Quote—Unquote Bulletin: first two weeks

The first two weeks since the launch of Quote—Unquote have been quite busy. We've published an open call for video works, a series of reading encounters and two podcasts. Below we've assembled them into a quick recap. Language remains alive when it refuses to capture the events and lives it describes, says Judith Butler. Far from trying to tame the untameable, we're picking bits and pieces of this vast domain, peeping through the cracks and being thrilled by the research and findings of our contributors. It's the dialogue that ties them together.


Open call for video proposals
deadline July 19

Supporting the creation of three new transdiciplinary and collaborative video works, Video Station offers a production grant of up to €1500 and an artist fee of €500 for each selected proposal, curatorial guidance and an online premiere. Please see the guidelines on our website for more details.

Online screening
Primal Speech by Liz Magic Laser

To accompany the commissioning programme, Quote—Unquote has curated a series of artists' films and videos dealing with topics of speech and public speaking. In Primal Speech, Laser assembled a therapy group composed of actors with opposing political convictions about Brexit and the 2016 U.S. presidential election.


July 10 / 17 / 24 / 31

Join us for artist Anna Barham's series of reading encounters using Gertrude Stein's 1927 prose poem Patriarchal Poetry. Exploring the physicality of reading and the possibilities and limitations of video conferencing, each session will employ different strategies for reading together as a form of re-authoring the text.

The first two sessions are now fully booked, but you can register for one of the other two on July 24 and 31. Write us at with the date you wish to book — we'll come back to you with full details — sessions take place in English.


Episode #1 — Lidija Burčak

Quote—Unquote’s podcast series provides a broadcast space for sound works, spoken word practice, readings, teachings and aural miscellanea by artists, anthropologists and researchers. In the first episode, Lidija Burčak deconstructs the processes of writing and publicly reading her personal diary.

Episode #2 — Elena Trifan
Almost Self Development

The marketable products of positive thinking leave a lot out in the editing room before appearing in the meeting rooms of corporations and life coaching sessions. In her episode, Elena Trifan presents her findings on the mirages of personal development, after years of researching the subject for a PhD thesis.

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