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The Kitchen Electrification Influencers have arrived!

Meet the Now We’re Cooking! social media induction evangelists. Our influencers are hitting the streets (and screens!) to give the what, why, and how of induction cooking and its benefits. This content spans across categories, from creators focused on food and recipes to sustainability to home design with more content on the way. Please share widely on your channels! 

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Social media influencer with induction hob
Social media influencer cooking on induction
Social media influencer cleaning induction cooktop
Gas cooking hotspots in the U.S.

Where electric cooking is hot in the U.S.

Although California and New York are adopting all-electric ordinances for new construction, Florida and Maine are leading the way with the smallest percentage of households cooking on methane gas.

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Induction range in residential kitchen

What I Learned When I Ditched My Gas Stove For Induction. Sleek. Precise. Fast.

Consumer reports editor Liam McCabe recently upgraded his old gas range to induction. To our benefit, he documented the process from beginning to end to give us an authentic view into the why, what, and how of electrifying his home kitchen including the cost of upgrades necessary and finding contractors to get the job done.

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PSR hydrogen report

The Downfalls of Hydrogen in Our Homes

Often posed as a clean alternative to methane gas, hydrogen-blended fuel alternatives are paired with health and climate hazards. PSR breaks down the science behind hydrogen and offers tangible policy recommendations for your region.

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Parent and child cooking on induction

Safety: A Top Value of Induction

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are the core of how induction cooking works and outperforms both gas and electric resistance cooktops but they can be difficult to understand. Take a deep dive into the EMFs of induction and how it’s safe to use.

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Induction cooktop in kitchen

How Cooking with Induction is Cooking Efficiently

Why use more energy, when you can use less? Methane gas stoves are typically about 40% energy efficient as opposed to induction cooktops, which boast 85-90%. 

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Graph of increasing trends for induction and heat pump Google searches

Induction Interest Boom in November

According to recent data, induction stoves are well sought after in Google searches in the month of November, presumably due to health and safety awareness during the holiday cooking season. This spike comes alongside a steady increase in searches for induction in the past few years, a trend we’re anticipating to continue.

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Ventilation hood in showroom

How Much Should You Vent Your Gas Stove? 

Venting your gas stove is important to ensure you have enough air flow to minimize exposure to the harmful air pollutants created during cooking.

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Person cooking eggs on induction cooktop

Why Gas Stoves Are As Outdated As VHS Tapes 

Eight months after switching to induction, this writer extolls the values of induction’s seamlessness and attentiveness to all home-cooking needs. Here’s what you’ve been missing if you are still using gas.

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Recipe of the Month

Cambodian Black Pepper Beef (Lok Lak)

Lok Lak Cambodian Dish

Enjoy a beautifully wok-cooked meal within just 7 minutes on the stove. Induction is truly fast and precise (and you don’t have to forgo using beloved Asian cooking techniques)!

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Combination Oven icon

Virtual: Combination Ovens for Commissary Kitchens

8/18/22 at 10am PT

Join PG&E, Richard Young, and Mark Duesler in this webinar boasting the efficiency, convenience, and precision of combination ovens!

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Two people cooking on induction cooktop

Virtual: The Future is Now and We’re Cooking With Magnets!

9/14/22 at 11am PT

Join San Diego Gas and Electric in this class to learn about induction cooking in both commercial and residential spaces as well as its benefits.

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We pull together everything we know that’s going on in the kitchen electrification world. If you know about reports, media, events, or anything else, please submit them to us to be included in this newsletter! Got questions? Email Noah Cordoba at BDC.
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