First month of Quote—Unquote

Our one-month recap comes right after the first Quote—Unquote offline event: Anca Bucur and Sergiu Nisioi's interventions in the Botanical Garden, plus a second iteration of Anna Barham's reading encounters and an invitation to take part in a laboratory that dissects and creates autobiographies through voice, sound and the imagination of Jasmina Al-Qaisi. We untangle and reroute what we believe to be circuits of our own biases, and untrain the ear to hear more.

a worm breeds a dendrolite breeds a prototype —

Anca Bucur & Sergiu Nisioi — until August 2, Bucharest Botanical Garden

On July 18, a series of site-specific installations were unearthed onto the soil of the Bucharest Botanical Garden. Anca Bucur's interventions propose a new imaginary of natural processes, in a frontier landscape of multispecies entanglements. A photo album from the first exhibition day is available on Facebook. acts as a digital extension — the platform designed by Sergiu Nisioi and Anca Bucur broadcasts sound recordings from around the organisms/sculptures in the garden plus other information provided by sensors. Various research questions are opened up on the relations between air pollution, noise, atmospheric pressure or humidity and the sonic productions of the species co-habiting the area.


TO BE WE TO BE — Anna Barham
reading encounters
July 24

Join us for a series of reading encounters using Gertrude Stein's 1927 prose poem Patriarchal Poetry. Exploring the physicality of reading and the possibilities and limitations of video conferencing, each session will employ different strategies for reading together as a form of re-authoring the text. You can still register for the session on July 24, 6pm Romanian local time — last places left.

collaborative autobiographical laboratory
July 25

What is the first thing you would say about yourself to someone who doesn't know you? Artist and writer Jasmina Al-Qaisi hosts an online gathering where she explores the insides and outsides of creating an identity through speech, sounds and writing. The laboratory will take place on Zoom this Saturday from 3pm Romanian local time and anyone can register — no specific knowledge or skills required.


Receiver — Jenny Brady
part of Video Station

In parallel with a (now closed) call for new video works, Quote—Unquote has curated a series of artists' films and videos dealing with topics of speech and public speaking. In the incisive essay film Receiver, Brady surveys over 100 years of D/deaf history, revealing a fascinating gap between speech and understanding. Those who speak loudest rarely listen — and those with the most to say are seldom heard.

Blares — Harun Morrison

Blares is composed of 24 snippets of music playing from strangers’ cars, recorded from inside the artist’s studio in East London during the Covid-19 lockdown, as vehicles stopped at the adjacent traffic lights. The range of genres and languages speaks to the diversity of the locale. The work also points to the potentiality of sound to traverse and collapse binaries of indoors/outdoors and private/public space.

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