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In Person Classes Resuming May 31, 2021!
We are working closely with the Gorge Narrows Rowing Club to resume our in-person Indoor Rowing and Stretch/Mobility classes outdoors around the pond at the Jutland Road location.  Monday May 31 we will be starting with for a maximum of 7 participants in a class.  We'll be continuing with our usual schedule (Mon & Wed 8:45am, Tues & Thurs 5:30pm) while simultaneously hosting our online Zoom classes at the same time. Priority will be given to those who do not have machines at home.  Please email us if there is no room in the class when you book.  We may consider opening up more classes if there is demand! Classes will open up to those currently attending from home pending availability.

Monday & Wednesday Stretch/Mobility classes will also take place from that location all while running simultaneously online with our Zoom option, so even if you're not in town, you can still enjoy your weekly stretching routines.  Nothing will change for you other than the instructors' background!

Sign up for these classes by creating an account with our WellnessLiving partners (if you haven't already) using the button below.  

The system is now open to purchase and book your in-person classes. You will be able to claim your machine ('weapon') and secure your spot in the first in-person classes of 2021!
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Follow these steps to book your In-Person or Online Classes with Amaze!

1.  Sign Up for Wellness Living (see button above) or log in if you already have an account
2.  Make your Purchase in the Store 
For In-Person classes during Covid you can only use the 1x/week, 2x/week, 3x/week options due to limited spots and trying to keep the same training group from week to week.  Indoor Rowing Classes are 60 minutes and Stretch/Mobility classes are 30 minutes.  Punch cards maybe used for In-Person classes in the future pending space availability and Provincial Health Orders. 
3.  Book into your preferred classes.
Due to Covid, please commit to the same day each week, for example Tuesday evenings for one month. You may book more than one class if there is availability, but keep the days consistent from week to week.  Online class participants may switch your attendance to different days of the week as you need to. 
4. Review and follow the Covid Protocols with Amaze Active Health prior to showing up for a class. 
5. You will get email reminders about your classes and reminders to do self assessments before showing up for classes. 

Many of you who currently pay for our On Demand Video Library will have noticed some changes recently.  We have been adapting to some changes with the software and are now keeping our libraries at a maximum of about 20 classes to fit these changes. These classes get updated multiple times per week, so there will always be 1-4 new classes loaded into the libraries each week.  On the off chance that technology is really out to get us and our recordings don't work, there will be fewer new classes each week, but we aim to get each of our live classes into your library within 24 hours. 

When we add a new one, we take an old one away, so if you have special requests to keep your favourite in the mix, please email us directly with that request!  We will do our best!
We aim to upload this many new classes each week:
4 Indoor Rowing,
3 Stretch & Mobility,
2 Cardio Strength and
1 Gentle Strength Class

each week! 

Technology (and, granted, our skill and luck with it) is the only thing that will slow us down! (oh, and stat holidays and illness...)

Due to popular demand, our 30 Minute Indoor Rowing Workouts, pre-recorded & taught by Buffy Williams are available to all Indoor Rowing Library Members. Get your sweat on quickly and then get on with your day!  Some of these unique classes include:

Back to the Basics: stroke review and drills - great for all levels
Short & Sweet: high intensity workouts for when you are short on time and high on energy!
Erg Strength: a new way to build power and strength on the rowing machine with guided higher resistance workouts! 

To check out all our On Demand Library options, head to our Pricing page, scroll down to the Store and click "On Demand" in the Online Store Category section to show you all the Library options available to you!

What's the deal with all these Amaze Classes?

Wondering what all this chatter is about the Amaze Classes, WellnessLiving and On Demand video libraries?  Well, we now have sample classes available on our YouTube Channel! Why don't you head on over there now to check them out?! Go on... you can come back. 

There are also links to these sample classes on each of the Class Pages on our Website: 
There's some older and shorter workouts on our YouTube channel as well from last year that could get the blood pumping for short periods of time.  Go check it out, subscribe and comment on the videos!  We'd love to hear from you!

Kinesiology Sessions:
pool, studio, home or online

Perhaps it's a niggly injury that comes and goes, or a slow decline of function due to injury, illness or surgery.  Maybe you need to get yourself ready for a medical procedure or surgery and don't know where to start.  Maybe the floor is just getting a bit further away and things like putting on shoes, picking up your fallen keys, reaching behind to put your jacket on or walking the dog are getting just that little bit more challenging.  Whether these changes happen slowly or quickly, they can end up impacting the quality of your life as you start to say 'no' to activities you used to be able to do and enjoy without much thought.  Is there a fear you can't keep up with your friend on a walk or that the path may be too unpredictable to feel safe.  Could back, knee, hip or shoulder pain be reducing your social activities?  

We can help address these issues by performing a full medical history interview, assessment of your posture & gait, range of motion and functional movement testing and help determine the root of the limitations. We then create and introduce an exercise program and recommendations to help you return to your usual activities with greater ease of movement, strength, balance, posture and ultimately enjoyment.  

As we start to enjoy this beautiful spring weather, get that vaccine into our systems and start to open up our worlds again, wouldn't it be nice to be able to return to those things you did in early 2020 before all this rigamarole turned everything on it's head?  Get a kick start by booking a Kinesiology appointment or rescheduling a follow up in the pool, Soma Studio, in your home or online.

Let us help you move into the future!

Check out our offerings and prices for:

At Home Kinesiology
discounted rate if attending 1x/wk or more for at least 2 months

In-Studio or Online Kinesiology 
at Soma Active Health in Fernwood or Online

Aquatherapy/Pool Sessions
currently only 1:1 sessions are available

Book a Kinesiology Session
Thank you for your support of our business.  

We always love to hear from you so feel free to email us and give us feedback on our offerings!
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