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With Christmas fast approaching it's a nice time to reflect on the past year, and enjoy the social aspect of the festive period.

I wish you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year :-)
... there are 2 places left (unless I can book more) for Friday 13th Christmas meal at 8pm
... Icon Thai, Welsh Row, Nantwich
... Please let me know if your interested in attending

Please read on for:-
  • Card payments, contactless, Samsung and apple pay (NFC)
  • 2020 Class fees
  • Last class dates 2019
  • First class dates 2020
  • Hatha Yoga (free course)
  • Electronic Payments (not card)
Card and contactless payments are now available. There is a 15 pence additional charge for using debit/credit/NFC (Samsung/Apple Pay).

Last two classes 2019
... will be held on 10th and 17th of December.

First classes 2020

Class Fees - 2020
Class fees (Adults 18 up) from 2020 are £7 cash, and £7.15 card payment.

This is the first price rise since I started teaching at the parish hall (many years). There have been about 3 price rises in hall hire during that time, and it's gone up again in 2020.

This feels like a fair price considering, especially if you look at class costs and the length and content of the class.

Free online course - about the form of yoga we do in class.
... if you are interested in learning more about Hatha yoga then
... This course aims to introduce hatha yoga at a high level. As such it is suitable for anyone. It is particularly relevant to those who; attend physical yoga classes or those wish to explore yoga generally. Those attending physical yoga classes will benefit from understanding why we practice what we do and gain some background to the practices. Those who don't attend physical yoga may gain an appreciation as to why it could be useful to attend physical yoga classes with a relevant hatha yoga teacher.

Please just let me know (email/phone/text etc) and I will give you access.
... the feedback so far is good so it's now open to all who a have attended at least 1 class or workshop.

Electronic Payments
We now have card payments, so electronic payments mean bank transfer. Im still not certain about the details of this. Will contemplate the idea further. Although now we have card payments is there a need? please let me know your thoughts.

Please continue to share your feedback with me. What works for you? what doesn't? any insights or suggestions, or indeed requests. It's important that I keep the class relevant to you.

Mandala Yoga Ashram
  • Excellent place to explore yoga in a beautiful setting
  • Connect with like minded people
  • Take a break from day to day life
  • Give yourself some time for you
  • Mandala Yoga Ashram courses @

Satsang: returns later this year, dates to be forthcoming.

Relaxation and Resolve (Sankalpa): Yoga Nidra has space for a positive statement (resolve/sankalpa). Please speak to me if you want a resolve of your own. Or check out the links; Sankalpa Link 1Link 2 (a resolve/sankalpa can also be a spiritual goal), and Link 3 .

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