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A Grateful Heart by Lawrence EdwardsRed Tara

O my Beloved,
I awoke today
buoyed by ocean swells of gratitude
for your countless gifts and
your sublime grace,
which you bestow
with such wild abandon!
Your inexhaustible generosity
humbles all who know you.
My beloved,
I’m grateful for this human form
You created and endowed
with a mind, heart, and five senses
by which we delight in
your living Presence dancing
the dance of creation.
My Beloved,
I’m ever grateful for this
loving heart of compassion, for
your heart now beats in my chest.
My most treasured gift, my dearest,
is the deep knowing,
suffused with such indescribable adoration,
that reveals your graceful Presence
in every moment, every being,
and every atom of existence.
Surely you knew I would die
if ignorance ever separated me
from you again.

My Beloved Tara Ma,
at times I weep in rapture brought on
by your numinous, all-embracing Consciousness
flowing through this heart and mind,
now your heart and mind,
seeking, ever seeking,
to relieve the suffering of all beings
throughout the universe.
Your loving compassion heals
all pain and sorrow.
May everyone find refuge in you.
My Beloved Devi,
who can express the overwhelming
gratitude that arises while seeing
you take every form needed to nourish
all beings, in all times and all places.
You’ve become the earth
to give us a home and shelter.
You’ve become food
to satisfy our hunger.
You’ve become drink
to slake our thirst.
You’ve become friends, family
and loved ones to support and guide us.
You’ve become strangers and enemies
to challenge us to expand our hearts.
O my Beloved, what won't you become
to ease our way home to you!
Grant me the clarity of mind and purity of heart
to fully appreciate all you become out of pure
love for every creature in your creation.
My dearest Beloved,
Time will never diminish my gratitude
for your revelation
that nothing exists outside
your loving field of Consciousness.
Within that boundless expanse everything,
from galaxies to fleeting thoughts,
arises and subsides.
No mind can know the glorious mystery
of your loving power expressing itself by
creating all, sustaining all,
and dissolving all,
while never breaking your
sweet union with all.
By your gift of grace we awaken,
the illusion of separation dissolves,
and with it the ordinary mind.
All that remains is loving You,
beholding you as our own sublime Self,
the Self of all,
the One,
whose nature is pure all-inclusive Love.
Nothing could ever exist outside of your
Divine embrace.
You want everyone to know
the unbreakable union
that brings an end to all suffering.

Live true to your boundless
loving nature,
for your nature is Her nature.

Om Tare Tam Soha

Awakening To The Infinite:
The Heart Of Non-dual Awareness

Meditation Retreat Led By Lawrence Edwards, PhD - March 15-17, 2019
Garrison Institute, Garrison, NY. 

Awakening to the Infinite is awakening to your true nature, an inexhaustible source of creativity, wisdom, love, and power beyond anything the ordinary mind can even imagine. We will draw on the power of Kundalini Shakti and the non-dual teachings of Kashmir Shaivism, ecstatic poet saints, meditation and chanting practices to dissolve into the state of sublime unity awareness.
Program Fee: $230, plus Garrison Institute's accommodations fees. Visit the registration page for details.
Join us for a wonderful spring weekend on the banks of the Hudson River!
Click here for more information and registration.
Weekly Meditation Program
Thursday Evenings (except Thanksgiving) 7:15-8:45pm 
Anam Cara Meditation Center
2 Byram Brook Pl., Armonk, NY 10504
Open to everyone.  The program includes meditation instruction, chanting and silent meditation. Click here for more information.
Meditation Resources:
  • Free written and guided meditation recordings from Anam Cara Meditation.  Click here.
  • Meditation, Mantra and Kundalini resources from Lawrence.  Click here.
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