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In this meditation program from 7/7/22, Lawrence gives an in-depth answer to a sangha member’s question about the nature of the portal, the bindu, from the Infinite to the finite, which mystics of many traditions speak about. Lawrence reads a poem, “And The One Spoke”, from his new collection O My Beloved: Whisperings From The Divine Heard By Kalidas, that the questioner asked about. He also shares new unpublished poems that offer teachings on the mind and the Prajnaparamita, the ultimate wisdom, Mother of all Buddhas, beyond all concepts, descriptions, and experiences that the limited mind clings to. The program includes teachings, mantra, chants and silent meditation.

Lawrence Edwards, PhD offers private consultations to people around the world who are seeking to deepen their spiritual practices. To learn more about Lawrence please visit, which also has many free resources for people interested in spiritual development, meditation, Kundalini and the power of mantra.
Satsangs for the remainder of July and August are cancelled.  Satsangs will resume on the first and third Thursdays of each month starting on September 1st. 

The new course, Listening To The Divine Within, is postponed to September 11th and it will run from 4-5:30pm for 8 weeks.  Those who have registered can get a full refund or apply it to the course starting in September.

These changes are due to Lawrence needing surgery to repair an old injury to his left ankle and foot.  He won't be able to walk for 4-6 weeks.  All prayers and good wishes are gratefully received!  Jai Maa!
Sofia's Gifts

The Nature of What Is
   The pervasive theme, or themelessness, of Prajnaparamita is signaled by the phrase: the depth of unthinkability.  The nature of What Is – termed Reality, pure presence, or truth by the [Prajnaparamita] Sutra – can never be described, thought about or indicated in any way.
    The following terms are, therefore, used in these meditations to describe all relative structures as well as to refer to the Perfection of Wisdom, Mother Prajnaparamita herself: unfindable, unthinkable, idescribable, indecipherable, indefinable, ungraspable, unformulatable, inconceivable, incomparable, unlocatable, unisolatable, unapproachable, unchangeable, unreachable, uncalibratable, unframable, uncorrelatable, uncharacterizable, insubstantial, nonperspectival, non-self-existing, foundationless, baseless, traceless, nameless, pathless, goalless, abodeless, stainless, measureless, connectionless, relationless.
These privative terms are always linked with the compassionate warning of Prajnaparamita to her beloved spiritual children never to thematize, analyze, review, formulate, represent, project, perceive, isolate, define, grasp, crystalize, reify, concretize, objectify, conceptualize or personalize What Is, simply because Reality remains great, profound, ineffable, limitless, boundless boundaryless, frontierless, divisionless,, identityless, infinite, transparent, harmoniously functioning, open free, elusive, deep, pure, empty, sublime, calmly quiet, at peace and blissfully awakened.
MOTHER OF THE BUDDHAS by Lex Hixon, p.12-13

Do You Know My Beloved?

Her fabric of life, so finely woven. . .
Threads of Herself made into cloth. . .
What's this thread to do
But quiver in Love.

O My Beloved: Whisperings From The Divine
Heard By Kalidas

p. 2
© 2021 Lawrence Edwards, all rights reserved

New Course!

Listening To The Divine Within:
Readings & Contemplations From

O My Beloved: Whisperings From The Divine
Heard By Kalidas

Part 1: September 11th - October 30th
Sundays 4-5:30pm via Zoom
Preregistration Required
In this 8 week, 12 hour contemplative course we'll dive into the gifts of the Divine heard by Kalidas and offered in this collection O My Beloved.  This kind of sacred poetry invites us to enter the joyous, grace-filled world of our inner mystic, our inner knower of the Truth, where revelation and transformation naturally arise and the state of meditation is always fully present.  That state is the state of your highest nature.  Knowing that fully and living it into the world is the ultimate aim of all meditative and yogic practices.

This is Part 1 of what will be a two part course.  Part 2 will be offered in the fall.  As we saw in the contemplation course on Kali's Bazaar, which turned out to be Part 1 of that course, it takes time to settle into the contemplation and listen to what the poetry invokes in ourselves and each other. (Part 2 of Kali's Bazaar will also be offered in the fall.)  The deep sharing and communion that unfolded within the sessions led to tears of joy, profound new vistas and clearer ways of perceiving the living presence of the Divine, here, now, always.  That then informs our meditation practices and our everyday lives.

You are invited to participate in this new course.  You'll need to purchase either the print or ebook of O My Beloved. The sessions will be audio recorded and made available to everyone for 3 months after each session. Participants sign up for the whole course. The fee is $295 per person.  If a person can't afford that, then they can contact me at and we'll make sure that all who want to participate can.  Some people offer more for courses than required and that allows us to offer reductions for those who can't be as generous as they would like to be.  We're very grateful to those who are so generous and for the joy they share in anonymously giving support to others. We've had people donate money even when they themselves can't participate in the programs, just to support others.  By their grace and large heartedness Anam Cara Meditation offers all it can.

To register: email and make your payment to Venmo @Lawrence-Edwards-3 or via
PayPal:  For other ways to make your offering for the course please email
If you have any questions please email them to

I look forward to seeing you in the course!


Dear Friends,

Our mission at Anam Cara is to make the highest meditation teachings and practices freely available to everyone and to support people in their ongoing meditation practices. We do this through free meditation programs on Thursday evenings twice a month via Zoom, courses and retreats, through our website, YouTube, and this e-newsletter.  We offer evening meditations twice per month on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays.  We're offering new courses in 2022. The one based on the book O My Beloved begins on Sept. 11th. More course will come!  Stay tuned! We'll be offering courses on the books Awakening Kundalini: The Path To Radical Freedom; Kali's Bazaar part 2; The Soul's Journey: Guidance From The Divine Within; and O My Beloved part 2!
You can subscribe to our YouTube channel for free and "like" the videos you enjoy!  Simply doing this helps to make our offerings more available to others.

The Thursday night meditation group (1st and 3rd Thurs each month) Zoom link with added security is

The next satsang will be on September 1st.

Please keep your audio and video off during the program, at the end we open it up to everyone.
  This ensures the best quality recording for posting on YouTube. Meeting 665 891 390.  password: OmKaliMa. The program begins at 7:15pm NY time on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays.

May our practices empower us to be agents of wakefulness, love and compassion as we work to transform our world.

Meditation is key to our inner and outer transformation. Through meditation we directly experience our innate fullness, free of want or need.  In meditation we directly experience our unity with all - the illusion of "other" is dispelled. 

There is only One, the Divine, known by many different names, but always One. One all-embracing Divine, One all-embracing Love.  Tat Twam Asi!  Thou Art That!

We are grateful for the support of participants and donors whose generosity makes all this possible. Another change for 2022 is that we are no longer accepting donations for the non-profit Anam Cara, Inc.  We are in our 21st year of serving meditators and seekers around the world. I deeply appreciate the many ways people help us to fulfill our mission, including sharing this newsletter with others and telling people about our programs.  It's a privilege for me to serve the Anam Cara community.  I will continue to offer Anam Cara Meditation programs and courses.  If you would like to make a donation to me in support of what is offered you can do so via Venmo: @Lawrence-Edwards-3, or through PayPal at  This type of donation isn't tax-deductible.  Please contact me,, if you have any questions. 

With love and respect for all,

Lawrence Edwards, PhD - Founder & Director
Anam Cara Meditation

Thursday Evening Meditation Program
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Everyone is welcome to our bimonthly Thursday evening virtual satsangs.  This is a recurring meeting for Thursday nights 2X/month starting at 7:15pm New York time. 

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