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Michael showing off the new SHP-Triplex to our prime minister at the recent 2019 Just Transition Summit.
This summit discussed ways forward (transition) as a consequence of curtailing of oil/gas exploration in the region.
The Government announced they will build The National New Energy Development Centre (NNEDC)  in Taranaki.  I expect the focus will be large wind, tidal power, geothermal, large solar, pumped hydro storage and hydrogen fuels.
Now that is what I call a pressure gauge !
Bill in Wales has been testing our new jet design to see if it is any better, these are his results.
You can read all the testing detail on Bill's blog.
The Cd varies a little with flow, 0.9 is a good number to use.
A quick calcuation on some of this data indicated that turbine efficiency increases by about 1 % with this new longer jet design.
The new SHP-Triplex (high lift solar powered water pump) has been selling strongly in NZ and we hope to make it globally available very soon.
Nepal update
We're now delivering 6.6 kW in the village.  It was operator error.  
Studer suggested a setting change........ It worked great.   The
variostrings were originally set up to independently look at the battery 
voltage to determine the correct charge state.  By telling the 
variostrings to synchronize to the extender charge state everything 
worked great.   The voltage on the input to each variostring is now held 
rigidly at the specified voltage of 300VDC.  I've never seen it waiver.

We're seeing 50m head at the fat pipe in the turbine house, so our 
penstock losses are pretty small.  I think we've over-designed the 
penstock........... That's OK, since we have room for another 2 turbines.

We're getting LOTS of traffic through the installation from neighbouring 
villages, including local government officials. Everyone seems to be 
drooling over the improvements relative to the usual practice.   The 
only negative comment was from the operator of the system in the village.................. he thinks it's too complex........ which is our challenge.

The first AC Relay board is installed and running fine.  I took a nice 
hot shower this afternoon (I was given first-dibs!).  The shower water 
is automatically regulated between 45 and 47 degree C.

The turbines have been running flawlessly for about 3000 hours, so we've 
taken them apart to look at things.   You'll get a kick out of this.  
There are leaches, appx 10 mm long, growing in the PVC pipe right next 
to the jets.  They aren't growing in the big pipe.......... they must 
like the higher water flow..........other than that, everything looks good to 
us.  We now have SFK grease in plastic bags, and we're now using an SFK 
grease gun that works very nicely.
Take care, and thanks again for all your help.

Michael comments - it is likely by opening up the jet sizes, that these turbines can be taken to 8kW, worth a try when more power is needed.
We sometime receive emails enquiring why turbine output may be less than expected.
Here is a reply to a recent TRG install.............

Head is lower that expected at 15m net.
If I run the numbers at 15m net head in the calculation tool I get 2.2kW with 17.7mm jets fitted.
MPPT1 1177.2 W
MPPT2 1128 W
Total DC 2305.2 W
Total AC 2160.4 W
Eff  of GTI 93.72 %

Site is doing 2.3kW DC at the moment, so a bit higher than expected at the lower net head

I suggest this:
  • Increase jet sizes to 17.7mm , what are they at the moment ?
  • Measure the pressure at the jet on the longest hose and report back.
  • Where is the pressure measured at the moment ? Looks to be at end of manifold and not at the end of flexible pipe.
  • Some of the 2" flexible pipes are very long. A pressure reading at the end will reveal if this is an issue or not.
  • Jets supports could be better, have these been optimised for peak power?
Otherwise it looks to be doing a little more than expected.
If you have the flow, have a play, open up the jets to say 20mm and see what you can get. 
Florin does it again. 1.75kW from a PLT80 HP turbine on a 120m head site.
Florin reports....! Due to the exceptional pressure and flow conditions, we have managed a new record of power with a Pelton Powerspout PLT80HP turbine. The 1750W (1.75KW) were obtained with a dynamic pressure of 11 Bari and a flow rate of 3L / sec. The energy produced feeds Barbarul Ursuilor guesthouse on the Stramba Valley, which is delivered via an inverter to a maximum power of 5KVA to consumers.

Michael comments: 1750 / (3 x 11 x 9.81 x 9.81) = 55% system efficiency including turbine, MPPT and wiring.

We have a key staff member on holiday for the next few weeks in Japan and I am away from mid June for a month in the UK. Production lead time may increase a little during this time. I will only reply to urgent emails while away. 

All the best, keep up the good work.

Michael Lawley

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