Now online: Quote—Unquote's Video Station programme presents 4 new moving image works

Six artists and their collaborators look into the mechanisms of speech, diving inwards through moving image practice. Ancient rhetorical training and the ecology of the non-human, insistent spirits of radio frequencies speaking about the past through lost dialects or speculative scenarios starting from contemporary social and psychological conditions. Public speaking phenomena and discursivity approached through a wide array of subjects, whispers, voices and gestures, as short fiction films, video art and hybrid docu-essays.

We are very excited and proud to announce that the four works commissioned and produced with the support of Quote—Unquote through the first Video Station open call are now ONLINE on for you to watch—view—see—stream—screen—explore:

Helen Anna Flanagan — Sunday
Adrian Ganea & Chlorys — My bacterial self helps me sleep
Ira Merzlichin — Radio Vesna
Moad Musbahi & Sheryn Akiki — Ligatures and Broken Verse


Video Station acts as Quote—Unquote's channel for moving image practice. It aims to become a long-term production platform and resource library, commissioning new works and supporting artists who work with film and video. The current line-up was selected and developed from an international open call for proposals of new collaborative and transdisciplinary moving image works.

Bonus: these are the last few days to watch three previous works part of Video Station — Liz Magic Laser's Primal Speech, Clarissa Thieme's Today Is 11th June 1993 and Mona Vătămanu and Florin Tudor's Terms and Conditions. They are available on our website until November 30.

Video Station is part of Quote—Unquote, a long-term interdisciplinary and collaborative research platform which explores the mechanisms, uses and effects of (public) speech and language in contemporary society, through artistic practice and its intersections with other fields of activity.

Quote—Unquote is conceived and articulated by Infinite Conversation Association / curatorial unit
(Dan Angelescu, Irina Radu, Cristina Vasilescu). Visual identity by Gabriel Barbu

Quote—Unquote: Video Station is a cultural project co-funded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund

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