The 5th Border Management and Identity Conference (5th BMIC), hosted by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), orrganized by APSCA and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, was held on 11-13 December 2018 at AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel. 

As the largest gathering of National Government Authorities and other agencies with responsibilities in the area of Border and Identity Management in Asia, the conference was attended by delegates from 73 markets worldwide.
What people said about the conference:
"It was an eye-opening event that not only showed what is available currently but also as to what the future trends in identity management are."
- Kairangi Samuela, Cook Islands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration
"This conference brings the gap closer between the most advanced countries and the developing countries in terms of utilization of technological advance in the area of border management.“
- Shafiqullah Arian, Deputy in Civil Affairs, Afghanistan Border Police
"This event is extremely important for the knowledge of new border identification methodologies, as well as new associated technologies."
- ELIAS OLIVEIRA DE AMORIM NETO, Department of Migration, Ministry of Justice, Brazil

"An incredibly valuable meeting place of key stakeholders discussing topics that matter. One of the highlights of this year."
- Stephan Hofstetter, Managing Partner, SECOIA Executive Consultants

"BMIC remains an important date on our agenda. Good mix of presentations, official delegates and Industry get together."
- Nicolas Jaouen, Business Development Manager, DSS, Infineon Technologies

"Great event for networking not only within suppliers of the industry but also direct conversations with government personnels and different interested stakeholders."
- Shanty Joeng, Director, IXLA
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