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The Divine Mother is the source of all we celebrate in the holy days of December. Without the Mother there would be no Christ. Without the Mother there would be no Buddha. Without the Mother there would be no Moses. Without the Mother there would be no Mohammad. Without the Mother there would be no rebirth of light into the world. Without the Mother as the very ground we exist on, there would be no humanity. Like every great Mother, She is content to have her children take the spotlight, but we must never forget She is the Source and the nurturer of all. Through chants that invoke Mother as Maa, Tara and Kali we give the mind and body a way of returning to her loving embrace, her grace-bestowing presence. Take refuge there moment by moment and know boundless love, compassion and wisdom. Take refuge in Maa and be empowered to live these qualities of your highest nature into the world for the benefit of all!
This program includes chanting, teachings and meditation. There was a glitch with Zoom that makes the video flicker occasionally, sorry!
For more information about Lawrence Edwards, PhD or to arrange a private consultation please visit:

Divine Stillness - Divine Presence
January 9, 2022 - Virtual One Day Silent Meditation Retreat
7am-7pm, in your home!

In the profound stillness of meditation we come to know the living Presence of the One, the Self of all.  Start the New Year by giving yourself the gift of deep communion and union with the Divine.  On January 9th this one day silent meditation retreat will be offered via Zoom and include silent meditation, chanting, contemplation, walking meditation and more. Registration is now open, just use the email below. The retreat will begin at 7am and conclude at 7pm (NY time zone).  Group practices via Zoom will be at 7-9am, Noon-2pm, and 5-7pm.  In between those times participants will continue on their own doing meditative and contemplative practices given in the retreat.  Fee: Donation to the teacher. People will be able to offer dana, a donation in support of the teacher, Lawrence Edwards, via PayPal.  This isn't a tax-deductible donation.

To register please email

Sofia's Gifts

We humans are so like pigs
you can pluck a valve
from a pig's heart and implant it
into a person
and it works fine! 
(f0r the human)

Who said the One who has created
this All
doesn't have a sense of humor?

She's still laughing!
She understands,
having been worshipped for countless centuries
as a great sow.

Of course, She finds even greater delight
when we cultivate our immeasurable capacities
for love, compassion and patience,
that distinguish us from swine.

Kali's Bazaar p.137


Dear Friends,

Our mission at Anam Cara is to make the highest meditation teachings and practices freely available to everyone and to support people in their ongoing meditation practices. We do this through free weekly programs now on Zoom, our website, YouTube, and this e-newsletter. 
You can subscribe to our YouTube channel for free and "like" the videos you enjoy!  Simply doing this helps to make our offerings more available to others.

The Thursday night meditation group Zoom link with added security is Please keep your audio and video off during the program, at the end we open it up to everyone.  This ensures the best quality recording for posting on YouTube. Meeting 665 891 390.  password: OmKaliMa. The program begins at 7:15pm NY time.
No meditation group on 12/23/21, tonight!

May our practices empower us to be agents of wakefulness, love and compassion as we work to transform our world.

Meditation is key to our inner and outer transformation. Through meditation we directly experience our innate fullness, free of want or need.  In meditation we directly experience our unity with all - the illusion of "other" is dispelled. 

There is only One, the Divine, known by many different names, but always One. One all-embracing Divine, One all-embracing Love.  Tat Twam Asi!  Thou Art That!

As a non-profit educational organization we are grateful for the support of participants and donors whose generosity makes all this possible. Because of your generous gifts we are in our 21st year of serving meditators and seekers around the world. I deeply appreciate the many ways people help us to fulfill our mission, including sharing this newsletter with others and telling people about our programs.  It's a privilege for me to serve the Anam Cara community.  Please contact me,, if you have anything you would like to share with me. 

With love and respect for all,

Lawrence Edwards, PhD - Founder & Director
Anam Cara Meditation

Weekly Meditation Program
Thursday Evenings (except 12/23/21)   7:15-8:30pm Eastern time
Online Anam Cara Meditation
Everyone is welcome to our Thursday evening virtual satsangs.  This is a recurring meeting for Thursday night meditation starting at 7:15pm New York time. 

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Meeting ID: 665 891 390   Password: OmKaliMa

Download Chants & Mantras and the Heart Sutra HERE.
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