarily. If you just can't wait, scroll down to "CURRENT MEMBERS & THE GIFT" section below. 

Back to the GOOD NEWS
(sandwiching, baby, it’s all about sandwiching news these days)

Our longer term plan/when we are ready to resume our online and in person classes. 

Anticipated 2022 Class Schedule:

Mondays 8:45am-9:45am.
Indoor Rowing at Derby & Shelbourne AND Zoom

Mondays 10am-10:30am.
Stretch Mobility at Derby & Shelbourne AND Zoom

Tuesdays 6pm-7pm*.
Indoor Rowing at Derby & Shelbourne AND Zoom

*note new start time once we can get in -person at Derby!

Wednesdays 8:45am-9:45am.
Indoor Rowing on Zoom only


Fridays 9am-9:30am.
Stretch Mobility on Zoom only

Fridays 9:45-10:15am.
30 Minute Indoor Rowing on Zoom only
(*YES! Buffy has agreed to continue this class when we re-open our group classes again.)



When we do resume with our classes, our rates for all classes will be increasing slightly to keep up with the expenses of renting an in-person location as well as the ongoing and gradually rising (like everything, except my gluten free sourdough starter, Sven) fees of hosting online classes. 
We will post the new fees on our website but expect a $1- $2 increase per class, depending on if you buy a membership (1 or 2x/wk) or punch cards (1, 5 or 10 at a time). 
As with most things, you save more when you attend more regularly.

The Premium Pass (full access to all our live classes PLUS all the On Demand Libraries) will see a slight increase as well to $260/month.

Our On Demand Libraries will stay at the same prices as currently listed, $75 - $150/month depending on which combination of libraries you choose.

Again, these price increases will only come into affect when we start live classes again, but now you know…

It’s a lot to keep track of, so just reach out to us if you have any questions. Oh wait, there’s..


We wish to have everyone enjoy this next GOOD NEWS!
So we're saying it twice & in bold!



All of you who are currently signed up for our memberships, that is 1 or 2x/wk classes will have your memberships put on hold as of Thursday Dec 23rd. These will remain on hold until we resume classes again.

We wish to have everyone enjoy this next GOOD NEWS!


We are pleased to be able to offer all of you two full weeks of FREE ON DEMAND classes to keep you moving over the holidays.

For those who don’t know what On Demand is, it’s like having Netflix for your muscles. You have access to 20 videos of each class and can watch/complete classes anytime that suits your schedule. Some find it great to have the flexibility to workout when their time allows and others find it best to just commit to your regular class times to keep your schedule and, some would say, sanity. But you could use these videos as much as you like during the 2 weeks and all for the same price: FREE!!

Please consider giving it a shot and seeing if it can work for you. 
We think you will find it useful! You may even, as some have told us, forget it's recording and try to communicate with us as you are working out! It's true! It's happened!


Our current libraries are:

Indoor Rowing (60 minute)

Indoor Rowing (30 minute)

Stretch & Mobility (30 minute)

Cardio Strength (45-60 minute)

Gentle Strength (60 minute)


Most have 20 videos uploaded, with the exception of the newer 30 minute rowing library which we are still in the process of building.

Click the names above to get information about each class so you can plan your attack over the holidays!

Click here on or after December 24th to select your FREE gift from our store. 

Select the 
and receive full access to the
Amaze On Demand Library for 2 weeks. 

All these gifts will expire January 9, 2022

You can watch videos from your internet browser or download the "Wellness Living Achieve App" and watch from your mobile device.
Click here for the Apple version
Click here for the Android version
(hope those links work - or just go to wherever you get your app and search 'Wellness Living Achieve')

Wow, is that it?

Oh yes one more thing (always one more thing).

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your continued support and patience with us and our business as we have all navigated this unfamiliar (becoming familiar) world these last two years. 
Whether it’s signing up for Classes and Libraries, greeting us as if you are happy to see us when we ask you to do difficult things, showing up with smiles on your faces or emailing us and staying in touch with words of support and cheer, it’s all so appreciated and we wouldn’t have survived this without you!
Thank you.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and enjoyable (if not quiet, again) holiday season and that you get time to share your love with those closest to you.


Peace to you all. 
Merry Christmas,
Happy Hanukkah and
a Happy New Year to you and yours.


Until 2022.

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