The first Quote—Unquote iteration comes full circle

The end of summer brings the first Quote—Unquote iteration to a full circle, moving along with the sun's rotation. The readings, workshops and podcasts have left behind some resonating echoes about performing a text, writing an autobiography and other mixed emotions. Below, a quick recap of the latest additions to our platform.


The interdisciplinary collective/project mother tongues assembled a DIY online library with 42 titles, to which anyone can contribute with texts or translations. Over a span of three weeks, they’ve highlighted six of the available essays/publications, on Facebook and Instagram. The library remains open to explore and become a part of. Find out how to upload and index through the library guide.


Episode #3 — Anna Barham
conversation with Helen Palmer

Anna Barham invited writer and theorist Helen Palmer to a conversation about nonsense, language, form versus content, starting from Gertrude Stein’s prose poem Patriarchal Poetry, used in Anna’s four collective reading sessions which took place as part of Quote—Unquote.

Episode #4 — Maia Conran
Monkey Puzzle

In her daily walks to the university, artist Maia Conran encountered a Monkey Puzzle Tree, a peculiar yet popular tree whose presence pushed her to voice four characters: the fungus, the tree, the narrator and the artist herself, problematizing contemporary concerns about 5G technology and our impact on the environment.

Episode #5 — Jasmina Al-Qaisi & participants
Coherent Hiccups

Coherent Hiccups: Collaborative Autobiographic Laboratory was hosted by Jasmina Al-Qaisi on Zoom with nine participants; they formulated new questions, sought answers to old ones and dissected the layers of writing a biography. You can experience a part of it in the podcast created with the participants and arranged by Jasmina.

Episode #6 — Vlad Brăteanu
let the virus speech...

A hypnotic induction session created by artist Vlad Brăteanu invites you to dissolve the distance between action and discourse, by letting yourself guided through this form of therapy, infused with theory and personal considerations. This is the last Quote—Unquote Podcast episode this season.


Online screening 
Today Is 11th June 1993 by Clarissa Thieme 

Quote—Unquote has curated a series of artists’ films and videos dealing with topics of speech and public speaking. The latest addition is a video work revolving around a found home movie in a private archive in Sarajevo where, during the war, two young people use the fantasy of a time machine to make their pain visible, like a stamp in history, along with a live interpretation. 

Open call
Selected proposals

After closing the open call, we were thrilled to read and evaluate 46 excellent proposals, of which four were selected (instead of three, as initially announced). The artists whose works we will support producing in the following months are: Helen Anna Flanagan, Ira Merzlichin, Moad Musbahi in collaboration with Sheryn Akiki and Mihaela Vasiliu & Adrian Ganea.

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