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The 112 Meditations From The Book Of Divine Wisdom:
The meditations from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra with commentary and guided practice.

By Lee Lyon, Founder & Director of the Foundation for Integrative Meditation, Santa Fe, NM

From the Foreword:
The ancient meditation practices compiled in the Vijnana Bhairava have been elucidated by sages for centuries.  It is one of the most highly regarded texts in Kashmir Shaivism, a non-dual tantra tradition which emerged in Kashmir, India 1200 years ago. Prior to it being codified in writing sometime around the eighth century, many of the methods of the Vijnana Bhairava were passed down orally for thousands of years.  Its wisdom is eternal as is its source – your true nature as unbounded Consciousness, free beyond anything the ordinary mind can imagine...

Lee Lyon has been studying, practicing and teaching the timeless wisdom of the Vijnana Bhairava for over 40 years.  For the last decade he has endeavored to translate the original Sanskrit text of the dharanas in a way that would free it from the cultural sediment that encumbers it. The intent of Lyon’s translation is to make it accessible to all those who want to benefit from the powerful methods for directly experiencing the expansive field of awareness that we call Consciousness.  He has honed these translations through working with students in year-long courses, workshops and meditation programs.  Like the oral tradition that first gave rise to this compilation of meditation practices, Lyon has worked with western students to ensure that the language serves the true intent of the Vijnana Bhairava to open your innate Consciousness to knowing your Self-luminous nature.
Over millennia sages and saints taught practical means for leaving behind the confines of the ordinary mind to enter the unspeakable realm of universal Consciousness, pure non-dual unity awareness.  Knowing this for oneself is the true goal of all yogas, all non-dual paths; it is the heart essence of true meditation.  Teachers and practitioners from many traditions will find Lyon’s translation provides the practices that empower people to directly experience the sublime state of boundless, all-embracing Consciousness, free from concepts - religious or spiritual. 
Lawrence Edwards, PhD, LMHC, BCN Senior Fellow
Faculty, New York Medical College, Dept. of Family & Community Medicine
Founder & Director, The Anam Cara Meditation Foundation
Author of Awakening Kundalini: The Path To Radical Freedom; The Soul’s Journey: Guidance From The Divine Within; and Kali’s Bazaar.

Sofia's Gifts

The 112 Meditations From The Book Of Divine Wisdom:
The meditations from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra with commentary and guided practice.

By Lee Lyon, Founder & Director of the Foundation for Integrative Meditation, Santa Fe, NM

The breath rests in stillness

When the energy inherent in the breath stills, or doesn't move swiftly in any direction, it gathers in the middle. Through the dissolution of all thoughts, your amazing true nature appears.   - Verse 26

This meditation focuses on what happens as we allow that moment of pause (between the inhalation and exhalation, exhalation and inhalation) to naturally lengthen.  By focusing on the natural slowing and stilling of the breath, we enter more fully into the space of stillness.  The subtle energy that moves with the breath stills as well and comes to rest in the subtle core of our being.

This core is experienced in our body as a central channel of subtle energy that runs from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.  As the energy stills and gathers in this center, thoughts dissolve and the mind spontaneously enters the thought-free state.  In the thought-free state, the spacious awareness of our true being appears.
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Thursday Evening Virtual Meditation Sessions

We've shifted our free Thursday night meditation program to Zoom in order to continue safely supporting people in their meditation practices and to offer a calm center in the midst of the turmoil that we are facing. Now we also have the Anam Cara Meditation YouTube channel with video recordings of past meditation programs that anyone can view anytime. Click HERE to go to the YouTube channel. 

We've made the sheet of Chants & Mantras, along with the Bhagavati Maha Prajna Paramita Hrdaya Sutra (Heart Sutra), which we chant on the 4th Thursday of each month, available on the Anam Cara Meditation Foundation website.  Click HERE to go to that page, scroll down and you'll see the downloadable guided meditation audio files and the chanting documents.  
You are welcome to email questions, comments or greetings that we can share in the program.  This will be a recurring meeting for Thursday night meditation at 7:15pm New York time.

Zoom audio with the chanting works best through a computer with speakers or headphones. It will work with smart phones, but the music components of the program suffer.

Join Zoom Meeting: use this link Thursday evenings. 

Topic: Anam Cara Meditation
Time: Thursday evenings at 07:15 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
        Every week on Thursday at 07:15 PM
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Anam Cara is a 501 C 3 nonprofit and we depend on your generous support for putting on our meditation programs.  Though we won't be meeting at our center, our rent and other expenses continue. If you can make a donation to support our mission to make meditation available to everyone please use this link:
For the benefit of all our loved ones and all we care about, we need to be fully present in the moment.  The fear driven mind so easily drags our attention into its imagined past or future, diminishing our power in the present moment.  Through meditation we empower ourselves to be fully present, clear, awake and aware with our capabilities and skills available to support us acting skillfully and compassionately, here and now. Plus, meditation boosts our immune system!  Let's strengthen our meditation practices together! 
Yours in love and service,

Dear Friends,

Our mission at Anam Cara is to make meditation training freely available to everyone and to support people in their ongoing meditation practices. Given the state of turmoil in the world it is especially important that we have an inner state of calm centeredness that empowers us to bring wisdom, compassion and transformation into the world. This is Dharma in action.  The practices protect and envelop us in Dharma Shakti, the power of Dharma.  Adhering to dharma, the ego mind becomes a selfless servant of All, the One that has become the many. Meditation culminates in knowing directly that you are the One and the many, nothing left out.  Tat twam asi!

Kali yuga, this present dark age, is the last in a cycle of four ages. Across the ages the cow, symbolizing dharma, has been weakened.  She stood strong on all four legs in the first age, satya yuga, the high point of truth and dharma in the world.  With each successive age she has lost a leg, symbolizing the decline of truth and dharma.  In this dark age, when the beloved cow of dharma is on her last leg, we are her legs, we have to stand for dharma, walk dharma into the world, be dharma warriors actively walking love, compassion, wisdom and service into the world. In satya yuga it was fine to wrap oneself in practices, merge into unity consciousness and swaha the rest of the world!  Not now!  Out of the caves, out of monasteries, off our cushions, we have to take dharma, the truth and the practices, fearlessly into all environments. We may cry a river of tears for all the pain and suffering in the world and we stand as a pillar of fire, the fire of love and compassion, illuminating the way forward, the way of dharma in action.

When I was offering meditation programs in prisons for years I saw the power of grace, Shakti Kundalini, inherent in the mantras and practices, transform the lives of even murderers.  We need to bring the power of our practices, wisdom, love and service into the halls of power, into government and corporate headquarters.  The economic and political systems we've evolved are the epitome of kali yuga - profits above all, empty, afflicted individuals voraciously consuming the environment and people with no end to their hunger for power and possessions. May our practices empower us to be agents of wakefulness, love and compassion as we work to transform our economic and political systems. Meditation is key to our inner and outer transformation.

We make meditation training available through free weekly programs now on Zoom, our website, retreats, courses, YouTube, and this e-newsletter. We're looking forward to our annual Autumn retreat at the Garrison Institute.  I hope you can join us for this joyous meditation retreat and delight in the fall foliage on the majestic Hudson River!

As a non-profit educational organization we are grateful for the support of participants and donors whose generosity makes all this possible. Because of your generous gifts we are in our 19th year of serving meditators and seekers around the world. I deeply appreciate the many ways people help us to fulfill our mission, including sharing this newsletter with others and telling people about our programs.  It's a privilege for me to serve the Anam Cara community.  Please contact me,, if you have anything you would like to share with me. 

With love and respect for all,

Lawrence Edwards, PhD - Founder & Director
Anam Cara Meditation Foundation

Weekly Meditation Program
Thursday Evenings  7:15-8:30pm
Online Anam Cara Meditation Center
For the next several weeks we will have a virtual meditation group via Zoom.
Everyone is welcome.  This is a recurring meeting for Thursday night meditation starting at 7:15pm New York time.

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Meeting ID: 665 891 390

Download Chants & Mantras and the Heart Sutra HERE.
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