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Mother and child eating on kitchen counter with gas stove.

Gas Stoves Research Prompts Investigation by American Lung Association

As part of their Healthy Air Campaign, the American Lung Association (ALA) released a comprehensive literature review on the health impacts of indoor combustion, including appliances that run on methane gas like water heaters, furnaces, and gas stoves. This review, and their call to “replace gas appliances with electric,” adds the ALA to the growing list of health agencies who are focusing on the health risks associated with gas cooking. 

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Image of metal pot on top of an induction stove

Microsoft releases brief detailing commercial kitchen electrification

Following the complete electrification of 13.2k square feet of foodservice operations in their One Esterra building and the planned electrification of 77k square feet in their East Campus, Microsoft published a paper chronicling the process. It includes design, inventing a new induction wok, equipment selection, and maintaining the cultural significance of the food in their menus. 

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image of a gas burner with flames

How to reduce harmful pollutants released by gas stoves

Can’t replace your gas stove with all electric just yet? As the heart of the home, kitchens should be a safe space for all. That’s why knowing how to decrease pollutants emitted by gas is of utmost importance. 

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Image of hands holding up a dollar bill

Opportunities plentiful for low-cost induction manufacturers

As induction cooking grows in popularity and financial incentives to switch to induction make their way into federal legislation, the barrier of upfront costs continues to be a concern for equitable access to the technology. This is illustrated by Grist’s analysis of Lowe’s product availability showing just 7 induction range models in the $0-2000 category compared to 293 in the same category for gas options. 

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Image of a person turning a thermostat dial

Get ready for higher-than-average methane gas costs this winter

With winter just around the corner, homes are expected to increase their overall heating consumption. For those dependent on gas for cooking and heating, this will be accompanied by higher than average prices. This troubling trend translates to burdensome energy costs for vulnerable populations and for the already strained restaurant industry who has long been sold gas cooking as an affordable energy option. 

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Image of a person holding a towel to their nose and mouth as they inspect a gas leak

Advocates urge Consumer Safety Commission to act on gas stoves 

114 advocate groups including a coalition of doctors and medical professionals submitted a letter this month urging the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to take action to protect consumers from the harmful effects of air pollution from cooking with gas. 

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Picture of a metal pot on top of an induction hob

Putting the top induction cooktops of 2022 to the test

In the market for a new induction cooktop or looking to keep up with the latest models? Trusted Reviews performed an in-depth analysis of design, build quality, size, and functionality in a range of tests. 

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Photo of an illustration of the different components of an induction cooktop

How does an induction cooktop work?

We talk a lot about induction and its benefits, but how exactly does it work? Explore the inner workings of this energy-efficient wonder. 

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Photo of a chef's hands putting the finishing touches on a dish

Michelin-Star Chef Cooking Demo: How to Say Goodbye to Gas & Cook Electric

October 11, 2022 at 12pm PT / 3pm ET

Chef Claude Le Tohic shares hidden dangers of cooking with gas, benefits of electric induction cooking + rebates to help you go electric! 
Hosted by San Francisco Department of the Environment. 


Logo of the Building Hubs Live image

The Future of the Electric Kitchen

Did you catch our very own Noah Cordoba, Kitchen Electrification Program Coordinator, on episode 2 of Building Hubs Live? Watch a discussion between experts on the future of the electric kitchen and induction cooking. 


Photo of a variety of brightly colored dishes

Cooking with an Induction Hob

November 8, 2022 at 2:30pm PT / 5:30pm ET

Induction cooking is not only a great way to save energy, but a chance to get creative in the kitchen! This free livestream event will demo delicious induction recipes and help answer any doubts. Hosted by City Market based in Burlington, Vermont.


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