The National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) initiative is driving the use of open-loop payment cards in automated fare collection (AFC) systems for public transport. Now there are new NCMC solutions that offer additional opportunities to use the huge volume of public transport ticketing transactions to drive adoption and usage of the same contactless payment cards in both public transport and at the retail PoS.
How transport authorities and banks should collaborate on NCMC 
As leading international payments systems join the NCMC initiative and launch payment solutions for both consumer payments and fare payments, how should issuing banks and public transport authorities and operators best collaborate in mutually beneficial arrangements? What is the business case for transport authorities and operators to accept NCMC contactless payment cards issued by banks for payment of transport fares? The single bank issuer model has already been shown to be infeasible so what will be the best way for public transport organisations to collaborate multiple payment card issuers to drive the success of the National Common Mobility Card Initiative? 
Session 5: Transport and Retail Payments
In this session the following speakers discuss how to combine public transit and open-loop contactless payments:
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