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Happy Valentine's Day!

Love comes to us and through us in so many sublime ways.  Sometimes it flows through archetypal forms, the eternal pathways through which Love expresses itself in the world - lover and beloved, parent and child, Creator and creatures, Buddha and all beings, Sita and Ram, guru and disciple, Mother Mary and Christ, Shiva and Shakti, a child and her puppy, an artist and their art.... so many forms reflecting different facets of this universal, mysterious, and inexhaustible Love that we celebrate today.

What forms of Love do you delight in? What forms are present in your life right now? What forms do you long for?

How do you embrace and embody your own sublime, lovable nature? It helps to become rooted in knowing the truth of how exquisitely lovable you are, right through to your very core, your essence.

You are completely lovable and you are completely loved.  Completely, nothing left out!

Try watching the mind's reactions as you repeat over and over a few times in your mind "I am completely lovable and I am completely loved. I am completely lovable and I am completely loved..." Now look in a mirror or your phone's selfie camera, and looking directly into your own eyes, say "I am completely lovable and I am completely loved."  Again, "I am completely lovable and I am completely loved."  Keep going, you're coming closer to the truth.

My dear one, if you could hear God in this moment, you would hear: "You are completely lovable and you are completely loved. You are my very Self."  St. John of the Cross said that when he was given a glimpse of what it is like seeing through God's eyes, he saw that all God sees is Himself!  All One, nothing left out!

Often there are parts of us that don't really believe that we're truly lovable and truly loved. Those parts of our mind resist this contemplation in various ways. Those parts too, are lovable and especially need to know this is true. You can play around with this exercise and try it at different times when you are in different moods, ready to discover whatever insights you may gain from it.

For some it is easier to bring to mind those who are dear and say to them, you are so lovable and so deeply loved. We can bring the faces of those dear ones to mind and say that to each one and feel the profound flow of love that pours through our hearts. Love brings us closer to God simply because God is Love, all-embracing, all-creating, all-becoming Love.

But here's the challenge, the challenge put to us by great beings like Christ and Buddha, Kwan Yin and Mother Theresa, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Baal Shem Tov and many others: bring to mind the face of your enemy and open your heart to the same flow of love that clears your vision so you can see their heart essence, see past all the layers of false self they inhabit, and genuinely say, you are lovable and you are loved, you are lovable and you are loved. This is the Divine Love, the unconditional Love that we are invited to know. And we can only know it by opening our hearts to having it flow through us and into us from the loving presence of others.

My Dear One,

Look into the mirror of a loving heart and behold your Self.

Sit with your children in the space of love,
look into their eyes and behold your Self.

Rest in the place of inner stillness and spaciousness,
look around and behold your Self.

Though you've put on the cloaks of anger, impatience, hunger and disease,
these can never be more than outer coverings.

Your beauty has been hidden at times, but never sullied.

Kali's Bazaar penned by Kalidas, p. 17

One of the greatest poems on Divine Love is Jnaneshwar's Amritanubhava. Jnaneshwar was a 13th century Siddha master and poet saint in Maharashtra, India. Amritanubhava is an expression of the love that unites the primordial pair Shiva and Shakti, the two who are really One, God and Goddess forever merged in loving ecstasy. We are their creation. Shiva/Shakti is our true exalted nature, our Self, the root nature of all that is. Love unites us all. There is never a place, there is never a moment, when you are not fully embraced by Divine Love. You are lovable and you are loved in ways the mind simply cannot imagine. This short selection from Amritanubhava's first chapter may give you a taste of that nondual, all-embracing Love that pervades our being.
Sofia's Gifts


Jnaneshwar Maharaj, Swami Abhayananda, trans.

Chaper One
The Union Of Shiva And Shakti

I offer obeisance to the God and Goddess,
The limitless primal parents of the universe.
The Lover, out of boundless love,
Has become the beloved.
Both are made of the same substance
And share the same food.
Out of love for each other, they merge.
And again they separate for the pleasure of being two.
They are not entirely the same --
Nor are they not the same.
We cannot say what they really are.
Their own great desire is to enjoy themselves.
Yet they never allow their unity to be disturbed
Even as a joke.
They are so averse to separation
That even their child, the universe,
Does not disturb their union.
Though they perceive the universe
Of inanimate and animate creation
Emanating from themselves,
They do not recognize a third.
They sit together on the same ground,
Wearing the same garment of light.
From time past remembrance they have lived thus --
United in Bliss.

Difference itself merged in their sweet union
When, seeing their intimacy,
It could find no duality to enjoy.

Because of God, the Goddess exists,
And without Her, He is not.
They exist only because of each other.
How sweet is their union!
The whole world is too small to contain them,
Yet they live happily within the smallest particle.
pp. 5-6

You will find them everywhere.
Tat twam asi!
Thou art that!
Living Meditation: Deepening & Integrating Practices

Spring Meditation Retreat Led By Lawrence Edwards, PhD - March 20-22, 2020
Garrison Institute, Garrison, NY. 

Living Meditation will take you into the rich meditative practices and teachings found at the most profound levels of the great spiritual traditions.  This is where the ultimate state of non-dual awareness unfolds in all its ecstatic glory!  During this retreat you will learn to deepen and integrate meditation into everyday life, opening the mind and heart to the boundless love, joy and expanded consciousness of one's true nature. Meditation begins as a set of practices and then the transformative power of meditation becomes apparent. We shed old conditioned patterns of mind that have us stuck.  The transformative processes of meditation develop and ripen, opening the boundless domain of the state of Living Meditation, also known as sahaja samadhi, in which the waking, dream and deep sleep states are illumined and transformed. This is the state of the Living Presence that already exists within you as your true nature.  Some call this their Buddha nature, or their Christ nature, or their Divine Self. Whatever we call it, it is beyond words, beyond the mind, yet at the very heart of our Being.  Come to know your state of radical freedom, come to know the living presence of the divine within.

The retreat will include instruction for all levels of practitioners.  We will dive into meditation, chanting, mantra, contemplations and integrative practices for bringing it all home. Discussions and Q&A time will help to further integrate the practices.  All the classic forms of Shaktipat Diksha are incorporated in the retreat and pass the living flame of Kundalini Shakti to everyone wanting to receive it.Give yourself this weekend retreat to joyfully deepen your meditation practice and immersion in the Divine. 

Program Fee: $230, plus Garrison Institute's accommodations fees. Visit the registration page for details.
Join us for a wonderful Spring weekend on the banks of the Hudson River!
Click here for more information and registration. 
Space is limited, please register early.


Dear Friends,

Our mission at Anam Cara is to make meditation training freely available to everyone and to support people in their ongoing meditation practices. Given the state of turmoil in the world it is especially important that we have an inner state of calm centeredness that empowers us to bring wisdom, compassion and transformation into the world. Because of your generous gifts we are in our 19th year of serving meditators and seekers around the world.

We make meditation training available through free weekly programs, our website, retreats, courses, and this e-newsletter. We're looking forward to our annual Spring retreat at the Garrison Institute.  I hope you can join us for this joyous meditation retreat and delight in the blossoming of Spring on the majestic Hudson River!

The free weekly Thursday evening meditation programs are open to everyone, nothing to join, no registration needed, just come!  If a program is cancelled due to weather or other circumstances there will always be a cancellation announcement on our phone service - 914-219-8600.

As a non-profit educational organization we are grateful for the support of participants and donors whose generosity makes all this possible. I deeply appreciate the many ways people help us to fulfill our mission, including sharing this newsletter with others and telling people about our programs.  It's a privilege for me to serve the Anam Cara community.  Please contact me,, if you have anything you would like to share with me. 

With love and respect for all,

Lawrence Edwards, PhD - Founder & Director
Anam Cara Meditation Foundation

Weekly Meditation Program
Thursday Evenings  7:15-8:45pm
Anam Cara Meditation Center
2 Byram Brook Pl., Armonk, NY 10504
Open to everyone.  The program includes meditation instruction, chanting and silent meditation. Click here for more information.
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