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Hi everyone! 

I hope that all is well with each of you! I hope that your New Year is off to a good start and that, amidst this weird pandemic world we live in right now, you’re managing to get some time to relax and play a few games.

Well, the good news from GMT HQ here in Hanford is that we’re still open! California is still not all that great, virus-wise, but there has been no further tightening of lockdowns, so we march on in hopes that we’ll all be able to get back to more normalcy in our lives in 2021.

I for one really miss seeing many of you at various game conventions and especially miss hosting the Weekends at the Warehouse here each April and October. Speaking of that, we’re definitely not going to have the April Weekend this year, but we are still hopeful that we will be able to host a Weekend in October. As we get a few more months into vaccine distribution, we should have a better sense of what we can expect in the 2nd half of the year. I’ll plan to announce intentions for October by at least May, so that those of you who want to attend can make travel plans.

We had a pretty quiet holiday season here at GMT, with most of our employees and creative team members taking some time off to rest, refresh, and spend time with loved ones where possible. The office/warehouse is ramped back up now, and we began P500 shipping today for both Dominant Species: Marine and Imperial Struggle, 2nd Printing. Design, Development, Art, and Production teams are pretty much all back to work now. We're excited to introduce three new P500 items today, and we have a full pipeline of cool games going up on P500 over the next few months. The Production side of the house continues to do a great job for us; we should ship three new P500 games to you in mid-February (see below). 

Be sure to check out the GMTOne Announcement below. I'm really excited about how this in-house solitaire design studio led by Jason Carr is working out for us so far. I hope you'll be pleased with all the ways in which they are creating or enhancing solo play for so many of our games.



New P500 Charges Coming February 4. We'll be charging on February 4 for the following three games:

Atlantic Chase 
Bayonets & Tomahawks
Commands & Colors: Samurai Battles 

So if you don't have a P500 order in yet but want one or more of these games, please get your order in before February 4 and make sure your credit card details are current in your account on our website.

GMT One. As the boardgaming hobby grows, and wargaming within it, Solitaire gaming has become more and more of a niche-within-a-niche. Wargamers have long been willing to “play both sides” as long as it was possible to do so fairly, but with the influx of euro-gaming mechanisms into wargaming, it has become increasingly more difficult to find a fair way for wargamers to play alone—not to mention the relevance of Solitaire gaming as a way of gaming through the global pandemic.

We are proud, then, to announce an in-house development studio dedicated to enabling Solitaire gamers to enjoy the wide variety of multiplayer games that GMT publishes: GMT One. Some of you may have noticed the GMT One logo on the front of the Tru'ng Bot Update Kit for Fire in the Lake.

GMT One will help bridge the gap in knowledge and experience between our multiplayer designers and the skills and techniques used to craft Solitaire experiences and support these designers in creating top-notch designs. Our design group includes the designers who built the Solitaire systems in Tank Duel and Gandhi, and we will partner with designers like John Butterfield, Mark Herman, Volko Ruhnke, Harold Buchanan, Mike Bertucelli, and others to create best-in-industry Solitaire experiences for you.

Today, we are very happy to announce two new games with GMT One solo systems: Prime Minister and In the Shadows. Both of these games include simple, card-based Solitaire systems which enable the player to continue to play the game as if playing against a human opponent. The main difference between these systems and traditional 'bots' is that care was taken to make sure that the bot does not take more work to run than the game takes to play. Usabililty, Clarity, and Simplicity are the three key pillars of GMT One's Solitaire designs.

Additionally, the GMT One team has put together Solitaire systems for two games already on P500: Harold Buchanan's Flashpoint: South China Sea and Fred Serval's Red Flag Over Paris. Jason Carr, our head of GMT One, approached Harold over a year ago with an idea to make a simple card-based system for playing Flashpoint: South China Sea. That idea worked so well that the team also built a system for Red Flag Over Paris. Each of these games is playable in 30-45 minutes, and the Solitaire system can play either side.

Finally, we are extremely excited to partner with "Stuka Joe" to publish an official GMT-licensed version of his CDG Solo System. For those not familiar, Stuka Joe has developed a clever and simple way to enable players to play nearly any CDG Solitaire. Rather than a bot, Stuka Joe's method enables a player to play both sides by creating additional fog-of-war which obscures some of the cards in the opponent's hand, while revealing others. By removing this perfect knowledge and using a die to limit what cards can be played on a player's turn, a tense narrative emerges, and a great deal of the immersion that CDGs provide can be reclaimed, even while playing against yourself. We are launching with support for six of GMT's games: Washington's War, For the People, Paths of Glory, Illusions of Glory, Commands & Colors: Ancients, and Caesar: Rome v. Gaul.

GMT One is part of GMT's dedication to making our games more playable, no matter the number of players with which you play games. Not every game that GMT publishes will have a Solitaire system, but we want the ones that do to be high quality, playable, and complete. The GMT One logo is our sign that a game has been specifically designed with Solitaire play in mind. We will be adding new GMT One titles in the coming months, as well as adding the GMT One branding to some existing P500 entries, so stay tuned.

Facebook COIN Group
. For those of you on Facebook who like our COIN series games, check out the GMT COIN Series Fan & Vassal Play group, run by Daniel Hernández Iniesta . There are about 1,300 gamers in the group already. It’s a great place to share COIN discussions, photos, and fun.

Want to Learn More About Our COIN Series? For those interested in learning more about the COIN series, here’s one player/reviewer’s experience. I love to read Candice’s comments and reviews, as her excitement for experiencing new games really comes across in her writing. I hope you enjoy sharing in her COIN journey!

Playtesters Wanted.  
The Last Hundred Yards Designer Mike Denson is looking for some additional play testers for future volumes and expansions in the series. If you’d like to help out, please drop Mike an email. Thanks! 

Reprints of Panzer Series and MBT Heading to the Printer in February. For you fans of Jim Day's Panzer and MBT series games who've bemoaned their Out of Stock status, you don't have much longer to wait. We have secured financing to reprint Panzer and expansions 12, and 3plus MBT in early 2021. These will not be huge print runs, so if you want to get in on the Panzer or MBT fun, head to the P500 list and order soon!

Keep up with GMT Online
Virtually every day, we announce new information, show off upcoming products, or give you a peek under the hood of our new designs in our various online sites and forums. For those of you looking to keep up with us online, here is where you can find us. Drop in and start a conversation!

GMT Games Website
InsideGMT blog
Official GMT Games Facebook Group

GMT Facebook Page
GMT Twitter Feed
GMT on Instagram
GMT on BoardGameGeek
GMT YouTube Channel
GMT on ConsimWorld

We are doing our best to segment this update so it's easier for you all to read. Here is what you'll find in the rest of today's update:

- P500 Additions
- How to Play Videos
- Digital Games
- News You Can Use
- InsideGMT
- Charging and Shipping Update 
- Production Outlook
- Project Updates and Sample Art
- P500 Reprint Tracking 

Thanks, as always, for your support of GMT Games! Enjoy the games! - Gene
Today's New P500 Additions
(Click on box image to go to P500 page for more info and to order.)
   In the Shadows              Prime Minister           CDG Solo System       Dominant Species                Talon  
                                                                                                                      6th Printing                 3rd Printing 
    (New on P500)              (New on P500)             (New on P500)             (P500 Reprint)            (P500 Reprint)                                 
                                                                   Recent P500 Additions:
                  695 Orders       572 Orders       1,012 Orders     505 Orders        920 Orders       546 Orders     1,350 Orders                 
                                        676 Orders       533 Orders        488 Orders     1,323 Orders      651 Orders      2,144 Orders            

New P500 Additions. We have three exciting new titles this time. Also, see our two new P500 Reprint additions below.
First up, we have a game that was created during last Fall's ConsimGameJam, a weekend event where contestants were challenged to create a new game from scratch. The creators are a trio of very talented designers who are new to GMT. Based on what we've seen with this game, we certainly hope they bring us more games of this caliber down the road. This one plays quickly but is deeply challenging in terms of strategy. Personally, especially during these more isolated COVID times, I love the solo option (kudos GMT One team!). And, having played enough on TableTop Simulator now to recognize just how cool and challenging this game is, I'm just blown away that these designers created this game in a weekend! 

In the Shadows

Primer Minister is the brainchild of another new designer, Paul Hellyer. The game came to my attention, though, when Volko Ruhnke called me to tell me of a fun and challenging game he'd played at one of the gaming events he had attended at William & Mary—and the smart and dedicated designer who he thought would be a really good fit with GMT. Volko's recommendation carries tremendous weight with me, so I contacted Paul and asked if he could get me a copy to look at.

It arrived swiftly, and my family and I (including my wife, children, and 80-something mom) played a tense and fun game together. It was fun to get lost in the game's story, plot revenge, and backstab each other as we vied for power but also really cool and educational to learn about the event cards that came up, as Victorian-era politics were relatively new to most of us.

I liked the game so much that I told Jason Carr, our Director of Development, that we needed to assign a developer and get this rolling toward P500 and production. He gave the project to Ken Kuhn, an extremely gifted developer, who has worked with Paul to create an even more fun and streamlined version of the game. 

Prime Minister

I knew about "Stuka Joe's CDG Method" before I'd ever met Jose. Now that I have, I know that he's a terrific guy: smart, humble, and a really good fit with our GMT team. More to the point for all of us who love CDGs, his system is creative and really helps with uncertainty and immersion for CDG solo players. Kudos here again to Ken Kuhn, who has worked with Stuka Joe to further polish the system tailored to six of our CDGs for this official GMT version of the product. If our customers like this product, we'll do more of these in the future to cover many more of our CDGs.

CDG Solo System

New P500 Reprint Additions. We are adding two P500 Reprints this month for two of our best-selling games: Dominant Species and Talon. Get your P500 order in early to lock in your discount.

Dominant Species, 6th Printing

Talon, 3rd Printing

P500 Expansions/Upgrades/Mounted Maps. None this time.

P500 Removals. None this time.


Here is a brief tease for P500 additions lining up in the coming months. This month's new In the Shadows is the game referred to in last month's clue of "A game that features the French Resistance." Note that this is not a comprehensive list, so I will switch these up a bit from month to month. Over the coming 1-6 months, I anticipate that we will add:
  • A new WWII block game set in Russia
  • A game set in Southeast Asia
  • A game that features Hannibal 
  • A new AmRev series game
  • A new GBACW expansion

Thanks to a combination of talents from a variety of skilled videographers and game teachers, we are developing a significant base of "How to Play" videos for our games. If you want to learn one of our games but learning from a rulebook just isn't your thing, or if you'd just like to "let a friend teach you the game" (as so many of us do when we can do face-to-face gaming), check out these excellent teaching videos!

New Listings This Month:

Skies Above Britain Dogfights Video. Co-Designer Gina Willis has created a terrific video overview of the Dogfight processes in Skies Above Britain. Click the video image below to check it out!

Library of Teaching Videos:

Get to Know Atlantic Chase - Jerry White. 

#1 Introduction to Atlantic Chase
#2 Trajectories in Atlantic Chase
#3 Completion, Pass, and Signals in Atlantic Chase
#4 Stealth in Atlantic Chase
#5 Naval Search in Atlantic Chase
#6 Air Strikes in Atlantic Chase
#7 Engagement in Atlantic Chase
#8 Battle in Atlantic Chase
#9 The Trajectory Total in Atlantic Chase
#10 Time Lapse in Atlantic Chase

Atlantic Chase Examples of Play

Example of Play (Part 1)
Example of Play (Part 2)

Introduction to Combat Commander: Europe - By Patrick's Tactics and Tutorials.

How to Play Congress of Vienna. - David Alexander, Peter Evans, A.J. Ballou, and Kerry Dolan 

Part 1: Game Setup through Preparing the Diplomacy Table (31:39)
Part 2: The Diplomacy Phase (First Half) (28:48)
Part 3: The Diplomacy Phase (Second Half) (32:51)
Part 4: The Government Phase and War Phase Preparation (29:28)
Part 5: The War Phase and Turn Concluded (24:16)

John Steidl’s Empire of the Sun Teaching Videos.

Harsh Rules "How to Play" Videos for Fields of Despair.

Part 1: Action Phase (28 minutes)

Part 2 (19 minutes)

Part 3 (29 minutes)

Fields of Fire "How To" Videos. 

Soundboard's excellent series of YouTube videos for Fields of Fire

Gandhi - Scott Mansfield

Gandhi Non-Player Actions and Short Scenario Set-Up
Gandhi Non-Player Raj Sweep Operation

GBACW Basic Rules Video - By Hex 2 Hex

How to Play Red Storm Videos - By Treb Courie.

Sekigahara - Watch it Played (Rodney Smith). 

SpaceCorp - Heavy Cardboard - (Edward Uhler).

Tank Duel Game Turn - Mike Bertucelli. 

The Barracks Emperors - The Gimpy Gamer. 

Overview of The Barracks Emperors Prototype
An Example Game of The Barracks Emperors

Wing Leader Videos - by WholeNineYards.
Yearly Best-Sellers October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020 (Updated Quarterly)
(Click on box image to go to Game page on our website for more info and to order.)


Labyrinth, designed by Volko Ruhnke. Expansions designed by Trevor Bender:

Steam Early Access (for Mac and PC )

Twilight Struggle, designed by Jason Matthews and Ananda Gupta:

Steam (for Mac and PC)

Mark Herman's Fort Sumter:

Steam (for Mac and PC)
Our Most Recent Releases
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Not getting these updates via email (anymore)? If you didn't get this update via email but would like to, here's a quick-and-easy link to sign up for our mailing list. GMT Mailing List Sign-up. Please feel free to pass this along to friends or anyone online who wants/needs to get this update via email.


Imperial Struggle Intro Scenario and Quick Start Rules. For those interested, here is a fantastic introductory "War of the Spanish Succession" scenario and quick start rules document from Richard A. Edwards for Imperial Struggle (originally posted on BGG). Enjoy!

1/2 Countersheet for Two of Mike Resch's 1914 games. These are counters that Mike created as part of an update project for 1914 OaO and 1914 SmS. They include fixes as well as new counters to work with Mike's additional Optional Rules for the games. A double-sided sheet of explanatory notes will be included in this package which is now on our P500 list.

Counter Trays Back in Stock. Here's the order link:

GMT Counter Trays (Set of 10)

Find Opponents on GMT's Discord Server (Managed by Mitchell Land and Joel Toppen). Fellow gamers, in this time of social distancing, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that GMT maintains a Discord server which can be used to facilitate both finding an opponent and playing with that opponent using voice communication. To keep SPAMmers and BOTs out of the server, you need to contact either Mitchell Land ( or Joel Toppen ( for a Discord invite. Enjoy the gaming and stay safe!

COIN Series Discord Player's Club. For you COIN series players, check this out!

Limited Stock of Michael Resch's 1914: Dispatches magazine. For you fans of World War I, and especially of designer Michael Resch's 1914 games, Mike produced an excellent magazine to support his games, and we're selling his last copies for him. We now have less than 100 copies left in stock, so get yours soon if you want one. It includes a couple of new scenarios for the game, some excellent historical articles, a strategy article, and new player aid cards designed to streamline combat resolution. For more details and to order, check out 1914: Dispatches on our website. Get them while they last!
Dedicated Wing Leader Website. For you Wing Leader fans, be sure to check out Lee's Designer Website for Wing Leader for extra files and news about the series.

Official GMT Games Facebook Group. Our official GMT Games Facebook Group now is a community of over 7,500 gamers! If you have a Facebook account and you'd like to join our GMT Group to get the latest news, share game pics with other players, or just get your GMT-related questions answered, please go to
"Not There Yet" P500 Items That Could Use More Orders
Thanks for your orders this past month that helped Skies Above Britain and Wolfpack "Make The Cut"! (Click on box image to go to Game page on our website for more info and to order.)

                                          488 Orders       447 Orders         403 Orders       351 Orders  
Coming This Week on InsideGMT!
Here's an update from Rachel on this week's upcoming InsideGMT articles:

Lots of great stuff this week on InsideGMT! Yesterday we published a Congress of Vienna article by Fred Schachter. In this article, you will find an after action report of the first five rounds of the game using VASSAL. Enjoy! Our second and final article this week on InsideGMT will be a piece from Prime Minister designer Paul Hellyer taking a look at the game’s numerical side with a focus on its measurement of public opinion. I personally found this article very fascinating, and I hope that all of you will enjoy it. So don’t forget to keep an eye out for Paul’s article on InsideGMT tomorrow!

I invite you to visit this week to check out the aforementioned articles (and more!) from our team of excellent InsideGMT contributors.

-Rachel B

This Past Month in InsideGMT!

Here are links to this month's new InsideGMT articles:

A New Wargamer’s Insights and Impressions from Time of Crisis
China’s Red River Dance — Playing Next War: Vietnam (Part 3)
Historic Characters in Banish the Snakes: Arthur, King of the Britons
Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East: Meet the Urartians
China’s Red River Dance — Playing Next War: Vietnam (Part 4)
China’s Red River Dance — Playing Next War: Vietnam (Part 5)
Congress of Vienna (with Wargame Flavor Rules) After Action Reports Turns 1-5 “Austria’s Neutrality”

And in case you missed it, here are links to last month's InsideGMT articles:

The Last Hundred Yards Volume 2: Airborne Over Europe After Action Report: Mission 16.0 – “Devil’s Hill”
First Impressions of the Versailles 1919 Solo Variant
Factions in Red Dust Rebellion: The Corporations
The Battle & Diplomacy Cards of Congress of Vienna
Tanto Monta Design Diary #4: The Muslim Player
China’s Red River Dance — Playing Next War: Vietnam (Part 1)
A New Wargamer’s Insights and Impressions from Combat Commander: Europe
China’s Red River Dance — Playing Next War: Vietnam (Part 2)
Congress of Vienna: Update and Look Back at an Exciting Year

As always, I invite you all to head over to, check out the articles, leave us your comments, and tell us what else you'd like to see us do to make InsideGMT even better! 
Most Requested P500 Games (by orders received through Dec. 21)
(Click on box image to go to the Game page on our website for more info and to order.)
         2,243 Orders  2,144 Orders   1,679 Orders 1,671 Orders   1,626 Orders   1,540 Orders    1,522 Orders

     1,510 Orders     1,350 Orders   1,323 Orders   1,306 Orders    1,238 Orders   1,155 Orders    1,137 Orders
Charging and Shipping. Here's a look at our current and near-future charging and shipping:

January Batch - Today we began shipping P500 orders for the following:

Dominant Species: Marine
Imperial Struggle, 2nd Printing

February P500 Charge/Ship. Our next charge will be Monday, February 4, for the following 3 games:
  Bayonets & Tomahawks (4 lbs)
Commands & Colors: Samurai Battles (5 lbs)

We intend to begin shipping all three games by roughly February 15.
For those of you calculating shipping charges for these games, I've included the weights we are using for shipping in parenthesis after each game title, above.

To avoid any delays in your game shipment, please make sure you've updated your charge cards on our website before we charge. If you use the "Pay by Check" P500 option, please send your checks in to arrive by the charge dates. Thanks!
All-Time Best-Sellers (as of 9/30/20 - Updated Quarterly)
(Click on box image to go to Game page on our website for more info and to order.)

Here is our most current Production Status update from Tony and Mark. We update these monthly so that you will be able to follow progress as games get added and moved between pre-art, the art department, and the printer. Games with a ** following their entry are currently at the printer (we are a little more certain about scheduling on these). Entries listed in bold have moved up in the Print Queue since last month.

January Batch: Shipping Now
Dominant Species: Marine
Imperial Struggle, 2nd Printing 
Multi-Game Update Kit for Imperial Struggle, Versailles 1919, All Bridges Burning

In Transit from the Printer: Arriving in our warehouse early February.
Bayonets & Tomahawks
Commands & Colors: Samurai Battles
At the Printer: No Shipping Date Yet 
1846, 2nd Printing **
Last Hundred Yards Airborne Update Kit **
SpaceCorp:Ventures **
Storm Above the Reich **
The Dark Summer: Normandy 1944 **
Wing Leader Legends Expansion **

In Final Art and Next to Get a Print Slot: Tentative Shipping approximately 4-6 months
1848: Australia
C&C Ancients, 7th Printing

C&C Ancients Expansion #5, 2nd Printing
Churchill, 3rd Printing
Normandy '44, 3rd Printing
Tank Duel Tank Pack #1

In the Art Department: Anticipated Shipping 5-9 months (will vary by speed of art completion, final edits, and proofing)
Absolute War
Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East
Barbarossa: Army Group Center, 2nd Edition
Conquest and Consequence

Flashpoint: South China Sea
Into the Woods
Mr. President: The American Presidency, 2001-2020
Norway 1940: A PQ-17 Expansion
Pacific War
Red Flag Over Paris
Red Storm: Baltic Approaches
Skies Above the Reich, 2nd Printing
The US Civil War, 2nd Printing
Triumph & Tragedy, 3rd Printing

Nearing Art Department Readiness (some have a component or twosay a final mapwith an artist now, but the whole project isn't yet in the art department)
There are quite a few games nearing Art Dept. Readiness, but these are the ones that Mark thinks are closest now. You'll see several of these move up and others added to this section each month.
Shout Out to You Online Content Creators Who Review and Support Our Games. Thank You!!!
(Click a logo below to read/watch a recent article/video about one of our games)





Note: If you have a blog or review site that reviews or adds content for one or more of our games, send a link to your article or video to and we'll make sure you are mentioned on our website and in our monthly updates.
Sneak Peeks:

Near-Final Map for Absolute War:

In-Progress (not Final) Map for Conquest and Consequence:

New Map Art from Terry Leeds (not Final) for For the People, 4th Printing

Sample Tank Mats and Cards for Tank Duel Expansion #1: North Africa:

More Sample Art for Red Dust Rebellion Cards:

Satellite Network

New Cordoba

Project Updates

Fall of Saigon - by Developer Jason Carr


The FOS team is full steam in layout. We have gorgeous new cards laid out and PACs proofread. The rules are in layout as I type this, and the playbook is nearly complete. More exciting than that is the progress with the Solitaire system; here is an update from our Solitaire System Developer Kevin Crooks:

In my recent playtest of the Black April scenario, my NVA was soundly defeated by a very smart ARVN player. What I thought were unusual moves turned out to be very strong in the long run, and they totally dominated my less-aggressive strategy. Needless to say, the Tây Sơn solo system bot is becoming a very effective and difficult opponent.


Mr. President - by Designer Gene Billingsley


Until about a month ago, the challenges of 2020, with a few brief exceptions, had pretty much sidelined all my work on Mr. President. We've had about half the artwork done for awhile now, but no time really for proofing and final testing. In mid-December, though, we got the team back together to begin coordinating a new round of testing with the final game files. 

We're in the midst of that process now. We have the game cards about 98% complete, a full new set of counter files awaiting my proofing tomorrow (once this update is complete and out the door), beautiful game maps from Donal (who's also doing the cards and counters) that we think are final (but will continue to proof as we do final testing).

David Spangler and developer Mike Bertucelli have created a solid rules set and a ton of quick-start and play aids for the game, something that's going to really help new players get into it (remember, it's a deep strategy game, with a lot of moving pieces strategically, so the type of work that Mike and David have spearheaded is going to be something that really eases the "How do I wrap my brain around all this?" barrier of entry to players). Rules and Charts are shaping up through proofing, but final layouts are still "To Do". We're not going to send any of that to Mark and Charlie until we're sure they are final. What we haven't started on yet on the art front is the game box. I just corresponded with Mark Simonitch on that this week, and I'm sure he'll have a cover artist for us shortly.

On the Scenario front, all I can say is "God bless Tom Switajewski." Several years ago during one of our week-long tests in Tempe at John's ComsimWorld Expo, I asked Tom if he'd consider working on some scenarios for the game (all that existed then was the core sandbox game that didn't really tie events to a particular time period). He agreed, if I would agree to help him where needed. Well, what happened is he needed VERY little of my help and proceeded, over time, to create scenarios from 2001 to 2020, most of the four-year variety, allowing you to step into various Presidents' shoes at key points in their terms in office. I think that has made the game much cooler, and I always love deeper immersion in history. I think you will all really love what Tom's efforts have added to this game.

So now we're testing in what is basically "one last round" using the near-final art components. I'm not positive at this point how long this will take, but we are back at it. When we're satisfied with our proofing and gameplay, we'll send the art files to Mark, and it'll be off to the printer. Until then, I'm having fun getting back into the game and experiencing the joy of looking at the final components. I've sprinkled a few samples throughout this update to give you a small taste. - Gene


Red Dust Rebellion - Developer Adam Blinkinsop

With the start of the new year, RDR has moved into full-scale balance testing. Card art continues to roll in, and Marcos is doing excellent work. Once we're satisfied that faction balance won't require any major mechanical changes, I'll be getting bots built up. Glad to see all the interest! - Adam


Tank Dual Expansion #1: North Africa - Developer Jason Carr


Our scenario testing is progressing well. Our playtest groups have tested the modifications to the Infantry rules and given high marks, so we are now testing each scenario for clarity, balance, and fun. There are currently 20 scenarios that we are testing, although we anticipate cutting a scenario here or there. The tank boards from Terry Leeds look incredible, as do the new desert cards. And of course, we are testing each scenario to make sure it works with the Robata solo system. The GMT One team is assisting with the modifications to this system to make sure it works with the North Africa rules and the new vehicles in the Tank Pack. - Jason


Here's the current status of all the games on our P500 reprint list - with current order totals and a +/- order growth since last month, with status to the right if they are SHIPPING, AT THE PRINTER. IN THE ART DEPT, or NEARING ART DEPT READINESS. Please help us determine what to reprint by pre-ordering any of these that interest you. Thanks for your help!

The US Civil War, 2nd Printing: 928 Orders (+38) IN THE ART DEPT
Barbarossa: AGN: 884 Orders(+5)
Barbarossa: AG Center 2nd Ed: 847 Orders (+5) IN THE ART DEPT 
Barbarossa: AGS - 761 Orders (+8)
Red Winter: Expanded 2nd Edition: 718 Orders (+5) NEARING ART DEPT READINESS

Normandy '44, 3rd Printing: 658 Orders (+18)
France '40, 2nd Printing: 652 Orders (+12)
Churchill, 3rd Printing: 590 Orders (+23)
C&C Ancients Expansion 5: Epic Ancients: 586 Orders (+9) IN THE ART DEPT.
Pursuit of Glory, 2nd Edition: 542 Orders (+5)
Triumph & Tragedy, 3rd Printing: 541 Orders (+19) IN ART DEPT 

1846, 2nd Printing: 401 Orders (+26) AT THE PRINTER
Virgin Queen, 2nd Printing: 392 Orders (+8)
Great Battles of Alexander, Expanded Deluxe Ed, 2nd Printing: 355 Orders (+12)
Liberty or Death, 3rd Printing: 346 Orders (+27)
Empire of the Sun, 4th Printing: 324 Orders (+33)
Hoplite, 2nd Printing: 315 Orders (+4)
Fields of Despair, 2nd Printing: 304 Orders (+1)

Combat Commander: Resistance, 2nd Printing: 266 Orders (+14)
Next War: Poland, 2nd Edition: 261 Orders (+7)
Panzer Exp #1: The Shape of Battle, East Front: 249 Orders (+16)
Unconditional Surrender, 3rd Printing: 238 Orders (+19)
Skies Above the Reich, 2nd Printing: 233 Orders (+1)
Panzer, 3rd Printing: 229 Orders (+20)
For the People, 4th Printing: 222 Orders (+15)
Enemy Coast Ahead: The Dambusters, 2nd Printing: 218 (+4)
This Accursed Civil War: 217 Orders (-2)
Comancheria, 2nd Printing: 216 Orders (+22)
Roads to Leningrad 2nd Ed. 206 Orders (+1)

Combat Commander: Mediterranean, 3rd Printing 198 Orders (+21)
Panzer Expansion 2: Final Forces on the E. Front: 186 Orders (+17)
Washington's War, 3rd Printing: 183 Orders (+11)
Sword of Rome, 3rd Printing: 180 Orders (+6)

WW2: Barbarossa to Berlin, 3rd Printing: 171 Orders (-1)
No Retreat, The Russian Front Deluxe, 3rd Printing: 170 Orders (+5)
Thunder Alley, Crew Chief Expansion, 2nd Printing: 157 Orders (+3) NEARING ART DEPT READINESS
MBT, 2nd Printing: 148 Orders (+24)
No Retreat, North Africa, 3rd Edition: 145 Orders (+2)
Next War: Taiwan, 2nd Printing: 144 Orders (+20)
C&C Ancients, Exp #6, 2nd Printing: 105 Orders (+10)

Turn Zero Expansion, 3rd Printing: 87 Orders (+17)
Labyrinth, The Awakening, 2nd Printing: 82 Orders (+13)
Fire in the Lake, 3rd Printing: 76 Orders (+76)
Manoeuvre, 3rd Printing: 76 Orders (+2)
Panzer Expansion #3, 2nd Printing: 72 Orders (+17)
C&C Ancients, 7th Printing: 53 Orders (+19)
C&C Medieval, 2nd Printing: 52 Orders (+11)
SpaceCorp, 2nd Printing: 51 Orders (+51)
Wing Leader:Supremacy, 2nd Edition: 51 Orders (+5)

The Last Hundred Yards, 2nd Printing: 38 Orders (+8)
Cataclysm, 2nd Printing: 32 Orders (+8)

Dominant Species, 6th Printing: New to List
Talon, 3rd Printing: New to List

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