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How I built & shipped my new project []

Posted on Oct 22, 2019 01:36 pm

Short answer: The No-code way.

If you have been following my work (writing/making things online), you know how big of a fan I am of being scrappy and executing on your goals.

Last year, roughly about the same time, I decided to embark on a journey to becoming a product maker regardless of the limitation that I didn’t know how to code. I noticed a wave of new makers building really cool products with “no-code” and I decided to embrace that identity.

No-code is amazing because it forces you to think creatively and make the most of what you have.

When failure is expensive, plan carefully. When failure is cheap, act quickly. — James Clear

What would take 3-4 months to ship with complex architecture and thousands of lines of code, No-code lets you test the idea within a week. No-code makes failure dramatically cheap so you can learn/iterate faster. And iterating is the life blood of a succesful maker.

So, here I am about to introduce to you my latest project: “

“Appeared On” is a simple showcase site similar to IMDb but for podcast guests.

"Appeared On" is a new platform for podcast lovers who want to follow interesting people and are curious to learn about which episode/show they appeared on.

Unlike with traditional podcast apps where you have to subscribe to endless "shows", this simple website allows you to track just the guests you care about (e.g. Naval, Ryan Hoover etc) and follow only their podcast appearances on the internet. The goal of this site is to mirror the "IMDb Filmography section" (which is really just an up-to-date list) but for all the podcast appearances of someone you may find interesting in your industry.

I built and shipped this without writing a single line of code using no-code tools like Webflow, Airtable and Google Sheets. But to be honest, this project was one of the most technically challenging products I’ve created in my career. The solution to the problem I was focused on wasn’t very straight-forward so I had to test so many uncharted paths until I figured out a way that works. The backend is still heavily manual but I am so proud that I did it anyway. Here’s the tedious Twitter thread that explains my unsexy process. Anyway, I hope you like the idea and please share it with a friend or two.

Feel free to subscribe for the notifications when your favorite person goes on a new podcast. And feel free to suggest any new guests to the site here.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding no-code projects, how to take an idea from 0 to launch or anything in between.


The early feedback has been encouraging. See some snippets below:

“I just looked at [appeared on] and it’s a very cool concept, looks useful already.” — Philipp Defner

“This is so clean!!!“ — Brian Bassard

“Awesome I'll get this featured in this weeks newsletter! :)“ — Ben Tossell

More important than plain praise, the idea has received inputs/feedback from world class makers like Ryan Hoover as well:

“Maybe create a way for visitors to subscribe to receive alerts when people they “follow” appear on a new podcast.” — Ryan Hoover

The journey just began, stay tuned.

None of this would have been possible if I didn’t make and ship it the scrappy way and that’s why no-code is so powerful.

Stay Hungry, Stay Scrappy.

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