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Hi everyone! 

I hope that you are all well and that you are finding some time to relax and play some games.

We have a BUNCH of new P500 additions this time, as well as several P500 reprints, and lots of other news, so I'm going to keep my intro section brief today and move right to the news.

First off, I get a lot of questions along the lines of "Are we going to see any more releases for Chad Jensen's games?"

Chad's Games and Where We're Heading. As many of you know, Chad was my good friend as well as a tremendous designer for GMT, so thinking about Chad's games isn't easy for me. The loss still lingers. I talk with Kai often, and even now, 15 months after Chad's passing, when our conversations turn to Chad, it's not unusual for both of us to shed tears.

But the future of Chad's games is a fair question to ask, and we have been doing some work and planning in the background, so I'll share a bit of that here.

Most of you probably know that our most recent release, Dominant Species: Marine, was the last game that Chad had in pre-production status with us when he got sick. I can still see his face and hear his voice at that last Weekend at the Warehouse he and Kai attended in April of 2019, as he told me how he had made the system in our #3 all-time best-selling game (Dominant Species) "even better" by listening to and interacting with customers online to identify the three areas of the game that most frustrated players. In DS: Marine, he addressed all three areas, and he was very proud of the result. So am I, and I hope, as more and more of you play the game over the coming months, that you'll appreciate Chad's design genius in making the DS system even more fun and playable in DS: Marine
and that it will bring you many, many hours of enjoyment around your game tables. For Chad, that was the ultimate goal.

What you may not know is that, circa 2019, Chad also had several other games in various stages of design completion. With Kai's help and approval, we have slowly begun to work on developing and finishing those games, in concert with other members of our design team who have volunteered to help, so that you all can enjoy a few more of Chad's creations. For example, one of our accomplished designers
and a friend of Chad'sis well along in finishing a game that Chad thought was "really close, but there's one sub-system that doesn't work." In Chad's world, that "doesn't work" usually meant that 98% of people would like it, but he wasn't yet satisfied (and likely Kai wasn't either). So the current designer is working on that sub-system, in conjunction with Kai, while also building out the entire project to get it ready for art and production. I can't give you dates just yet (the creative process being what it is), but I think it's likely you'll see this game on our P500 list by the end of 2021.

After Chad passed, during one of our phone conversations when Kai and I were discussing Chad's games, she told me: "The one game that Chad really wanted to see published was Golden Gate Park." As many of you know, that game was on our P500 list for a while, and it had trouble hitting 500 (Euro-type games often do). One day, Chad called me and said he'd like to take the game off of P500 for a while so he could work on it and think about how better to present it. I agreed, so the game went back to his game table. Kai says that Chad finished it but was still leery about its prospects on P500. In one of our conversations, she told me something along the lines of "If there's anything you could do to honor Chad and make him happy, it would be to get Golden Gate Park published." I talked with Tony, and he agreed with me that it's something we could and should do, so when Kai is ready and we feel like the timing is right, Golden Gate Park will go back to the P500 list and into our Production Queue. I hope that many of you will support the game on P500 when it comes back.

There are a few other projects that aren't far enough along yet to talk about. But there are other published series, like Combat Commander and Fighting Formations, that we absolutely intend to continue to publish and support, including adding new Battle Packs and expansions to each series as they become available.

Kai has a CC Battle Pack in the works, and we also want to do a "Tribute to Chad" CC Battle Pack that will include new scenarios from many of our current designers and developers. You've seen Volko Ruhnke and John Butterfield, among others, create scenarios in the past, and we're looking to bring other accomplished designers and "friends of Chad" together to create a very special Tribute Battle Pack. If you have an interest in creating a scenario or helping Kai with CC Battle Packs, please contact her, or if you don't have her email, send me a note, and I'll put you in touch. 

For Fighting Formations, we have people who helped with previous series products now at work on new content for the series. I'll get you more details on that as we have them, but that work is ongoing.

I hope those of you who have wondered about the future of Chad's games find this information helpful. As always, we'll share more details as each project gets closer to readiness for P500 and production.

GMT One Update - from Jason Carr. GMT One has been very busy since the beginning of the year. We have built a team of over two dozen designers, developers, and playtesters busily working on many projects. Here's a peek at what we've been working on!

First up, Ken Kuhn has finished development work on the CDG Solo System, and that is already being laid out. The response to Stuka Joe's system was amazinglike many of you, we have had to lean on solo gaming this past yearand we are very excited to get it into your hands. As new games are released which could benefit from this system, we plan to include playsheets in the box or as free downloads on the GMT website. Additionally, Ken will be working to create playsheets for some of GMT's rich backlog, so make sure to let us know which games you would like to see supported.

Two bot systems have been finished in the last month: bots for Harold's Flashpoint: South China Sea and Fred's Red Flag Over Paris. The response from testers has been very positive, commenting on the clarity, simplicity, and fun to be had with these games and bots. If you're in the market for a strategic and engaging solitaire game that can be played in an hour or less, check these two games out!

Finally, I have been working with Mike to add full support for the Robata system to every one of the scenarios in Tank Duel: North Africa and the first Tank Duel Tank Pack. This has only succeeded because of the tireless efforts of our testers (thank you!and Mike's desire to see first-rate solitaire play for Tank Duel.

If you or someone you love would like to help design, develop, or test these solo systems, please let us know! We are always looking for bright and kind people to join our development and testing teams. - Jason

Fields of Fire Series Development. We're excited to announce that Jason Carr and our GMT One Team are now working with Designer Ben Hull as Developers for this series. I personally love the immersive narrative that this series creates and am in awe of Ben's historical knowledge and the genius of his solitaire engine for Fields of Fire. I am very excited to see how Jason and his team augment Ben's creativity with their skills to enhance these games and expansions over time.

Playtesters Wanted. 
If you would like to help playtest some of our games (and get a free game out of it), here are some specific games that could use extra testers now. Please email the Designer/Developer listed below if you are interested. Thanks in advance for your help!
Hitler's Reich 2nd Edition Rules. I guess I didn't do a good enough job getting this info out there, as I've had several "When will the new Hitler's Reich rules be ready?" queries lately. The answer is they have been finished now for several months (thank you to Kai Jensen and everyone else who helped with the revised version) and are available for free download from our website. As you'll see, Kai did a tremendous job on these new rules, which are now the template for all further games in the Card Conquest Series, including today's new P500 offering, Hannibal's Revenge. Here's the link to download the rules pdf: Hitler's Reich Revised 2nd Edition Rules

The Players' Aid Interview with SpaceCorp Designer John Butterfield. Our friends at The Players' Aid recently published an in-depth interview with the legendary John Butterfield, focused on some details of his SpaceCorp: Ventures expansion. For those of you who would like an illustrated peek inside that expansion and an interesting read (because you always learn something talking with John), check it out here: The Players' Aid Interview with John Butterfield

Keep up with GMT Online
Virtually every day, we announce new information, show off upcoming products, or give you a peek under the hood of our new designs in our various online sites and forums. For those of you looking to keep up with us online, here is where you can find us. Drop in and start a conversation!

GMT Games Website
InsideGMT blog
Official GMT Games Facebook Group

GMT Facebook Page
GMT Twitter Feed
GMT on Instagram
GMT on BoardGameGeek
GMT YouTube Channel
GMT on ConsimWorld

We are doing our best to segment this update so it's easier for you all to read. Here is what you'll find in the rest of today's update:

- P500 Additions
- How to Play Videos
- Digital Games
- News You Can Use
- InsideGMT
- Charging and Shipping Update 
- Production Outlook
- Project Updates and Sample Art
- P500 Reprint Tracking 

Thanks, as always, for your support of GMT Games! Enjoy the games! - Gene
Today's New P500 Additions
(Click on box image to go to P500 page for more info and to order.)
        Fields of Fire:          Hannibal's Revenge            Mons 1914:          Vietnam, 1965-1975          The Bulge Campaign                                           The Mad Minute               GMT Edition                     (New on P500)              (New on P500)           (New on P500)               (New of P500)           

                     C&C Napoleonics:        C&C Napoleonics:           Here I Stand
                     Austria Expansion         Russia Expansion  500th Anniversary Edition

                           3rd Printing                    4th Printing                  2nd Printing
                       (P500 Reprint)                 (P500 Reprint)              (P500 Reprint)        
                                                                   Recent P500 Additions:
              1,280 Orders       387 Orders       439 Orders     787 Orders       659 Orders     1,176 Orders     608 Orders                 
                     989 Orders       587 Orders     1,481 Orders      707 Orders        562 Orders      497 Orders      1,386 Orders            

New P500 Additions. We have FOUR exciting new titles this time. Also, see our three new P500 Reprint additions below.
First up, we have the first expansion campaign for Fields of Fire! As I noted earlier in this newsletter, I really love the historicity and the solo system that Ben has built into Fields of Fire and am so happy that Jason and the GMT One team are going to be developing the system as we move forward. In this expansion campaign, you get seven new scenarios that follow the Manchus in the desperate fighting over three weeks in December '44 and early January '45, plus new terrain cards to represent the Ardennes terrain over which these battles were fought. And you get those things at a terrific ($16) P500 price! Click the link or the banner below for more details!

Fields of Fire: The Bulge Campaign

Hannibal's Revenge is the 2nd game in Mark McLaughlin's Card Conquest Series. This time, Mark and his team take the fast, furious fun to ancient Rome and Hannibal. This series got stalled a bit after the difficulties with the Hitler's Reich rules, but now that Mark and the team have worked with Kai Jensen to get an updated 2.0 version of the HR rules in place (that will serve as the template for all future series games), we're moving forward with what we think is a very cool and exciting series.

Hannibal's Revenge

It's great to be able to bring you WWI gaming fans a new entry in Geoffrey Phipps' Rifle and Spade series, which began with Gallipoli, 1915. Those who've played Gallipoli know that Geoffrey is a thoughtful designer who delivers a game that is a deep and replayable experience. For Mons 1914, Geoffrey has overhauled the series rules to speed play and ease learning. Key charts have been simplified and rules that were rarely used have been dropped, resulting in faster and smoother games (they work with Gallipoli, too). I think you'll all appreciate the faster play and being able to more easily navigate another of Geoffrey's "large and lucious" WWI games.

Mons 1914: The Mad Minute

I couldn't be more excited about our 4th P500 addition, a new version of Nick Karp's classic Vietnam game of the 80s. Those of you who know me know that I LOVE playing this game. I'm thrilled that we can bring you a new GMT version. Here's a word from Nick:

“It has been wonderful to see the intensity and dedication of Vietnam's players over the years. I am truly delighted that the game will soon be back in print; that the ambiguities and errors in the original manuscript will be resolved; and that players will have the benefit of new, fresh graphics, with charts and aids optimized to streamline play. I am thrilled and honored that GMT has taken on the project, giving me the opportunity to revisit the challenges and joys of modeling an incredibly complex and intriguing part of our history.“

Vietnam, 1965-1975

New P500 Reprint Additions. We are adding the following three P500 Reprints this month. Get your P500 order in early to lock in your discount.

Commands & Colors: Napoleonics: The Austrian Army, 3rd Printing

Commands & Colors: Napoleonics: The Russian Army, 4th Printing

Here I Stand, 500th Anniversary Edition, 2nd Printing

P500 Expansions/Upgrades/Mounted Maps. None this time.

P500 Removals. None this time.


Here is a brief tease for P500 additions lining up in the coming months. This month's new Vietnam 1965-75 is the game referred to in last month's clue of "A game set in Southeast Asia," and Hannibal's Revenge was teased last month as "A game that features Hannibal" (brilliant, I know!). And this month's Fields of Fire: The Bulge Campaign was mentioned in December as "New content for Fields of Fire." Note that this is not a comprehensive list (nor will I preview EVERY game we have planned), so I will switch these up a bit from month to month. Over the coming 1-6 months, I anticipate that we will add:

  • Game #1 in our new Irregular Conflicts Series, set in India
  • A new strategy game of 15th century Japan
  • A new game designed by Mark Herman and Geoff Engelstein
  • Game #2 in our new Irregular Conflicts Series, inspired by English fiction
  • A new GBACW expansion for Death Valley

Thanks to a combination of talents from a variety of skilled videographers and game teachers, we are developing a significant base of "How to Play" videos for our games. If you want to learn one of our games but learning from a rulebook just isn't your thing, or if you'd just like to "let a friend teach you the game" (as so many of us do when we can do face-to-face gaming), check out these excellent teaching videos!

New Listings This Month:

Nevsky Video Tutorial Playthrough Series. In this video series, Jean Michel Grosjeu (his YouTube channel can be found here) teaches how to play Nevsky using practical examples and rules explanations that are easy to follow. Volko calls these videos "Magnificent." We hope you agree. Enjoy!

Next War: Vietnam: Easy to Miss Rules.
Joel Toppen uses his experience with the game (check out his video replays on the GMT YouTube channel) to take you inside the game and help you with some rules that are easy to overlook.

Library of Teaching Videos:

Get to Know Atlantic Chase - Jerry White. 

#1 Introduction to Atlantic Chase
#2 Trajectories in Atlantic Chase
#3 Completion, Pass, and Signals in Atlantic Chase
#4 Stealth in Atlantic Chase
#5 Naval Search in Atlantic Chase
#6 Air Strikes in Atlantic Chase
#7 Engagement in Atlantic Chase
#8 Battle in Atlantic Chase
#9 The Trajectory Total in Atlantic Chase
#10 Time Lapse in Atlantic Chase

Atlantic Chase Examples of Play

Example of Play (Part 1)
Example of Play (Part 2)

Introduction to Combat Commander: Europe - By Patrick's Tactics and Tutorials.

How to Play Congress of Vienna. - David Alexander, Peter Evans, A.J. Ballou, and Kerry Dolan 

Part 1: Game Setup through Preparing the Diplomacy Table (31:39)
Part 2: The Diplomacy Phase (First Half) (28:48)
Part 3: The Diplomacy Phase (Second Half) (32:51)
Part 4: The Government Phase and War Phase Preparation (29:28)
Part 5: The War Phase and Turn Concluded (24:16)

John Steidl’s Empire of the Sun Teaching Videos.

Harsh Rules "How to Play" Videos for Fields of Despair.

Part 1: Action Phase (28 minutes)

Part 2 (19 minutes)

Part 3 (29 minutes)

Fields of Fire "How To" Videos. 

Soundboard's excellent series of YouTube videos for Fields of Fire

Gandhi - Scott Mansfield

Gandhi Non-Player Actions and Short Scenario Set-Up
Gandhi Non-Player Raj Sweep Operation

GBACW Basic Rules Video - By Hex 2 Hex

How to Play Red Storm Videos - By Treb Courie.

Sekigahara - Watch it Played (Rodney Smith). 

Skies Above Britain Dogfights Video. - Co-Designer Gina Willis  

SpaceCorp - Heavy Cardboard - (Edward Uhler).

Tank Duel Game Turn - Mike Bertucelli. 

The Barracks Emperors - The Gimpy Gamer. 

Overview of The Barracks Emperors Prototype
An Example Game of The Barracks Emperors

Wing Leader Videos - by WholeNineYards.
Yearly Best-Sellers January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020 (Updated Quarterly)
(Click on box image to go to Game page on our website for more info and to order.)
Here's a February update from our friend Joel Goodman - CEO at Playdek:

Hi everyone, Joel here from Playdek. We are currently working on an update for Labyrinth that addresses multiple fixes and improvements and hope to have that out within the next few weeks. After this update we will be spending time on getting the first update out that has working A.I. as well as additional improvements. There has been progress on the game A.I. but we still have some work to do and don’t have a fixed date yet for that update. However, we want to let everyone know that it will be a part of our next progress step.

We currently have the game running on iOS and Android devices and are testing the game on those platforms concurrently with PC and Mac, with the intent of a full release on those platforms when the game exits Early Access. That will come after we have rolled out the A.I. on Steam and have gotten your feedback implemented. If you have any questions or issues please reach out to us at Thanks! - Joel

Labyrinth, designed by Volko Ruhnke. Expansions designed by Trevor Bender:

Steam Early Access (for Mac and PC )

Twilight Struggle, designed by Jason Matthews and Ananda Gupta:

Steam (for Mac and PC)

Mark Herman's Fort Sumter:

Steam (for Mac and PC)
Our Most Recent Releases
(Click on box image to go to Game page on our website for more info and to order.)

Not getting these updates via email (anymore)? If you didn't get this update via email but would like to, here's a quick-and-easy link to sign up for our mailing list. GMT Mailing List Sign-up. Please feel free to pass this along to friends or anyone online who wants/needs to get this update via email.


Imperial Struggle Intro Scenario and Quick Start Rules. For those interested, here is a fantastic introductory "War of the Spanish Succession" scenario and quick start rules document from Richard A. Edwards for Imperial Struggle (originally posted on BGG). Enjoy!

1/2 Countersheet for Two of Mike Resch's 1914 games. These are counters that Mike created as part of an update project for 1914 OaO and 1914 SmS. They include fixes as well as new counters to work with Mike's additional Optional Rules for the games. A double-sided sheet of explanatory notes will be included in this package which is now on our P500 list.

Counter Trays Back in Stock. Here's the order link:

GMT Counter Trays (Set of 10)

Find Opponents on GMT's Discord Server (Managed by Mitchell Land and Joel Toppen). Fellow gamers, in this time of social distancing, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that GMT maintains a Discord server which can be used to facilitate both finding an opponent and playing with that opponent using voice communication. To keep SPAMmers and BOTs out of the server, you need to contact either Mitchell Land ( or Joel Toppen ( for a Discord invite. Enjoy the gaming and stay safe!

COIN Series Discord Player's Club. For you COIN series players, check this out!

The Last Hundred Yards Facebook Group. Designer Mike Denson runs an excellent Facebook Group that supports one of our fastest-growing series of games, The Last Hundred Yards. Check it out here: The Last Hundred Yards Facebook Group

Fields of Fire Bootcamp. For those of you looking to learn - or just get more prolific with - Ben Hull's Fields of Fire series, check out this excellent website devoted to the game. Fields of Fire Bootcamp.

Dedicated Wing Leader Website. For you Wing Leader fans, be sure to check out Lee's Designer Website for Wing Leader for extra files and news about the series.

Official GMT Games Facebook Group. Our official GMT Games Facebook Group now is a community of over 7,700 gamers! If you have a Facebook account and you'd like to join our GMT Group to get the latest news, share game pics with other players, or just get your GMT-related questions answered, please go to

Facebook COIN Group
. For those of you on Facebook who like our COIN series games, check out the GMT COIN Series Fan & Vassal Play group, run by Daniel Hernández Iniesta . There are about 1,300 gamers in the group already. It’s a great place to share COIN discussions, photos, and fun.
"Not There Yet" P500 Items That Could Use More Orders
Thanks for your orders this past month that helped Crusader: FAB #4 and CDG Solo System "Make The Cut"! (Click on box image to go to Game page on our website for more info and to order.)

                     495 Orders       453 Orders      439 Orders      405 Orders      387 Orders      358 Orders  
Coming This Week on InsideGMT!
Here's an update from Rachel on this week's upcoming InsideGMT articles:

Lots of great stuff this week on InsideGMT! On Monday, we published a fantastic article from Kevin Shewfelt in which he does a playthrough focusing on the first few turns of A Time for Trumpets in one sector to demonstrate the basic flow of play. His article will be especially useful to you if you’ve considered playing the game but want to know a bit more about how the core mechanics work. You can read that article here.

Yesterday on InsideGMT, we posted the fourth article in a fascinating series from J. Carmichael discussing the factions you can play in Red Dust Rebellion. This particular article covers the Church of the Reclaimer (also referred to as Cult of the Reclaimer) faction, which is a modern faith based on a combination of modern age spiritualism, transhumanism, and extreme environmentalism. If you would like to read the previous three articles discussing the other factions, you can do so here

Today, we published a Congress of Vienna development update from Frank Esparrago and Fred Schachter. In this article, you will find a detailed update of all the changes made to the game map between November 2020 and February 2021. Enjoy!

The final article of the week (going up on Friday) will be a piece from
designers Dan Bullock, Chris Bennett, and Joe Schmidt about strategy and actions available to you when playing the Opposition in In the Shadows. Enjoy!

I invite you to visit this week to check out the aforementioned articles (and more!) from our team of excellent InsideGMT contributors.

-Rachel B

This Past Month in InsideGMT!

Here are links to this month's new InsideGMT articles:

The Analog Computer Inside Prime Minister
Caesar: Rome vs. Gaul – Playing the Romans
A Hop, Skip, and an Amphibious Assault — Playing Next War: Taiwan (Part 1)
A Desperate Struggle: Event Cards and Suits in In the Shadows
Roles and Relationships in Prime Minister
A Hop, Skip, and an Amphibious Assault — Playing Next War: Taiwan (Part 2)
Caesar: Rome vs. Gaul – Playing the Gauls
Factions in Red Dust Rebellion: Martian Provisional Government
Designing a Narrative Solitaire Experience for In the Shadows
A Hop, Skip, and an Amphibious Assault — Playing Next War: Taiwan (Part 3)
Congress of Vienna (with Wargame Flavor Rules) After Action Report Turns 6-8: “Austria at War”
Solitaire Play in Prime Minister: The “Clockwork” System
A Hop, Skip, and an Amphibious Assault — Playing Next War: Taiwan (Part 4)
Why Cards? Resolving Outcomes for In the Shadows
Learning A Time for Trumpets One Korps at a Time!
Factions in Red Dust Rebellion: Church of the Reclaimer
Congress of Vienna Feb. 2021 Gameboard Update

And in case you missed it, here are links to last month's InsideGMT articles:

A New Wargamer’s Insights and Impressions from Time of Crisis
China’s Red River Dance — Playing Next War: Vietnam (Part 3)
Historic Characters in Banish the Snakes: Arthur, King of the Britons
Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East: Meet the Urartians
China’s Red River Dance — Playing Next War: Vietnam (Part 4)
China’s Red River Dance — Playing Next War: Vietnam (Part 5)
Congress of Vienna (with Wargame Flavor Rules) After Action Reports Turns 1-5 “Austria’s Neutrality”

As always, I invite you all to head over to, check out the articles, leave us your comments, and tell us what else you'd like to see us do to make InsideGMT even better! 
Most Requested P500 Games (by orders received through Feb. 22)
(Click on box image to go to the Game page on our website for more info and to order.)
      2,278 Orders    2,213 Orders   1,706 Orders   1,689 Orders   1,665 Orders    1,601 Orders   1,566 Orders

     1,480 Orders     1,385 Orders   1,340 Orders   1,336 Orders    1,278 Orders   1,259 Orders    1,182 Orders
Charging and Shipping. Here's a look at our current and near-future charging and shipping:

Dominant Species: Marine
Imperial Struggle, 2nd Printing

Shipping Now (will probably finish within 10 days or so - there are over 10K of these!):
3-Game Update Kit (Imperial Struggle, Versailles 1919, All Bridges Burning)

We charged for these games on February 9. Shipping begins this Friday, February 26: Bayonets & Tomahawks (4 lbs)
Commands & Colors: Samurai Battles (5 lbs)

Because printers are closed for Chinese New Year, we don't yet have arrival information for our next batch of P500 shipments. We think we'll have more games in house by late March, but can't say that for certain yet. We will update you on additional charges and shipments as soon as we have more information. 
For those of you calculating shipping charges for these games, I've included the weights we are using for shipping in parenthesis after each game title, above.

To avoid any delays in your game shipment, please make sure you've updated your charge cards on our website before we charge. If you use the "Pay by Check" P500 option, please send your checks in to arrive by the charge dates. Thanks!
All-Time Best-Sellers (as of 12/31/20 - Updated Quarterly)
(Click on box image to go to Game page on our website for more info and to order.)

Here is our most current Production Status update from Tony and Mark. We update these monthly so that you will be able to follow progress as games get added and moved between pre-art, the art department, and the printer. Games with a ** following their entry are currently at the printer (we are a little more certain about scheduling on these). Entries listed in bold have moved up in the Print Queue since last month.

Shipping Now
Dominant Species: Marine (all P500s shipped)
Imperial Struggle, 2nd Printing (all P500s shipped)
Multi-Game Update Kit for Imperial Struggle, Versailles 1919, All Bridges Burning (still shipping)

Just arrived In the warehouse. P500 Shipping Begins Feb. 26th
Bayonets & Tomahawks
Commands & Colors: Samurai Battles
At the Printer: No Shipping Date Yet 
1846, 2nd Printing **
Last Hundred Yards Airborne Update Kit **
SpaceCorp:Ventures **
Storm Above the Reich **
The Dark Summer: Normandy 1944 **
Wing Leader Legends Expansion **

In Final Art and Next to Get a Print Slot: Tentative Shipping approximately 4-6 months
1848: Australia
Absolute War
C&C Ancients, 7th Printing
C&C Ancients Expansion #5, 2nd Printing
Churchill, 3rd Printing
Normandy '44, 3rd Printing
Tank Duel Tank Pack #1
Wing Leader Supremacy, 2nd Edition

In the Art Department: Anticipated Shipping 5-9 months (will vary by speed of art completion, final edits, and proofing)

Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East
Barbarossa: Army Group Center, 2nd Edition
Conquest and Consequence
Fall of Saigon: A Fire in the Lake Expansion

Flashpoint: South China Sea
Into the Woods
MBT, 2nd Printing
Mr. President: The American Presidency, 2001-2020
There are quite a few games nearing Art Dept. Readiness, but these are the ones that Mark thinks are closest now. You'll see several of these move up and others added to this section each month.
Shout Out to You Online Content Creators Who Review and Support Our Games. Thank You!!!
(Click a logo below to read/watch a recent article/video about one of our games)




Note: If you have a blog or review site that reviews or adds content for one or more of our games, send a link to your article or video to and we'll make sure you are mentioned on our website and in our monthly updates.
Sneak Peeks:

Near-Final Map and Cover for 1848: Australia

Near-final Map for Absolute War

Near-final Map, Box Cover, and Sample Cards for Plains Indian Wars

More Sample Art for Red Dust Rebellion Cards:

The Rodgers Line

Hammer the Machines

Nano-Surveillance Drones

Project Updates

Congress of Vienna Game Board Update. The CoV design team has a longer and more detailed illustrated update this month than we have space for in this newsletter. Please check this link on our InsideGMT Blog to get all the details: Congress of Vienna Game Board Update

Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East - by Designers Christopher Vorder Bruegge, Mark McLaughlin, and Developer Fred Schachter


This first update of 2021 conveys wonderful news! ACME now has its initial complement of graphics thanks to the exemplary talents of Mark Mahaffey, and what a sight they are to behold!

Mark McLaughlin's functional hand-drawn map, which graced many a playtest table and a number of InsideGMT articles, has been transformed into a thing of beauty, with its various terrain features now artistically rendered. 

ACME's colorful disks, representing 17 civilizations across some 3,500 years of tumultuous history (the game allows players to choose up to 6 of these for each contest), can now range across a map of seas, desert, fertile, plain, and mountainous areas. There are also rivers and homeland areas depicted. A homeland area, identified by unique indicia, accommodates a civilization's colored homeland block and its stickered deity block (unless it is "godless"). The game's tracks for Epochs/Turns, civilization sequencing, and victory point tabulation are presented within the map's lower center for player(s) convenience.

Mark Mahaffey also converted our playtest Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East cards into eye-catching, effective, and period-evocative pieces of art. He's managed to include each card's instructional text, a relevant biblical quote (which Mark McLaughlin greatly enjoyed researching) which during playtesting some gamers would announce to their fellows in a suitably basso profoundo voice to the merriment of all, and a related illustration. Very nice indeed! Here are selected samples...  

For more regarding ACME, see GMT's site for the game: GMT Games - Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East

We look forward to sharing additional graphic developments as they become available. Thanks P-500 subscribers for your interest and support of Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East. - Christopher, Mark, and Fred

CDG Solo System - Developer Ken Kuhn

After the launch announcement last month, we kicked the final development stage into high gear, and, with the help of the extremely supportive and committed GMT community, we blasted through final blind playtesting. We had 20 playtesters review the rules for clarity and individually play one of the six titles supported by the system. I can confidently say that the rules and playsheets are in great shape. I have sent all of the information over to Mark Simonitch to get things moving on the art front, which is exciting. - Ken

Next War: Poland/Supplement #3 Update - Designer Mitchell Land

I’m happy to report that playtesters seem pleased, overall, with the addition of the extension map. Moreover, the revised and slightly beefier Russia OoB have made the game even more engaging and tense. I look forward to seeing the pre-order numbers for both of these pushed over the hump, so we can move on to the next project. Just a reminder that Supplement #3 will contain everything needed to upgrade the 1st Edition Poland to 2nd Edition along with some other goodies for other games in the series as well. - Mitch

Prime Minister - Developer Ken Kuhn

Since last month, Paul has been diligently working on writing InsideGMT articles and designing/testing new scenarios, which provide narrative and historical flavor as well as varied play experiences for different player counts. The community has shown quite a bit of interest in the game, and about a half dozen or so people have volunteered to do blind playtesting as we move into that stage. - Ken


Here's the current status of all the games on our P500 reprint list - with current order totals and a +/- order growth since last month, with status to the right if they are SHIPPING, AT THE PRINTER. IN THE ART DEPT, or NEARING ART DEPT READINESS. Please help us determine what to reprint by pre-ordering any of these that interest you. Thanks for your help!

The US Civil War, 2nd Printing: 966 Orders (+38) IN THE ART DEPT
Barbarossa: AGN: 889 Orders(+5)
Barbarossa: AG Center 2nd Ed: 858 Orders (+11) IN THE ART DEPT 
Barbarossa: AGS - 768 Orders (+7)
Red Winter: Expanded 2nd Edition: 734 Orders (+16) NEARING ART DEPT READINESS
Normandy '44, 3rd Printing: 701 Orders (+43)

France '40, 2nd Printing: 672 Orders (+20)
Churchill, 3rd Printing: 605 Orders (+15)
C&C Ancients Expansion 5: Epic Ancients: 595 Orders (+9) IN THE ART DEPT.
Pursuit of Glory, 2nd Edition: 564 Orders (+22)
Triumph & Tragedy, 3rd Printing: 560 Orders (+19) IN ART DEPT 

1846, 2nd Printing: 447 Orders (+46) AT THE PRINTER
Virgin Queen, 2nd Printing: 400 Orders (+8)
Great Battles of Alexander, Expanded Deluxe Ed, 2nd Printing: 372 Orders (+17)
Empire of the Sun, 4th Printing: 367 Orders (+43)
Liberty or Death, 3rd Printing: 366 Orders (+20)
Hoplite, 2nd Printing: 321 Orders (+6)
Fields of Despair, 2nd Printing: 301 Orders (-3)

Next War: Poland, 2nd Edition: 286 Orders (+25)
Combat Commander: Resistance, 2nd Printing: 278 Orders (+12)
For the People, 4th Printing: 274 Orders (+52)
Panzer Exp #1: The Shape of Battle, East Front: 273 Orders (+24)
Unconditional Surrender, 3rd Printing: 272 Orders (+34)
Skies Above the Reich, 2nd Printing: 237 Orders (+4)
Panzer, 3rd Printing: 247 Orders (+18)
Comancheria, 2nd Printing: 245 Orders (+29)
Enemy Coast Ahead: The Dambusters, 2nd Printing: 233 (+15)
Combat Commander: Mediterranean, 3rd Printing 224 Orders (+26)
This Accursed Civil War: 218 Orders (+1)
Washington's War, 3rd Printing: 215 Orders (+32)
Roads to Leningrad 2nd Ed. 207 Orders (+1)
Panzer Expansion 2: Final Forces on the E. Front: 200 Orders (+14)

Sword of Rome, 3rd Printing: 182 Orders (+2)
No Retreat, The Russian Front Deluxe, 3rd Printing: 176 Orders (+6)
Next War: Taiwan, 2nd Printing: 175 Orders (+31)
WW2: Barbarossa to Berlin, 3rd Printing: 175 Orders (+4)
MBT, 2nd Printing: 165 Orders (+17)
Thunder Alley, Crew Chief Expansion, 2nd Printing: 163 Orders (+6) NEARING ART DEPT READINESS
No Retreat, North Africa, 3rd Edition: 151 Orders (+6)
Fire in the Lake, 3rd Printing: 121 Orders (+45)
C&C Ancients, Exp #6, 2nd Printing: 110 Orders (+5)
Turn Zero Expansion, 3rd Printing: 109 Orders (+22)

Labyrinth, The Awakening, 2nd Printing: 95 Orders (+13)
Panzer Expansion #3, 2nd Printing: 95 Orders (+23)
Manoeuvre, 3rd Printing: 80 Orders (+4)
C&C Ancients, 7th Printing: 75 Orders (+22)
SpaceCorp, 2nd Printing: 72 Orders (+21)
C&C Medieval, 2nd Printing: 62 Orders (+10)
The Last Hundred Yards, 2nd Printing: 55 Orders (+17)
Wing Leader:Supremacy, 2nd Edition: 53 Orders (+2)

Talon, 3rd Printing: 45 Orders (+45)
Cataclysm, 2nd Printing: 42 Orders (+10)

Dominant Species, 6th Printing: 23 Orders (+23)
C&C Napoleonics, Austra Exp, 3rd Printing: New to List
C&C Napoleonics, Russia Exp, 4th Printing: New to List

Here I Stand, 500th Anniversary Edition, 2nd Printing: New to List

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